Breezy Days: January 2012


January 31, 2012

The Story of Us: Indian Giver {Part 3}

Before I hop into more of my story telling, I just wanted to say thank you for all the encouraging and loving comments I got from yesterdays post.
Definitely helped to calm me down and really think thing through.
Love you and all thank you!


I had gotten back from California on Sunday night, October 31, 2010.
That's where we left off on the last installment.

On November 2, 2010 (Tuesday), I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the library studying for an Art History test I had to take the next day.

After 5 hours in the library, and 2 in a review. I decided to go back to my apartment to study some more.
{I promise you I'm not this much of a nerd, I just really needed a good grade on that test!}
I go home and start studying in the front room, all cozy in my pink egg chair.

I hear a knock at the door.
"Come in!"
It's Ryan.
{By now you are probably like, well duh. Of course it was him.}
{Here is a pic of Ryan, if you are new and didn't know what he looks like. 
He is effin cute if  I do say so myself.}

He asks where my roommate Kaeli is and she comes running upstairs.
She points out the mini-fridge she was going to let him borrow.

She says kind of awkwardly:
"Umm, well, you can have this fridge but not like, keep it."

I snort, and say:
"Wow!!! Indian giver!"

"What's an Indian giver?"

"Did you not go to elementary school?!"

"No, I was homeschooled."

*Cue crickets*
{Kaeli & I at our Barbie Birthday Bash. September 25, 2010.
We had a dance party in our apartment. SICK! Which explains the lovely sweat.}

Uhhhh crap. At this point I had been friends with Kaeli for a little over a year and obviously didn't know this.
I felt like such a jerk and couldn't rack my brain to come up with something else to say to cover my bum.

Ryan quickly jumps in to save the day with:
"Oh! Indian giving is just where I trade you spices for some disease ridden blankets. No big deal."

Kaeli was satisfied with this answer and toddled back downstairs to do homework.
I turn back to my own homework while Ryan walks towards the door.

He pauses. Turns around and says:

"Hey Bri, do you know how to put together a school schedule? You know, I'm just really confused."

Ok, and the next thing I said, I am still slightly embarrassed about...
"Ok, you are HOW OLD and you can't figure out your own schedule?"

Ya, how could any guy like me after that line?
Ryan glazed over the skunk-y comment with his salesman-ly ways, and sits down on the couch and motions me over.

I looked at his schedule and realized it was wretched, so I switched around a few classes and said:
"There you go, all done!"

Afterwards, I help him out to the car with the mini fridge and he says:
"Sooo we might have to do lunch sometime so you know, I can thank you for helping me with my schedule and the mini-fridge."

I said:
"Ok! Do you have your phone?"


 "That's fine, I'll just message you my number on facebook."
{Come to find out the stinker did have his phone on him, he just wanted me to give him my number instead of having to ask for it directly. Part of "the game" I suppose?!}

I walk inside, message him my number on facebook, then get back to studying.
Then I get this random phone call, look at the number and thought:
 who the heck is calling me this late?!?!

I answer inquisitively:
"Uhhh hello?"

"Don't act like you don't know who this is, you just gave me your number."

"I didn't think you were gonna be a freak of nature and call me within FIVE MINUTES of even having it!"

"*Laughs* You wanna go grab some lunch tomorrow?"

"Hmmm, I guess, I'll have to fit it into my schedule."


<3 Bri

January 30, 2012

Help, I Need Somebody

Hey everyone, I got the job!!!
I started training today at Vivint and I'm mega stoked to get going.
It looks like a way fun environment, and I'm positive I will succeed there.

But. It's given me mixed feelings.
Forever 21 Flats

I'm so excited for the job & training, but nervous and anxious about all the school I'll be missing.
This is because training is from 12-7pm for two weeks. 
Kinda conflicts with my classes going till 1/1:30 everyday. 
Not to mention my night class I have on Wednesday from 4-6:30pm.
And I don't really feel comfortable asking someone to mark roll for me while I'm gone for two weeks.
What can I do?!

I can't skip training or put off accepting the job, because I need this job.
And I made a goal to do well in school this semester, that I need to stick to.
Oh gosh, it makes me a lil' sick inside and I can't get rid of the pit in my stomach.

