Breezy Days: September 2013


September 30, 2013

Fall Fashion Fusion

I know I know, this event was almost 80 years ago and I'm finally getting around to posting it. That's just what happens when you're a super-busy-young-married-college-student-lifestyle-blogger {WHEW! That was a mouthful}. I was invited to Fashion Place Mall's Fall Fashion Fusion runway event, and it was a blast like last time! I met up with my blogger BFF Kyla at the show and was also lucky enough to have my mom in town to come with me.

We got to check out all the up & coming fall trends fashioned by various stores such as: Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Express, Buckle, and more in the Fashion Place Mall. I saw that leather leggings are big as ever, leopard print is still the bomb dot com, and brown booties are an absolute must-have in your Fall wardrobe!

I loved Banana Republic's classic yet feminine take on Fall style with sweaters layered over chambray button-ups {if you don't have one yet, it's a necessity!} as well as Nordstrom's edgy take with drool-worthy Rag & Bone booties and essential skin-tight jeggings & leggings. 

After the show, my mom & I dropped by Lush because she had never been there before and grabbed some fun bath bombs! Love the smells when you walk in there, yummmm!
What is your Fall fashion essential?

September 26, 2013

My Typical Post About Fall

It's already starting to get ridiculously cold here in Provo! I'm hoping it'll warm up just a tad so I can enjoy some of my favorite things about Fall:
+ the crisp cool air
+ tall cognac riding boots
+ caramel apple cider from Starbucks
+ burgundy, plum & green floral arrangements
+ big sweaters with comfy leggings
+ decorating for Halloween
+ getting cozy in my fluffy blankets
+ dark colored nail polish & lipstick
+ warm, delicious smelling candles
+ pumpkin-flavored treats
+ knitted scarves & beanies
+ and finally, the leaves turning pretty colors and floating to the ground!

September 23, 2013

The Great Bun Debate

I put the question to my friends on Instagram {and if we aren't friends on there, hop to it! @breezy_days}, on whether the girls usually lean towards a messy bun or a top knot for those days when your hair is just plotting to ruin your entire day. I was surprised that it was basically a 50/50 response! A few voted for the top knot because it was more professional looking, others said messy bun all day 'err day, and some just said that you don't actually get to decide...your hair does.

If my hair isn't doing anything for me that day, it's no doubt in a bun. So now it's decision time...When I'm throwing up my messy bun it's because I'm feeling sassy & bohemian that day. My make-up is did, the loosey goosey outfit is picked out, and I just don't have time to worry about my hair 'do. The top knot is for those days when I'm feelin' extra blogger, collegiate, or classy. Thus, I'm usually a little more streamlined when wearing my top knot. Sooo yes, you can tell what kind of mood I'm in based on the pile of hair pinned to the top of my head. 

So now it's your turn to chirp in....what's your bun of choice?

September 21, 2013

Blog Updates

I don't know if you've noticed...but I have a new blog design layout and I couldn't be more excited about it! I emailed Kalee from Fred Rongo to see if she did blog design {because her site is adorable, as is she with her 'lil baby bump!}, and asked if she would mind re-designing my site. She was extremely patient with me while I explained what I wanted in my design and whipped up such a darling layout. She is starting up her blog design business, and with her graphic design education she is a total whiz on the computer! 

Also, in regards to sponsors I've switched from using the Passionfruit site to Adproval. I did this because I still want to primarily do swaps with other bloggers with only a few big paid spots. Being the college student that I am, unfortunately I couldn't justify doing the monthly fee for button swaps. Although, my friend Matthew over at Adproval has been an angel sent from bloggy heaven! He has totally hopped in & helped with any questions about the site and button swaps, even giving me tips on how to find paid sponsors for my sidebar when I choose to go down that road. How cool is that?

Comment or email me with any questions! And go ahead and submit your 250x100 sized swap button :)

Weekend Update: Comedy Sportz & The Choc'late Mousse

Ryan & I have made it a point to plan one date night activity for each weekend, a time where take a breath from school and really focus on one another. We haven't been good about consistent date nights in the past, so this is something new for us! Last weekend we hit up Comedy Sportz {a comedy club in Provo, on Center St.} to watch one of our friends at work, and it was such a blast! 

