Breezy Days: June 2016


June 30, 2016

A Stroll in Downtown with Häagen-Dazs®

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There are days when I'm talking to people all day and it just wears on me! While I'm typically an extrovert and enjoy chatting with people, I relish my time alone to re-charge and de-stress. That 'me-time' is so essential to my day-to-day life, it helps reel in all the craziness and push in the calm! Those are times I like to indulge and go snag a Häagen-Dazs® ice cream from my nearby 7-Eleven, then tour around downtown Provo by myself :) 

A pint of Häagen-Dazs® is like a little vacation away from my worries, so creamy and delicious! I picked up the Strawberry flavor for myself and Butter Pecan flavor to enjoy later with the family. I took my strawberry treat with me to Center Street in Provo and enjoyed my time looking at all the new shops and checking out the Provo City Center temple. 

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside, so I couldn't help treating myself to an afternoon of solitude :) What's even better than enjoying Häagen-Dazs® on a sunny day, is the opportunity to win prizes when you purchase Häagen-Dazs®

If you purchase Häagen-Dazs® ice cream, then you're eligible to enter into a sweepstakes to win awesome prizes! Just follow the steps below:

1. BUY
Any Häagen-Dazs® product at 7-Eleven

2. TEXT 
'aah' to 35350 for receipt submission instructions

In thousands of prizes! Such as these ones:
-$10,000 grand prize
-Custom äah boxes including items to heighten the sensation for a moment to yourself
-Ice cream scooper
-Bamboo ice cream bowls
-Links to VR experiences
-$75 Amazon gift card
-$25 7-Eleven gift card
-and FREE Häagen-Dazs® ice cream! 

After taking a stroll around downtown I went back home and enjoyed a summer bonfire night with my husband and brother. I was hesitant...but I decided to share the Häagen-Dazs® Butter Pecan ice cream ;)

How do you find a moment for yourself? What's your go-to Häagen-Dazs® ice cream flavor to indulge in?

June 27, 2016

Conture Your Skin

I'm a skincare fanatic! Any new product, lotion, face wash; I love to give it a try. I was sent the Conture kit to test and was excited to give it a whirl. The Conture device utilizes low frequency vibrations to gently tone and revitalize skin to create a more youthful looking appearance.

It helps in creating firmer skin, less fine lines, smoothness in skin, and makes you simply look more radiant! I gave it a try for the past few days and have definitely seen a difference in the way my skin feels and looks, it looks more vibrant and alive! Something I definitely after too much time in the sun this past week in California. 

The device has an easy-to-use touchscreen, and the kit comes with various topical serums to use. To use, just charge the machine, cleanse your face, apply a dime-size of serum, and select on the touchscreen which setting you need. Then glide the Conture device in an upward motion, and every 3-5 pulses then move the device farther upward. Then voila, enjoy your fresh face! 

Which part of your face would you focus on using Conture?

To get 20% off your purchase, use code:

Couture kit c/o Conture
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June 24, 2016

ASOS Sale Dresses Under $25

ASOS is having a killer sale right now and I wanted to share some of my favorite dress picks under $25! They have free shipping and returns, so if you don't like something then you can send it back with no strings attached. Can't get much better than that ;)

June 22, 2016

Summertime Bag Essentials

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We are having a blast down here on our California summer vacation! We've hit the beach and pool a couple times over, as it's a staple of summertime activities. I have a pool/beach bag that is already stocked with my go-to products so I'm ready to blitz at a moments notice! Here's a list of what are considered my summertime bag essentials. 

Ryan and I both wear contacts and have pretty sensitive eyes. It becomes an issue when we are trying to enjoy the outdoors; so much dust, chlorine, and bbq grill smoke floating in the air irritating our eyes. I picked up New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes and New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™Multi-Symptom from Walmart to help combat our dry eyes and irritants in the air. 

The Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™for Dry Eyes has a patented purifying filter that keeps out bacteria, and is formulated for maximum comfort. Perfect for a day at the pool! Ryan and I both used these drops in between hanging out in the pool, and there is more than enough for the both of use because there is up to 240 drops worth of formula in the bottle. Grab some for you and your family at Walmart using this coupon to get $3 off of your purchase! 

