Breezy Days: What a Typical Blogger Would Say {Or Do}...


September 11, 2013

What a Typical Blogger Would Say {Or Do}...

{Elephant scarf c/o Blossom Clothing Boutique // Madden Girl boots c/o Shoe Carnival}

Claim that the outfit or piece they are posting is the "perfect transition to take you from summer to fall!"

They will also rave about their craving for Fall activities, boots, scarves, weather, and sweaters.

Bloggers will get a pumpkin-spice drink from Starbucks just to indulge early in Fall awesome-ness. To show everyone on their feed that they too have experienced Fall deliciousness known as pumpkin-flavored anything, they will document said event on Instagram...which will also include a convenient shot of their J.Crew link bracelet & Michael Kors watch arm candy.

Even though a good majority of bloggers aren't in school, we will still host "Back to School" themed giveaways. We like themes.

"I just do button it worth it to do Passionfruit with a month-to-month fee?"

Typical bloggers will re-evaluate their lives via late night writing sessions, then debate back and forth on whether or not to publish it. How personal do we want to make this blog?? 
"I wish my blog was a dot com, how big does your blog have to be before it's normal to get one?"

Everyone and those dang pink Valentino-inspired heels, or the real ones for that matter.

Along with the Valentino-inspired shoe trend...there also seems to be a baby trend.
Which obviously comes with an adorable gender reveal soiree.
{I had to explain to my mom what that even was, she thought I said something different and freaked out asking: "What is a revealing party?!"}

Because of this preggo-baby trend, there has also been a cornucopia of adorable baby bump outfits.
Thus, the maternity style board on Pinterest was born.
And now everyone in my hometown thinks I'm pregnant...

Happy Wednesday my blogger friends!


Laura Nelson said...

haha! you're so spot on! and i'm totally guilty of a maternity/baby/pregnancy board but i actually need one, so i'm off the hook, right!?!

Unknown said...

Hahaha this is so accurate and hilarious. I am guilty of a few of these!

Visiting from

Rachel said...

It's either because I'm stubborn or maybe just because it's true--but I'm hardcore holding off on celebrating anything fall-related. And maybe it's because when I woke up this morning it was already past 80 degrees....

The Random Writings of Rachel

Brooke said...

I love these. Especially the people doing back to school giveaways when they're not going back to school at all! Then again, I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of every one of the things about fall. Oh the things we do :)

Katie said...

oh my goodness this post made me laugh. so true though but it makes me a little sad how much bloggers are all the same kind of.

Btw, I have issues on all of your posts where the photos do not show up. Do you have any idea why this is?

Lilly Katz said...

This is really spot on! :) Especially the extreme longing for fall that all bloggers (in the U.S. at least) seem to have... Am I the only one that lives in a place where fall means rain, rain and more rain?

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love this! You've got it all right. I've seen everything on this list from bloggers since Sept started!

Exploring My Style