Breezy Days: Impending Graduation + Senior Year


September 5, 2013

Impending Graduation + Senior Year

{Tuesday was our first day back to school, and of course I made Ryan take first day pictures!}

This is my last full semester of classes {14 credits worth}, then I have my stupid American Heritage class to take {I know, I know...why didn't I take it sooner?! Cause I hate scary history classes, that's why}...then I'm finally done. I'll walk in April and it feels so surreal. I've been pluggin' away at school for so long, I don't know even know what it's like to not be scheduling my life between semesters and classes. Something that has been hanging over my head for the past month or so, is what kind of jobs I should start applying for? I've been putting off the thought for so long, just thinking: "Oh, I'll figure it out when I am about to graduate". Ummm, ya. That's kinda soon. Especially since I'll be a part time student next semester, which means I need to find work starting in January. 

I will graduate with a Family Studies degree {emphasis in therapy}, a Music minor {emphasis in vocals}, a slew of Interior Design/Art History/Architecture classes, and Communications courses. What the heck are you going to do with all of that? Well my friend, that is an excellent question. I love design, fashion, business, and working with maybe something along those lines? While teaching voice lessons on the side? All I know is that whatever I set my mind to, I can accomplish. Nothing really stands in my way...that is when I actually have some sense of direction. Note to self, add to the to-do list: "find some life direction".


Bree said...

Well as soon as Ryan graduates I'll help you find a house and a job here in Houston, so until then just work a bunch of fun jobs! ;D


Kelsey Eaton said...

Let me know what you end up deciding. I'm a family studies major and have no clue what I want to do haha!

Liv said...

Oh how I miss having the enthusiasm of a newly-graduated college student!!

I kind of fell into a job right before I graduated and ended up not leaving my campus. It worked out really well even though I hated hated hated it. The money was good and other opportunities followed. And now I'm a SAHM going bonkers wondering what I'll do after my hiatus from working concludes. I wish I could rekindle those feelings of ambition I had when I graduated from college so long ago!

I wish you the best!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

that's the worst part of SFL... lol NO JOBS unless you want to do counseling or therapy, which I DONT! Haha. The future is a mystery!

Jennifer Evers said...

Hope you had a great first day! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

Elana said...

Good luck in your last semester! I'm going into my last year of college, so I definitely understand how stressful/scary it is! At least you know you'll look cute during it :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

terest in teaching or counseling. I feel ya girl!

What am I doing now? Customer Service with a bunch of students. Yep, totally using my degree.

Good luck! Most of us graduates still don't know what we want. You've got time :)

Exploring My Style

Lilly Katz said...

Bri, I just have to say I really love your blog! It is so cute and I love your writing :) Hope your first day of your last year was good :)