Breezy Days: My "Normal" Face


January 19, 2012

My "Normal" Face

I called and talked to my mom a couple days ago and she mentioned how friends & family back at home  would tell her how much they enjoyed my blog.
 I was all stoked about the feedback I was gettin' and was rambling on about how rad that was. 

That's when my mom swiftly followed with:
"If you don't start smiling, I'm gonna stop following your blog."

Wait, what?

Mom: "You do that smirk thing that makes your face look all weird, cut it out. Smile like you normally do cause then your face will look like it normally does."

Ummm. Thanks?!

Mom: "You only have braces on for another couple months, so start smiling RIGHT."
Here's a shout out to you MOM. 
Here is a picture of me smiling "normal".
Which also is my "normal face".

My mom is just as sassy as I am. 
Just glad she tells it how it is. 
That's what moms are supposed to do! Right?! 
If anyone is gonna tell you your face is weird, it oughta be your madre.
Sweater: Loft. Dress: Made By Moi. Boots: Magic Step. Socks: Smart Wool. Belt, Earrings: Forever 21.

On another note, I totes made this dress.

I've had this skirt fabric for AGES and randomly decided to take over the kitchen table with my crafting goodies Sunday night and whip up a dress out of the dang pile of fabric. 
Welp. It was definitely a good 'practice dress'. 
The seams on the sides are totally all askew, so I guess it's a good thing I bought blindingly busy fabric to hide it!
I'm still proud of the lil ole thing. 

I followed the tutorial found on ElleApparel, which gives a picture step by step how-to.
And even though I have had a sewing machine for years I still didn't know what the heck a 'basting stitch' was and had to youtube it. Anddd I still botched it. At least I'll know for next time!
 I'm thinking a polka dot skirt this next go around... :) 

Speaking of fun fabrics, who is excited for all the spring colorfulness that is already comin' out in stores?!
I grabbed a pair of red jeans & a pair of white jeans at American Eagle, and am TOTALLY eyeing the hot pink ones. Especially after yesterdays Kendi Everyday post. I have to have em!

Just wait and see...Imma be a life size barbie in those jeans!
 Ok, my legs will actually fill out those pants...

<3 Bri


Gina said...

You have such a pretty smile! And I'm loving your dress; I would never be able to make my own! It's gorgeous. And I totally agree with you: I've been eyeing pink jeans too. I can't wait till spring!

xo, gina

Melu103 said...

you have a beautiful smile missy!
but then again ... i feel you
i used to do the same .. i WOULD
never in a thousand year smile on
my pictures ... but i started to
do it more often and i got used
to it ... you just gotta find the
right pose and the right smile haha


Melina ♥

Unknown said...

YEAH Bri!! Keep up that crafty goodness!

And you have a beautiful smile. Don't you stop that smiling!

Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl said...

Keep smiling because you have a beautiful one!
I love this outfit! Looks great on you!

Ashley said...

I think you did a beautiful job on that dress. I love it so much! You also have a beautiful smile, so keep on smilin girl!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!!! I can't wait till my teeth are perfect again in a few months :) And I'm lookin' into buying a craft table for the office so I can craft ALL THE TIME. :D

Kayleigh said...

You look beautiful and the dress is awesome. My mom would totally say something like that too. Hahaha. It must be a mom thing.

... said...

OH my gosh you are so cute!!! I just found your blog and I love it!

jessica said...

Just found your blog via Little Somethings from Little Lo Hood and I just love it! I definitely need to be on the lookout for some hot pink jeans! Or maybe just make a trip to AE. Love 'em!