Any suggestions?
Meanwhile, I'll go back to studying for my interior design test I gotta take at 7/8am tomorrow, BLEH.
Help! I neeeed somebody! Help! Not just anyyybody!
{Reference anyone!?}

<3 Bri

January 29, 2012

The Story of Us: Facebook Intervenes {Part 2}

Here is Part One.
Now onto Part Two!
Marissa lived in the same room as myself during my sophomore year of college, so we would have tons of those coveted late night girl talks till 2-3 in the morning.

During one of these late night conversations she told me what Ryan had said about me after we had first met.

Pretty much, Ryan said that he WOULD get me to date him.
Only after just seeing me. Not even talking to me.
I'm sure that most girls would be swooning and think:
"Oh my goooshhhh, that's SO romantic! It's like love at first sight!"
Me, being me, thought:
"Ummm, since when did he just get to decide that he is going to date me?! The guy didn't even try to talk to me. He just thinks he is going to take me out on some measly lil' date and then get to mack {kiss/make-out} with me. That's not how I roll. Nope nope. No thanks."

With that thought in my head, I continued on with classes, and was ready to leave that weekend, to fly back to California for a friend's mission farewell that was on October 31, 2010. 

He made the first move. Via facebook. Can I just say I love this "See Friendship" option?
I received Ryan's wall post, and then I got into a banter war with one of Ryan's good friends Tj. 
I met Tj at my birthday party in September and had just recently found out that they were friends, and Tj thought I was a skunk cause I made fun of his belt...that was just a piece of rope.
{Could you blame me? And Tj ended up being one of our groomsmen... :)}

And btw, my maiden name is Grossman. This knowledge will make sense soon.

Towards the end I was obviously scraping the barrel for some jokes. But you get the idea.

Later that night I posted:

And after that we didn't see each other or talk until I got back into Provo on the night of the 31st. 
Which...I should probably mention that I was dating another guy at this time.
We shall call this other guy, Chex Mix. 
It wasn't anything serious, he worked as a bouncer at dances and I thought he was cute. 
Anddd that was that.

After driving back from the airport I walked into my apartment and was greeted by all my roommates...and Ryan.
I started telling my roommates of all the craziness I had to go through to even get ON the plane {which I will save for a different post}, what happened over the weekend, and how my family was doing.

That's when I turned for a split second in the midst of telling my story...and noticed Ryan. 
Intently listening to my story with a lil' smirk on his face.
Not gonna lie I was pretty flattered. 
This cute brown guy was quiet and eagerly listening to my stories, it was...kinda sweet.
Dress: Anthropologie. Necklace: made by me. Sweater, Shoes: Target. Purse: Magic Step. 
Toe Nail Polish: Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Then, a few minutes later, Chex Mix came walking through the door to come pick me up, so we could go out for some hot chocolate and catch up before I had to get crackin' on homework.

I said goodbye to everyone, then left.
With Ryan's smirking face still stuck in my mind...

<3 Bri

Buckle Mom on a Budget

If you've ever been to Utah, you will notice that yes, everyone is pretty.
Everyone is nice.
Everyone is stylish.
Everyone is white.

And sometimes it seems like everyone starts to blend in and look the same...
A sea of pretty lookin' happy white people.
But one look that sticks out as very "Utah" are the Utah mom looks.

There are two:

A. The 80's mom jean/denim maxi skirt/teased bang wearin' mom
B. The Buckle on a Budget mom {my personal fav}

If you don't know what I'm talking about with the last one, you can spot this specimen usually in the Kneaders parking lot around noon attempting to park their massive SUVs in the tiny parking spots, next to all the other Buckle Mom on a Budget SUVS. Ya, it's pretty entertaining to watch.

Don't know how to spot em' you say?
Here is a sparknote run-down.

They usually wear shirts like these:

Jeans like these:

And hair like this:
{To learn more about the Utah poof, read this article HERE}

But what cracks me up, is that Buckle is so expensive {and Mormons like to find cute/stylish stuff on the cheap, holla!}, so they find this particular style on a budget. 
And I swear they have scoured every Target clearance and Ross shelf known to man.
They were out in SWARMS today. Grabbing whatever they could with both hands.