Being that we are in Provo, it was fun to have the comedy tailored to us as an audience. Meaning that it was clean with some Mormon culture jokes thrown in there :) If you want to try it out, make sure to pay for the tickets online {they are cheaper, $8 instead of $10} and make a reservation in advance. The Friday & Saturday nights get sold out super fast!

Then we walked around the corner to this cute 'lil pie bar I've seen when driving by on University Avenue. The Choc'late Mousse has only been in business for a month, but it's only 2 storefronts down from the Velour; so they are usually visited by our one & only Provo hipsters for band after parties, which actually sounds super fun! I grabbed the smallest size, because it's really rich & filling, and totally devoured the oreo crust and pumpkin mousse. YUM. Seriously check it out, you won't regret it!

What are you favorite date night ideas?

September 20, 2013


Guess birthday is NEXT SATURDAY. I finally get to run around singing: "I don't know 'bout you...but I'm feelin' TwEnTY TWOOOOoo!" And yes, I make it a big deal every year by texting out a countdown to my family. I'm sure it's not annoying or anything ;)
Friday Ryan will take me out for food and to scour the outlet mall for any fun goodies, then after a choir retreat on Saturday I want to have a 'lil get together with some of my favorite people for a night full of cake & games. I'm so stoked!

You know what this time of the year also means? HALLOWEEN. I've already taken out the decorations and started dusting them off to prepare for some Hocus Pocus-watching and Halloween decorating this next week. Hmmm, ya. You could say I'm pretty happy right now.

Happy weekend!

September 19, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

Wanna know why I'm here at 1 in the morning? I just really need a break from this English project that is currently frying my brain in a saucepan {if you were curious, I'm writing a children's magazine article about how Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire brought romance and hope to American audiences during the Great Depression, cool huh?} Anyways, I'm just thinking about how this semester is going to be a crazy one. Although none of my classes are difficult in the scholastic sense, my schedule is grueling because it takes so much time

Piano lessons? 5 hours a week. 
Voice lessons? 3 hours a week. 
Conducting? 2 hours a week. 
Latin dance? 2-3 hours a week. 
Choir class? A 3 hour retreat & 2 concert reports. 

Did I mention that these are just practice hours and that they are in addition to the time I already spend in class? Plus, I still have Intro to Jazz, Music Fundamentals, and Writing About Arts & Humanities sprinkled in with the classes above. {Which comes to a total of 14 credits and 8 separate courses}.
{My 25-minute walk home from school}

Even though I might twitch and complain about the workload sometimes {and it might occasionally be warranted}...I secretly love every minute. I literally sang all day today. This morning in voice lesson, when practicing piano, during University Chorale, driving to and from school, then finally during my 2 hour Conducting class. Have I mentioned that singing is one of my top 3 most favorite things in the world? It's pretty awesome that I'm technically "required" to sing, dance, and play the piano every new neighbors downstairs are gonna loooove me ;)

September 13, 2013

Currently Drooling...

Over these Anthropologie dresses!
I saw Annie try out the Danita Sheath on her blog Stylish Petite and just about died. It is so classy, fits well {comes with a petite option}, but has edgy leather piping to balance out the girly aspects of the dress. PERFECTION. Speaking of purrr-fection {bahaha}, you know I can't pass up a good leopard print. This spotted cashmere sweater dress is stunning! Hopefully these go on sale so I can snag one up ;) 

September 12, 2013

My Partner in Crime

This past Monday when I was logged into gmail I noticed that Evan was online sending his weekly email, so I sent off a short: "HI EVAN!!!" Knowing that he is busy, I was just hoping that I might be able to catch him. He sent a quick response: "Hey, I know you want to chat but I don't have that much time. I hope you like all the pictures I sent. Remember to keep studying your Spanish! Love you a ton! I'll send you an email next week :)" 

Evan and I are 15 months apart, which means we are about as close to twins as you can get and definite partners in crime. He is my opposite in more ways than one; where I'm loud he is usually quiet and where I'm more artsy/creative he is very math/science minded. Although, we've always bonded over ballroom dancing, jazz music, and reading. He has already been out on his mission for 6 months, and it feels like the time has gone by so fast! Then I try not to think of the year and a half still left to go.
I have Evan's old laptop and used his Spotify account for my Jazz History class. While looking through some of his random playlists I found one filled with Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and other similar music...I listened to a few songs and started to get teary eyed. He is the only other family member who has a passion for jazz music like myself, and suddenly it made my heart hurt. 
{There is Jesse crying about being Pegasus, hahaha}

