Breezy Days: The Great Bun Debate


September 23, 2013

The Great Bun Debate

I put the question to my friends on Instagram {and if we aren't friends on there, hop to it! @breezy_days}, on whether the girls usually lean towards a messy bun or a top knot for those days when your hair is just plotting to ruin your entire day. I was surprised that it was basically a 50/50 response! A few voted for the top knot because it was more professional looking, others said messy bun all day 'err day, and some just said that you don't actually get to decide...your hair does.

If my hair isn't doing anything for me that day, it's no doubt in a bun. So now it's decision time...When I'm throwing up my messy bun it's because I'm feeling sassy & bohemian that day. My make-up is did, the loosey goosey outfit is picked out, and I just don't have time to worry about my hair 'do. The top knot is for those days when I'm feelin' extra blogger, collegiate, or classy. Thus, I'm usually a little more streamlined when wearing my top knot. Sooo yes, you can tell what kind of mood I'm in based on the pile of hair pinned to the top of my head. 

So now it's your turn to chirp in....what's your bun of choice?


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

I like the more put-together bun better for me.. but my hair always ends up being the messy bun, because it can't be tamed!!!!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Since my hair is insanely long and hard to handle, the neater bun is what my hair ends up as whereas I'd LOVE to master the messy bun. Mine just looks stupid when trying to make it messy. Yours looks fantastic today!

Exploring My Style