Breezy Days: August 2011


August 3, 2011

I'd Love to See the Temple...I'm Taking My Iphone Someday

A spouse is like the iphone...before you get one you just think "Oh, that's really cool and I want one, but it's too expensive which means a lot of hard work to even buy it, and a lot of upkeep with updates and oh! by the way I'm technology retarded and don't even speak that nerdy Apple language"
You get an iphone for Christmas and realize "How the heck did I live without this before?! I always get lost and here is a handy GPS, I can never decide on what to eat and here is an app that helps with that, and here are games and laughs to keep me entertained!"

Although I get tons of weird looks when I say "I just got married and yes I'm 19", I just want to tell everyone that there is this thing called God's timing. I had everything planned out. Focus on school, go to Italy/Greece study abroad, finish bachelors, get married at 22-23 between my brother's missions, go on to my masters. Right when I started to pull everything together to better myself, when I least expected it Ryan toddled right into my life. I had to learn not to force my plans where they weren't gonna work, trying to stuff a circle peg into a square hole. Although I had great plans lined up, my Heavenly Father had even better ones in store for me that I didn't even know about. Hopefully that includes a trip to Italy with my best friend sometime in the near future :)

Moral of the story: Don't knock the Iphone till you have one of your own and realize that you would never ever go back to your life before...that included the stupid Razor.
My Iphone <3