I remembered a time about a year and a half ago when I drove to school late at night, by myself {from Orem, 15 min away} to take an exam in the testing center. Upon finishing the test and looking at my score on the screen, I realized that I had bombed it. My heart sunk. I sulked down to the freshmen dorms where my car was parked and texted Evan, asking him where he was at. He responded that he was finishing up some dinner, but would come and say hi before I went home {not knowing what he was walking in to}. I waited by the exit to his dorm building and saw Evs walk out of the cafeteria building. I had held it in for so long, and was planning on holding it in 'till I got back to the house...but when I saw him, all the tears over this dumb test came flowing out. 

He immediately gave me a warm hug, then took my keys & backpack off my hands, put his arm around me and we walked to the car. He hopped in the drivers seat, popped in his iPod and turned on some upbeat jazz music. Then went on to tell me about all the interesting tidbits he was learning in his Jazz History class, rambling just to get my mind off the failed test. He started driving around and we found ourselves at 7-11, where he knows my favorite hot chocolate resides. He paid for both of our cups, we got back in the car and drove around town talking about happy stuff until I calmed down. Such a simple & thoughtful gesture from one of my best friends of 20 years, {kind of like that one time he biked almost 7 miles, in the night, to see me on my birthday}. I ventured home with a smile on my face...feeling infinitely loved.
{Left: we used to climb on the fence to say hi and talk to the people on the main street walking by...hence being partners in crime! Right: The Doctor, who is not impressed with our outfits.}

That's why he is my best friend & brother, he just gets me.  
Miss & love ya Elder Evs, can't wait until you're home!

September 11, 2013

What a Typical Blogger Would Say {Or Do}...

{Elephant scarf c/o Blossom Clothing Boutique // Madden Girl boots c/o Shoe Carnival}

Claim that the outfit or piece they are posting is the "perfect transition to take you from summer to fall!"

They will also rave about their craving for Fall activities, boots, scarves, weather, and sweaters.

Bloggers will get a pumpkin-spice drink from Starbucks just to indulge early in Fall awesome-ness. To show everyone on their feed that they too have experienced Fall deliciousness known as pumpkin-flavored anything, they will document said event on Instagram...which will also include a convenient shot of their J.Crew link bracelet & Michael Kors watch arm candy.

Even though a good majority of bloggers aren't in school, we will still host "Back to School" themed giveaways. We like themes.

"I just do button it worth it to do Passionfruit with a month-to-month fee?"

Typical bloggers will re-evaluate their lives via late night writing sessions, then debate back and forth on whether or not to publish it. How personal do we want to make this blog?? 
"I wish my blog was a dot com, how big does your blog have to be before it's normal to get one?"

Everyone and those dang pink Valentino-inspired heels, or the real ones for that matter.

Along with the Valentino-inspired shoe trend...there also seems to be a baby trend.
Which obviously comes with an adorable gender reveal soiree.
{I had to explain to my mom what that even was, she thought I said something different and freaked out asking: "What is a revealing party?!"}

Because of this preggo-baby trend, there has also been a cornucopia of adorable baby bump outfits.
Thus, the maternity style board on Pinterest was born.
And now everyone in my hometown thinks I'm pregnant...

Happy Wednesday my blogger friends!

September 10, 2013

Turning Point

Tuesday, September 10th: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn

Let us travel all the way back to 2009, shall we? I was an overachieving senior in high school with all Advanced Placement classes, a position in Executive Student Council, over a 4.0 GPA, and a needy boyfriend. Not only was he needy, but I was loyal. One of my best and worst qualities is being too loyal and trusting. We had been dating for almost 2 years at this point and even talked about attending a California school together. Not only did my family and friends not like him, but he had no religious background and everything I knew to be true had derived from my religious beliefs. During senior year we were constantly fighting over where we would go to school and what our futures would soon look like. So we decided that these topics were off limits and we would not discuss them further until we absolutely had to.