Sunscreen & Bug Repellant
I know I say this time and time again, but the "tan" isn't worth the burn! Sunscreen is a must-have staple in my summertime bag. Along with some family friendly bug repellant, those bugs have no mercy and will bite incessantly! Better to spray yourself with the bug repellant than dealing with those nasty bites after the fact. 

Bug Bite Relief 
And if you do get bit, then make sure you have some bite relief on hand to deal with the urge to itch your skin off. No fun! 

Big Beach/Pool Bag
I picked up this massive waterproof bag that can hold all the products and towels for the whole family! It's easy to spot from a distance, and is great for holding all the necessities. 

Pool Toys
Who doesn't love a good pool noodle? They are so much fun to swim around with! Also, this cheap ball is great for playing games in the pool!

Sunglasses & Hat for Sun Protection
Floppy hats and sunglasses are a great excuse to buy fun summer accessories, since they are also practical! It protects your face and eyes from damaging sun rays. 

Lots of Water!
Since it's gotten so hot, I can't seem to gulp down enough water! It's also a great idea to have a few water bottles on hand. Better yet, if you can bring a cooler full of ice and water bottles, then are set to go for a fun day in the sun.

What are your summertime bag essentials? 

June 21, 2016

Boho Style with Sorrelli

I love wearing loose fitting boho-style looks during the summer. It's so easy, comfy, and fun during the warmer months! With this more casual look, I like to amp it up with glitzy jewels like mine from Sorrelli. These bangles and hoops are so delicate, yet fun, with the colored jewels.

The purple bangle and hoops are from the African Violet Collection that Sorrelli recently released online, isn't it gorgeous!? When I wear them, I can't help but stare at the luminescent jewels all day :)

Plus, these tassel sandals have quickly become a part of my go-to wardrobe for summer. I mean c'mon. Colored tassels, textured sandals, AND lace-ups? Can't. Resist. 

What are your go-to styles for summer? Anything you reach for year after year? 

Bangle Bracelets (African Violet, Crystal)  c/o Sorrelli Jewelry
Shorts: Nordstrom Rack
Tassel Sandals: Steve Madden
Lashes & Eyebrow Microblading: Layers n' Lashes

June 20, 2016

Floral Kortni Jeane Swimmie

As a curvy short girl, it's always been difficult for me to find a swimsuit that I feel comfortable and confident in. Growing up in California (where these pics are taken on my vacation!), I was in a swimsuit allll summer long and there just weren't the cute modest swimsuits there are today. Luckily I found Kortni Jeane, a Provo-based company that makes the most ADORABLE swimsuits!  

There is a swim top and swim bottom for every body type imaginable, and in cute patterns to boot! I loved the combo I picked of the floral watercolor ruched bottoms and the striped v-neck top. There are constantly new patterns and styles being put into rotation, so you can pick a unique swimsuit just for you! Also, Kortni Jeane's insta is a sight for sore eyes: more body type variety and fun colorful pictures :) Check them out, I promise you'll love them! 

Swimsuit c/o Kortni Jeane
Floppy hat: Nordstrom Rack
Spray tan: @airbrushtanbymegan 

June 15, 2016

Create Relaxing Me-Time

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We are currently finishing up our little backyard, and my goal was to create a little oasis that I could escape to. We've got a bit of it done and I have absolutely loved sneaking back here for a quick read under the umbrella and feeling the relaxing breeze. I grab a DASANI® Sparkling drink, and kick back for a well-deserved break. Here's some tips on how to get ready for some 'me time'.

Set the phone on silent
No one needs to contact you every moment of the day. This is something I'm starting to adopt, as I'm not a huge fan of being accessible all the day. I make sure to put my phone on the 'Do Not Disturb' setting so I can really get the most out of my relaxing time. It's ok to unplug every once in a while!