Welp, no fake True Religion jeans for me today :/
{Baha! Joke people, joke.}

Hope you all had fun rummaging through the remnants of the Target clearance this weekend!
Anyone find anything good?
{I found an owl beanie for $4, score!}

By the way, if you are looking for more stuff to read, check out Samantha Elizabeth's blog and my guest post HERE. And be on the look out for her guest post on my blog soon :)

<3 Bri

January 26, 2012

The Story of Us: The Meet Cue {Part 1}

I figured today would be a good day to start writing the first installment of our story.

So here we go :)
One of my best friends Hayley Hucks is from Rocklin, CA {which is up north near Sacramento}, and she happened to be my roommate for the 2010-2011 school year. 
Hayley's best friend from back home, Marissa Mortimer, decided to have a grand adventure, so she decided to move from California to live with us in Provo, Utah. 

Ryan, happened to be working in Rocklin, CA the summer of 2010 and he became best friends with Marissa Mortimer. When he had finished his summer job in October of 2010, he called up Marissa and asked if she knew of a guy apartment/house that had open rooms for him.

She directed him to the house down the street, and that's where he moved into. 
The Nibley House they called it. 
I had heard some tid-bits about Ryan before I even had met him:

A. He did summer sales {in my book, he seemed like a complete tool right off the bat.}
B. He dates a lot {I thought he was a player. Again, tool.}
C. He loved to crack jokes and be the center of attention {Cocky.}
{Keep in mind these were my totally stereotypical thoughts. Not how he is at all! Ok, the cocky thing is partly why I fell in love with him. But that is beside the point.}

So suffice it to say, I did not think too highly of this Ryan guy when I first heard about him.

On October 26, 2010.
 I went running into my apartment after class to grab my purse, put on some make-up, and brush out my rat-nest of a hair-do cause I was rushing back out to go on a date. 
When...I was introduced to Ryan. 
Marissa said: "Hey Bri! This is the guy Ryan that I was telling you about."
So. Being the skunk that I am, I replied with:
"Ohhhh so YOU'RE the infamous Ryan Rios I've been hearing about. Well, nice to meet you I gotta bounce."

Anndddd that was it. 
Dress: Express. Sweater: Buckle. Tights: Kohls. Boots: Rocket Dog. Scarf, Belt: Target (on sale!).

I suppose I made a decent impression, or looked especially foxy that night because this is what went down later that same night.

Ryan and Marissa were heading out for food when Ryan said:
"Hey Marissa. Your friend Bri? I WILL date her."
Marissa: "If you are gonna date my roommate, you better do it right."

Ryan took this to heart and started to devise his plan to convince me to marry him....
He started to figure out his next game move...which I will leave for the next installment :)

Happy almost weekend!
<3 Bri

January 25, 2012

Sean Coury

You know those really artsy/vintage-y people you see playing their guitars/ukes/harmonicas and improv-ing like it's no big d? The ones that spend their spare time writing songs and playing at cool gigs? 
The people you wish you could be like because they are that cool.
Ya, I have more than a few friends that are like that. 
The chill/laid back/So-Cal musically inclined kind of friends.
One such friend is Sean. 
I've known him since about 8 years old and he is seriously the sweetest guy ever.
And he also happens to be extremely talented.

Check out his music, his answers to my questions, and his totally cute pics. :)

{My fav song is Best Kept, I've had it on repeat for the past few days!}

When did you start singing and playing the guitar?
I started playing music my freshmen year in high school and I graduated in 2010. So 5-6 years now.

What artists have inspired your own work?
I have so many artists I could name that contributed to my desire to play music, but if I had to pick a few I would say Rocky Votolato, Dustin Kensrue, Joshua James, and of course Bob Dylan. Bands like Delta Sprit and Dr. Dog gave me a lot of inspiration as well.
What genre would you place your music in? What group of people are you playing for?
I played different genres of music growing up, but I pinpointed the sound that I stuck with have now about a year ago, it's Folk/Folk Rock. I'm up to play for anyone who genuinely likes the kind of music I play. The folk/acoustic genre has kind of risen from the dead the past few years and more and more people are starting to enjoy that sound, so I look to play for people who have the same love and appreciation for this kind of music as I do. 
What has been your biggest challenge with your music so far?
My biggest challenges have been just striving to progress. I'm always trying to write that next catchy melody, or great lyric, or powerful chorus. I used to be insecure about how I sounded and worried a lot about what others thought. Once I let that go and just wrote the most honest songs I could, was when I really started progressing. I feel I've made some good progress from where I use to be, and I'm constantly trying to improve myself as a song-writer.  
Any other things you would like your listeners/fans to know about you?
I do music because I enjoy it! Something about expressing ideas, thoughts, and emotions in the most creative way I can brings me joy. It's just fun! And, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
Download, share, and enjoy listening!
Find Sean on Facebook.
<3 Bri

January 24, 2012


Random + Bites= Randomites!