My parents knew what was best for me before I knew it for myself. They agreed to pay for my California school applications as long as I also applied for BYU. I begrudgingly started the BYU application, but I did refuse with every fiber of my being to even apply for BYU-Idaho. I could handle Provo, but Rexburg? Shoot me. I applied to appease my parents, but was convinced that I would be attending UCSD or UCSB so I didn't think twice about my BYU application after it was submitted.
You see, I've always been a goodie-two-shoes. It took a lot of energy and emotion to defy my parents {especially since they are such awesome ones}, and I wondered how I could hold that up in the long run? Was this boyfriend really worth it? Would he give me the happy life I felt I deserved? This culmination of doubt, frustration, and defiance all came to head when I received my acceptance to BYU. I didn't even check the acceptance myself, my mom saw it and told me that I had gotten in starting Summer term of 2009...2 weeks after graduation. I broke down crying while my mom held me because it just hit me. I knew at that moment, in my heart, that things needed to change. Which also meant breaking off this toxic relationship and choosing a different path that would eventually take me to where I wanted to go. My parents sweetened the deal by offering to pay living expenses for my freshmen year if I attended BYU, because it was the best deal around...I accepted.

Surprisingly my boyfriend at the time was supportive, but I could tell he was hesitant in letting me go. Throughout our relationship he would jokingly say: "You are just gonna go find some Mormon boy who is going to sweep you off your feet! I don't deserve you." Of course at the time I responded with the typical "That won't happen, I'm with you!" But after first moving to Provo, I would hear his pitiful and martyr-like comment resounding in my mind. Noticing how it had such a different meaning to me now, than it did back then. He had this hold on me, but always knew that I deserved better. Once I realized that for myself, I started to feel my self-worth and confidence grow with each passing day. And a couple years later...I would end up finding that Mormon boy who would sweep me off my feet, for eternity.

September 9, 2013

Weekend Update: BYU Football Monsoon

My parents were in Utah for a cousin's wedding and decided to make a quick weekend trip out of it by staying with Ryan & I for a couple nights {plus they dropped off my Lucille, yessss!}. We snagged tickets for the BYU vs. Texas game on Saturday because even though both my parents attended BYU, my dad had only been to one game while my mom had never even been in the stadium!
We got all decked out in our BYU gear, grabbed our anoraks for the 40% chance of rain, hopped in the car, and made our way over to campus to find a close parking spot. When getting out of the car, we noticed that the dark clouds were quickly moving towards Provo, in a creepy Wizard-of-Oz-flying-monkeys-are-coming-to-attack-you sort of way. We brushed it off thinking that it would pass over soon, were not too worried about it, and kept pressing forward!
Ok, the clouds were moving in WAY too fast, it looked like someone was hitting the fast forward button on a VHS tape! So of course, I had to stop and take pictures...for the blog. As we kept on foraging our way towards the stadium, the winds were getting harsher with every passing second and I thought I was gonna get blown off the sidewalk! It was the most blustery windstorm I had ever been caught in, and while we kept on moving forward some families took cover under a tree, hoping the winds would soon calm down.
Then it started POURING. Insanely ridiculous downpour! As the raindrops fell, they stung the backside of my legs with every single pelting drop. It burns it burns! We were instantly were the poor tickets. My mom & I took off our California sandals/espadrilles and continued barefoot to the LaVell Edwards stadium, only to find that because of the monsoon-like weather and lightening, that the game had been cancelled until further notice. 
Ryan's extensive football knowledge gave us hope that the game would go on. He said that once the lightening stops, they will start a 55 minute countdown until kickoff; this was then confirmed by our good friends on Twitter. The boys hiked to the other side of campus to grab the car while my mom & I drip dried under the bless-ed cover of the Hinckley building. 
It would then become absolutely necessary to procure some delicious 7-11 hot chocolate {my favorite} on the way home to dry off & warm up at the 'lil yellow brick house. Once we got to the house...did we forget to close the windows before we left? Why yes, of course! We ran around closing windows, mopping up puddles, throwing sopping wet clothes in the dryer, and blow-drying tickets...waiting with baited breath for go-time. 
From ByuTv we got the go-ahead. Game time. 55 minute countdown starts now. SCORE.
We put on our newly warm & dried clothes, found an even closer parking spot and walked amongst the excited BYU fans to the stadium. We were FINALLY here!
Seeing as how we are a basketball family, we drew on Ryan's football knowledge {ahem, obsession} when needing clarification on rules and calls. We cheered when we needed to, which was the most important part. And how often did we sing the BYU victory song? TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT {ok, I'm sure you could count it, but it was a lot}. It was freaking awesome! We picked the best game ever to come to! And you know what? It only sprinkled a couple times the entire game. Completely amazing, especially since we were stuck in a massive thunderstorm only a couple hours previous.
After the game we hit up Smiths to pick up some lasagna & pizza to make for dinner. We made food then promptly fell asleep. We were all tuckered out! Granted, even with the rain it was probably some of the best fun I've had in a while. Go Cougs!

