Breezy Days: Sean Coury


January 25, 2012

Sean Coury

You know those really artsy/vintage-y people you see playing their guitars/ukes/harmonicas and improv-ing like it's no big d? The ones that spend their spare time writing songs and playing at cool gigs? 
The people you wish you could be like because they are that cool.
Ya, I have more than a few friends that are like that. 
The chill/laid back/So-Cal musically inclined kind of friends.
One such friend is Sean. 
I've known him since about 8 years old and he is seriously the sweetest guy ever.
And he also happens to be extremely talented.

Check out his music, his answers to my questions, and his totally cute pics. :)

{My fav song is Best Kept, I've had it on repeat for the past few days!}

When did you start singing and playing the guitar?
I started playing music my freshmen year in high school and I graduated in 2010. So 5-6 years now.

What artists have inspired your own work?
I have so many artists I could name that contributed to my desire to play music, but if I had to pick a few I would say Rocky Votolato, Dustin Kensrue, Joshua James, and of course Bob Dylan. Bands like Delta Sprit and Dr. Dog gave me a lot of inspiration as well.
What genre would you place your music in? What group of people are you playing for?
I played different genres of music growing up, but I pinpointed the sound that I stuck with have now about a year ago, it's Folk/Folk Rock. I'm up to play for anyone who genuinely likes the kind of music I play. The folk/acoustic genre has kind of risen from the dead the past few years and more and more people are starting to enjoy that sound, so I look to play for people who have the same love and appreciation for this kind of music as I do. 
What has been your biggest challenge with your music so far?
My biggest challenges have been just striving to progress. I'm always trying to write that next catchy melody, or great lyric, or powerful chorus. I used to be insecure about how I sounded and worried a lot about what others thought. Once I let that go and just wrote the most honest songs I could, was when I really started progressing. I feel I've made some good progress from where I use to be, and I'm constantly trying to improve myself as a song-writer.  
Any other things you would like your listeners/fans to know about you?
I do music because I enjoy it! Something about expressing ideas, thoughts, and emotions in the most creative way I can brings me joy. It's just fun! And, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
Download, share, and enjoy listening!
Find Sean on Facebook.
<3 Bri


Randi said...

So awesome! I love best kept!

Unknown said...

Currently listening to Resistencia for the second time. :) Wow. He really is talented. Thank you for this! It's really helping me write. :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

wow this Olk Folk Song is adorable
he just gain one more admirer!

you have a great blog!

Ccarle said...

This kid is an awesome artist and an even more awesome little brother:)