1. I introduced myself on Life as Twiggy, she has a really cute blog and I'm excited that I've been able to swap sponsor with her! She had us write up a lil quip about ourselves and include our favorite picture.

Mine is below, I will buy it one of these days off of Etsy!
This lady draws and paints all the princesses! How cuuuuuuute.

2. I'm currently making flashcards for my Interior Design class on Quizlet. Seriously the best thing ever. I type in the flashcards, I can upload them to a Flashcards app on my phone, and on the computer they give you different ways to study/memorize them! 

3. I've just picked up "Once Upon a Time" again and have been watching it on the ABC site. 
It is so mega corny, but I really enjoy it. 
Then again I like anything fairytale-ish.
Hence the pictures above and my obsession with Disneyland.

4. I was in Winco a few days ago, about to grab my groceries head out, I'm walking out the grocery store when I see this little girl {about 4/5 years old} trailing behind her mom who is walking in.
I just came out of a job interview and was totally high on life. Lookin' good & feelin' good.
I walk past the little girl and look down and smile at her.
2 seconds later she does this half whisper/yell thing:
"Mom! She is so pretty!!"

Holy moly I smiled the whole rest of the night.

5. What would I do without Ryan? My internet is slow/doesn't work all night.
He comes home, looks at my computer, then at me.
"Bri, when is the last time you updated your computer?"


6. If you go to BYU/are Mormon/know Mormons/know anything about will get a kick out of the picture below.

<3 Bri

January 23, 2012

Date Smart

{Taken by Clark Goldsberry on June 4, 2011}

Here's the sitch.
I am SO GLAD I am not in the dating scene anymore.
It was stressful, nerve-wracking, and just downright awkward most of the time.

But now being on the other side of things, it makes me cringe looking at the dating world.

You know what scares me the most though?

Is when people date out of desperation. 
Yup, you heard me. 
And if you just read that sentence and now have a pit in your stomach?
Then you just might be one of those people.
And you should probably read the rest of this post.

You know that list of traits you carry in the back of your mind? 
The ones that you expect your future spouse to have?
He has to be: funny, hard-working, loving, motivated, musically inclined, etc etc.
Everyones list is different, but you get what I'm talking about.
Well, hate to break it to you, but you aren't gonna find that perfect person.

 But one day you'll compromise some of the things on that list because you will find someone who is
perfect for you.
Though, there is such a thing as compromising TOO much.
Which happens when you are dating desperately and not dating smart.

Do you have the dream of traveling the world?
You can't do that with a husband who doesn't have the motivation to work and save money.

Do have the dream of being a stay-at-home mom?
You can't do that if your husband doesn't have the motivation to go to school in order to get a decent job. You'll have to be out working too.

Do you have the dream of following your career with the support of your loved one?
You can't do that if you have a husband who is jealous of your success.

And you may think:
"Well, isn't that a little selfish?"
And to that I say: NOPE.
You want to help lower the divorce rate in this country?

So, I'm sure you are thinking:
"But Bri, I'm *blank* years old and I still haven't found 'The One'!"

You know what I have to say to that?
Date smarter.

Because it is true, you marry who you date.
Keep your head on straight to ask yourself the crucial questions.
Because you want to know exactly the kind of person you are going to marry.

Dating Smart is:
-Discovering through the dating process whether or not his goals in life, line up with yours.
-See him in a situation where he is stressed/tired/ticked. You'll see how he reacts to stressful situations. Can you deal with that?
-See him when he is sick. Will you be able to deal with that for the rest of your life?
-How is he with money? Extra spendy? Uber frugal? Will he be upset if you spend $10 on shoes?
-Do you get along with his family? Does he get along with yours?
-Could you spend all day, every day with him?
-Does he have the same ambitions as you? 
-Does he have a similar work ethic to yours?
-Is he what you deserve?

Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences?
<3 Bri

January 22, 2012

Zipper Bows & Paint Chip Hearts

Sooo you may be wondering why my head is chopped off in the following pictures.
There is a reason.
Anddd the reason is because my hair was sopping wet and there is NO WAY I'm putting that on the internet.

I really don't need to give my family & friends more blackmail than they already have.

I am still loving my colored jeans with a flaming burning passion.

I don't know what it is...they just make me happy! 
How can you be sad in bright red jeans?!
Think about ittttttt.

Top: Anthropologie. Jeans: American Eagle. Jacket: Loft. Shoes: LA Fashion District. Bottle Cap Necklace: Cherry Lane Boutique in Provo, UT.

Yet I digress with my apparent obsession with colored jeans.

The real point of this post is that:
I finally made my Valentines garland and am excited to share!
The easiest/fastest/cutest/cheapest thing ever.

First, gather the following: twine, paint chips, scissors, tape, and tacks.
And yes, I totally did jack 20 paint chips from the Wal-Mart paint section.
No one is missing least I hope not.
Ohhh the things you gotta do when you are a college kid.

All I did was cut the paint chips out by hand into hearts. 
And don't worry if they aren't perfect, it's cuter when they are a lil' off kilter!
{Look at photo above}

Then I lined them up next to the twine and started wrapping the twine around the paint chip hearts.
Then put a couple pieces of scotch tape on the back.
Advice: Tape down the twine {on the back} towards the top of the heart so they don't flop over when you hang them.

All my hearts twined up!

Tacked them on the wall in a chic swooping fashion and VOILA.
Uber cuteness, for how much you ask?

Twine: Free cause I already had it, but I originally bought it for $3.
Tacks: Free, cause I already had it.
Tape: Free, already had it!
Paint Chips: Free! Oh gosh, I feel like a horrible person for stealing paint chips.
Grand Total: FREE.

I keep looking at my wall and feeling so dorkily proud of myself. 

<3 Bri

January 21, 2012

Shoes & Shrooms

Sup errbody!
If you thought I was referring to drugs in my title, you are a horrible person.
Bahaha! I kid.

 I just wrote a guest post on "For Love of a Cupcake", listing the:
Have fun looking at shoes!
{Cause really, who doesn't love looking/lusting after shoes}

And I wanted to share one of my favoritest recipes EVER.
Have fun!


Growing up I was never one of those natural home-maker type of girls.
Granted I did love decorating my room and getting all dressed up, but cooking?
Mehhh, not really my thing.

Although I do have two younger brothers who would ALWAYS eat. 
So....whenever they would make something, I would ask if they could make some for me.

Thus, I never cooked.
Then it turned for the worse...the boys thought that I couldn't cook.

But now being married to a football player, I make a lot of food, all the time.

One of my all time FAV recipes are the stuffed mushroom caps :)
Super easy and mega delish!
And even if you don't like mushrooms, you WILL like these. 
Cause who doesn't like cream cheese and bacon slathered on MORE food??

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Cream Cheese
Bacon Bits

1. Set oven to 350 degrees to preheat. 

2. Take the stem out of all the mushrooms and throw away. Clean off all the dirt, then set on a foiled cookie sheet. 
3. Melt the cream cheese in a bowl, mix in desired amount of parmesan and bacon bits.

4. Put desired amount of mixture in the mushroom cap, sprinkle more parmesan and bacon bits on top. 
5. Put in the preheated 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Pull out when they are nice and brown.

VOILA! Eat 10 of them! 

Enjoy the "Imma stay in my bed in my sweats and watch netflix all day" weather!
<3 Bri

January 20, 2012

Bonafied Blogger

If you couldn't already tell.
Yes, the ones I've been drooling over. 
For the longest time I've been very adverse to colored jeans, thinking they were only for those who loved the "Sean John" brand. Or for those who were mega artsy.
{Does playing the piano, singing, and being crafty considered artsy?! 
Meh. I'll never been an artsy hipster. Just of the nerdy artsy persuasion.}

 But now I'm head over heels for them and want them in every color possible.
{Ok, maybe not chartreuse. I will never get myself to like that color, no matter how many of my blog idols wear it. Nope nope nope, can't make me.}

I kinda feel like a pack of starburst, but when someone gives me a makes my day.
Are we in agreement? Ish?
So being a starburst makes not only my day, but possibly other people's day too? 
It's flawed logic, but I'm diggin' it.
 Jeans: American Eagle. Blouse: Anthropologie. Flats: Forever 21. 