September 5, 2013

Impending Graduation + Senior Year

{Tuesday was our first day back to school, and of course I made Ryan take first day pictures!}

This is my last full semester of classes {14 credits worth}, then I have my stupid American Heritage class to take {I know, I know...why didn't I take it sooner?! Cause I hate scary history classes, that's why}...then I'm finally done. I'll walk in April and it feels so surreal. I've been pluggin' away at school for so long, I don't know even know what it's like to not be scheduling my life between semesters and classes. Something that has been hanging over my head for the past month or so, is what kind of jobs I should start applying for? I've been putting off the thought for so long, just thinking: "Oh, I'll figure it out when I am about to graduate". Ummm, ya. That's kinda soon. Especially since I'll be a part time student next semester, which means I need to find work starting in January. 

I will graduate with a Family Studies degree {emphasis in therapy}, a Music minor {emphasis in vocals}, a slew of Interior Design/Art History/Architecture classes, and Communications courses. What the heck are you going to do with all of that? Well my friend, that is an excellent question. I love design, fashion, business, and working with maybe something along those lines? While teaching voice lessons on the side? All I know is that whatever I set my mind to, I can accomplish. Nothing really stands in my way...that is when I actually have some sense of direction. Note to self, add to the to-do list: "find some life direction".

September 4, 2013

3 Month Pause on Life

Wednesday, September 4th: If you could take 3 months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

If I could press pause on my life for 3 months...I would travel the world. I know that sounds ridiculously cliche, but that's what I would do. After reading about the beautiful art, architecture, and scenery found around the world, I have such a craving to see experience them for myself. My admiration of Audrey Hepburn carries over to the locations of her movies. Italy, France, New York {Italy is definitely at the top of my list, Roman Holiday anyone?}. Although Ryan doesn't have the travel bug like myself, I would still drag him along with me so I could enjoy & appreciate the world with my sweetheart.

September 1, 2013


Blogging hiatus much? It's been one jam-packed week I can tell ya that! While Ryan was at work I got some help from my brother Jesse in packing up our entire Corona, CA apartment. After the mass cleaning & packing, I was mentally and physically exhausted. 

We hit the road soon after packing up in CA, Ryan was driving his car while my mom was keeping me company in mine. He got ahead of us on the road {cause I'm a slow-poke & refuse to use cruise control} and we told him to keep going towards Provo without us...then we hit a major roadblock. My poor 'lil Jetta overheated and got us stuck in Las Vegas {4 hours away from CA & 6 hours away from Provo}. After spending the night in a very well-air conditioned Comfort Inn {with SYTYCD on, score!} we thought the car would be done the next morning, but quickly found out that it would take a few more days to fix because the engine had blown. We decided to leave Lucille in Vegas, we felt confident and safe in leaving her there to be fixed and went on the search for a rental. After cajoling with a couple different rental car companies, we finally tracked down an available one and unloaded pretty much everything but the kitchen sink from my Jetta to the rental car...then bounced.

Ummmm, ya...just recounting the story gives me anxiety! Due to stress, frustration, exhaustion, or a combination of the above, all I wanted to do was punt a skunk. After calming down, we discovered that Lucille's damage happened at the most perfect time. My parents would be able to pick up my car and drop it off to me next weekend when they will be on their way to a wedding here in Utah. Hooray!!

We made our way the last 6 hours and hit the ground running. Unloading, re-organizing, grocery shopping, laundry, lawn care, school scheduling, re-installing internet, cleaning, decorating, and more. Our lawn is beautifully green {it better after stupid lawn-gate}, our house is inviting, we finally have an entire kitchen at our disposal {after living with one pot and one pan the entire summer}, our king size bed is divine, and it all feels so familiar and safe. Now I can take a biiiggggg deep breath and relax,  and see just how blessed my life is. Now on to school! BRING IT.