Breezy Days: How to Be Confident in Your Clothes

How to Be Confident in Your Clothes

July 5, 2016

In the world of fashion, there are some pretty crazy looks out there. Just think about the flamboyant and risky fashions you see on the runways during fashion week—a lot of times you think to yourself, “I could never wear that!”

But for some reason, as the model struts down the catwalk, you find yourself admiring how she is working that outfit. No matter how crazy it is, she is working it. And you begin to believe that those clothes might be wearable after all. Why? It has nothing to do with the outfit—the clothes didn’t change. Instead, it’s the way the model is carrying herself. Her confidence is exuding from every element of her body. She wears the garment; the garment does not wear her.

When it comes to feeling like a superstar in your own clothing, do you ever struggle with finding the confidence to wear certain pieces? I find that it’s easiest first to get inspiration from other fashionistas you look up to. If there is someone who unapologetically takes fashion risks and/or always looks so comfortable in her skin, take notes! Mirroring someone’s actions actually works when trying to emulate someone with a skill you want. I like to look at fashion-forward dresses that challenge the norm ranging from “luxe embellishment, body-con silhouettes, pop-bright cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and fairytale gowns” to imagine myself in the product models’ shoes, wearing each type. It helps me remember that they are just like me. If they can “work it,” then so can I!

There are all kinds of benefits to letting your “ensemble empowerment” shine. Some of them being extra courage to talk to a guy across the room or saying “yes” to some spontaneous adventures that you would’ve otherwise passed up. It’s because whenever you are “working” your outfit, you feel unstoppable. You don’t feel shy, and you’re not afraid who sees you! You want to be seen. And just by having that confidence, your life can improve in all types of ways.

How to channel confidence in your clothes, you ask? It all starts from the inside. Ditch those negative thoughts and look at clothing with a different perspective. For example, if you’re going shopping, don’t head into the endeavor with an attitude that says, “Nothing will fit my body.” Instead, remember which brands, cuts, and other details you know work for you, and gravitate towards those items first. Your clothes should work with your body, not against it. And once you’ve got that nailed down, take an extra five minutes to get ready. Giving yourself just a bit of extra time will help you feel less flustered and surer about your look. An extra swoop to the mascara or the addition of a skinny belt can do worlds of difference for your confidence!

What are some ways you have found work for building up your confidence when taking fashion risks or defining your style?

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