Grab a nice cold beverage 
Nothing is more satisfying than a cold bubbly drink during the summertime! I picked up some different flavors of DASANI® Sparkling waters at my local Walmart in: Black Cherry, Lime, Berry, and Lemon. It's a great trade-off for my usual soda, as it's a healthier flavored beverage option. I put them in an ice bucket to keep them cool, and enjoy sipping from the sleek cans because they make me feel so fancy ;) 

Create your own oasis 
With the weather being absolutely divine, I can't help but want to be outside. Ryan (husband) and Evan (brother) have been total saints in making my backyard dream come true. They've been working tirelessly to help me lay down some new patio stones and get the backyard whipped into shape to serve as a party zone and backyard escape. You need a place to call your own, somewhere to escape to! 

Kick back and enjoy a read
There are so many times that I've thought "wow, I really want to read that book" or "I'd like to actually look at a magazine from cover to cover". This is my go-to time to do it! Sitting in a comfy chair, kicking back with a DASANI® Sparkling drink, and with a stack of magazines; I'm in heaven! Reading helps to relax and educate your mind, give yourself that mental break! 

What are your tips for creating some 'me time'? What would be your go-to DASANI® Sparkling flavor?

June 10, 2016

Summer Treat Boxes

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Now that summer is finally here, I'm loving the fun crafts and bright colors that come with the season! I moved into a new neighborhood a few months ago and still don't know a majority of my neighbors, gifting these adorable treat boxes would be the perfect ice breaker :)

I picked up my Scotch® crafting tools at Walmart in the craft aisle, these were my tools of choice: Scotch® Brand Utility Knife, Scotch® Brand Double Sided Tape, and Scotch® Brand Magic Tape. Any craft I want to do, there is a Scotch® product to help me out!

I also snagged some Command™ Strips to re-stock my stash, I alway loving having those on hand to keep pictures secure to the wall when the decorating mood strikes. They hold strong and come off clean! 

I created a few different themed treat boxes, the tutorials are all pretty similar with their own twists. I used patterns from the Silhouette Design Store, but this is an easy project you can do without the patterns! 

For the actual box part of the project, cut a piece of scrapbook paper 6.5 inches long and 5 inches high. Make sure to leave a bit of length on one side to fold in and tape. Make one notch in the middle of the longer side to later pinch shut as the bottom. Below are the colors I used for the various boxes, but it's all up to your own creative preference! 

Light yellow for box
Darker yellow for lattice
Green patterned for topper

Palm Tree
Brown for box
Green pattered for leafy portion

Turquoise for box
Light pink for big flower portion
Dark pink for center
Yellow for center

Pineapple Treat Box

1. Cut out the treat box (6.5 in x 5 in with notch and extra piece for folding).

2. With the darker yellow cut out a lattice pattern for the pineapple treat box using the Scotch® Brand Utility Knife.

3. To create the box, fold in the extra piece on the edge and place a piece of Scotch® Brand Double Sided Tape.

4. Roll paper into a cone shape and seal shut with Scotch® Brand Double Sided Tape. Place a piece of double sided tape inside the bottom of the cone and pinch the bottom sides together shut.

5. I used the Scotch® Brand Double Sided Tape to tape the lattice portion to the treat box since I had it on hand, but you could also use glue.

6. Cut out a piece of green patterned paper in the shape of a pineapple topper. Then use double-sided tape to attach it inside of the box. 

7. Fill box with fun fruity candies and gift to your friends! 

Palm Tree Treat Box

1. Using the Scotch® Brand Utility Knife cut out a palm tree leafy top for your treat box.

2. Roll up the brown treat box into a cone shape my friends! 

3. Seal with the Scotch® Brand Double Sided Tape, and pinch the bottom closed also using the tape. 

4. Fill up with treats!

Hibiscus Treat Box 

1. For this box, instead of folding the bottom at a point, I made it flat. 

2. Use the Scotch® Brand Magic Tape to tape the bottom onto itself. Take the other flap and do the same. 

3. Cut out a hibiscus flower, seal layers together using the double-sided tape, and attach to treat box. 

4. Of course, fill it up with treats! :) 

Creating these treat boxes was a blast and made so much easier with Scotch® Brand! Which box is your favorite? Who would you gift yours to? :)