And I finally have gotten the Sydney Poulton of The Daybook "bun" down!
Dare I say I'm becoming a bonafied blogger now??
Glasses: Vera Wang.

What I've learned since becoming a blogger:

Wearing an Audrey Hepburn/Carrie from Sex and the City inspired bun is not only stylish, but extremely easy to do on those greasy hair days where you haven't washed your hair for...holy crap, when WAS the last time I washed my hair?!
{Kidding people, kidding!}

Lipstick can pretty much make any outfit. If I'm wearing a regular t-shirt, jeans, flats combo, I add me some lipstick and BAM. Hotness.

Colored jeans, flowered jeans, ripped jeans, you name it, is always a cool/cheap/easy way to vamp up your wardrobe...and your compliment intake.

Pinterest. I really don't need to say anything else about that one.

Anyone with a bf/husband struggles to find that balance between blog obsession and time spent with the bf/husby. My secret now is that I wait till he is at work or sleeping. Shhhh! 

Everyone loves anything vintage. Vintage jewelry, clothes, shops, shoes, and so on. 

Blog ladies are thrifting junkies. 
Ok, maybe I'm the only skunk here who is not a complete huge fan of thrifting. It's already hard enough to find clothes that are my size and fit good. Trying to find something that not only: fits, is in good condition, and is actually CUTE seems impossible to me. But, blog ladies do it, they find freaking amazing things and make them look brand new. Where does that skill come from?!

And finally, everyone is so dang NICE. Followers aren't a competition, blog ladies are sweet and awesome! They are having just as much fun as you are, and I don't know about you but I love meeting new people with the same interests as myself! 

What have you learned since becoming a blogger?
<3 Bri

January 19, 2012

My "Normal" Face

I called and talked to my mom a couple days ago and she mentioned how friends & family back at home  would tell her how much they enjoyed my blog.
 I was all stoked about the feedback I was gettin' and was rambling on about how rad that was. 

That's when my mom swiftly followed with:
"If you don't start smiling, I'm gonna stop following your blog."

Wait, what?

Mom: "You do that smirk thing that makes your face look all weird, cut it out. Smile like you normally do cause then your face will look like it normally does."

Ummm. Thanks?!

Mom: "You only have braces on for another couple months, so start smiling RIGHT."
Here's a shout out to you MOM. 
Here is a picture of me smiling "normal".
Which also is my "normal face".

My mom is just as sassy as I am. 
Just glad she tells it how it is. 
That's what moms are supposed to do! Right?! 
If anyone is gonna tell you your face is weird, it oughta be your madre.
Sweater: Loft. Dress: Made By Moi. Boots: Magic Step. Socks: Smart Wool. Belt, Earrings: Forever 21.

On another note, I totes made this dress.

I've had this skirt fabric for AGES and randomly decided to take over the kitchen table with my crafting goodies Sunday night and whip up a dress out of the dang pile of fabric. 
Welp. It was definitely a good 'practice dress'. 
The seams on the sides are totally all askew, so I guess it's a good thing I bought blindingly busy fabric to hide it!
I'm still proud of the lil ole thing. 

I followed the tutorial found on ElleApparel, which gives a picture step by step how-to.
And even though I have had a sewing machine for years I still didn't know what the heck a 'basting stitch' was and had to youtube it. Anddd I still botched it. At least I'll know for next time!
 I'm thinking a polka dot skirt this next go around... :) 

Speaking of fun fabrics, who is excited for all the spring colorfulness that is already comin' out in stores?!
I grabbed a pair of red jeans & a pair of white jeans at American Eagle, and am TOTALLY eyeing the hot pink ones. Especially after yesterdays Kendi Everyday post. I have to have em!

Just wait and see...Imma be a life size barbie in those jeans!
 Ok, my legs will actually fill out those pants...

<3 Bri

January 17, 2012

Vitamin D

Just wanted to say hi to all the new followers here and that I hope you enjoy what I have to say & post! 

And for all you peeps who have been followin' me for a while, thanks for holding on, and not crying in a corner during my 4-day hiatus.
Aren't those mountains the background beautiful?!
One of the pros of living in Utah.
What's freaky is that there is HARDLY ANY SNOW ON THE GROUND.
Last year at this time I was wrapped in like, 10 layers of every North Face & Smart Wool thing I owned.

I know everyone has been trippin' out cause there's been no snow and saying:
"Boo hoo wahhh there was no snow at Christmas."

I grew in California where there is NEVER snow at Christmas.

Itso facto, I'm excited that I don't have to:

A. Drive through snow in my "All Weather" tires that don't have any grip
B. Trek up to classes in the snow and freeze my buns off

Suffice it to say I'm grateful for the sunshine.
You can't have too horrible of a day when it's sunny out. 
Are we in agreement?

Cause if you have a bad day then walk outside and see the sun shining down you think:
"Huh, life's not that bad after all. I'm gonna go on a run!"

But when it's rainy/sad/gloomy/etc you come outside and think:
"Oh gosh. I'm going BACK in my room, to huddle up in my pj's to watch tv all day long."

{ok, for some of us that wouldn't be that bad of a punishment}
Sweater: Forever 21. Jeans, Belt: American Eagle. Top: Anthropologie. Necklace, Earrings: Francescas. Flats: Target.

All I'm really sayin' is that I'm grateful for some au-natural Vitamin D in my life.

PLUS. It has motivated me to do some craftin'.
You know what that means....
Made a dress,
made some jewelry,
workin' on a burlap lampshade.

Yup, life's good.
Can't wait to share my crafts with you this week!!! 

Hope you all had a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed day!
{I am not a morning person and I despise when people say that to me cause then I think: 
"Say that again and Imma punch you right in the mouth." 
Aka don't ever expect a happy morning Bri. Ever.}

<3 Bri

P.S. If anyone has pointers on what I can do to better my pics, I could definitely use the help and advice!

P.S.S. We have a Weird Things Wednesday post coming tomorrow from Celeste who writes "Life as Twiggy"!

January 13, 2012

All The. Small Things.

Ok ok, I knew I said I would take a break. 
But I finished my homework before Ryan and so I'm gonna do a quick post before we decide on what to do tonight :)
I seriously got ready in like 15 minutes today. 
How is it that on days you actually have time to pick an outfit, you pick out some lackluster thing and feel like poop all day, but when you rush around and grab whatever you see off the floor and put it on your body, people compliment you all day?
And you're like uhhhh, that's semi-depressing. 
But you know what?
It's really funny how small things like that can make your day.
Such as:
A compliment from a random girl in the bathroom.
Finding your nice water bottle in the Lost and Found.
Making a friend in choir class.
People staring at you all day because you look HAWT.
{I call it a high self-esteem others may confuse it for being cocky. La di da I say.}
Breaking in some Christmas present gear {sweater/tights/shoes}.
Reading the comments from previous blog posts.
The excitement to continue on with our obsession of LOST.
When there is the perfect ratio of nuts to m&ms in your trail mix.
You look at your fridge&pantry and actually realize it's full.
Your hair, although there was only about 5 minutes spent on it, looks fab.
The husby being just as concerned as yourself to get the right lighting for your pictures.
Texting a friend to make sure they are feeling better {Alexa!}.
When you finally get all the notes right to Christina Aguliera's part in "Moves Like Jagger". 
{Ok, not quite...}
The silent victory you have when you complete a chore or your homework.

And finally, 
Coming home to your FAVORITE mac & cheese {which the husby bought on the way home from school for me} already made and being greeted with a huge hug&kiss, then watching Jersey Shore whilst cuddling.
Sweater, Flats: Target. Skirt, Charm Bracelet: Fossil. Tights: Kohls. Necklace: Forever 21. Tank top: American Eagle.


Time to figure out what to do on our hawt date tonight.
Salsa dancing? Ice skating? Bowling? Dollar movie? Blizzard date? Meander the mall?
I don't know. But what I do know is that I want to dress up and look ridiculously sexy.
Ok, as sexy as I can get for being a ole married maid and all. 

The o' so many options in Provo, Utah.
Happy date night!
<3 Bri

P.S. Anyone who gets the reference to the title. FOURRR for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco.
And if you didn't get that reference, we have an issue here.