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January 20, 2012

Bonafied Blogger

If you couldn't already tell.
Yes, the ones I've been drooling over. 
For the longest time I've been very adverse to colored jeans, thinking they were only for those who loved the "Sean John" brand. Or for those who were mega artsy.
{Does playing the piano, singing, and being crafty considered artsy?! 
Meh. I'll never been an artsy hipster. Just of the nerdy artsy persuasion.}

 But now I'm head over heels for them and want them in every color possible.
{Ok, maybe not chartreuse. I will never get myself to like that color, no matter how many of my blog idols wear it. Nope nope nope, can't make me.}

I kinda feel like a pack of starburst, but when someone gives me a makes my day.
Are we in agreement? Ish?
So being a starburst makes not only my day, but possibly other people's day too? 
It's flawed logic, but I'm diggin' it.
 Jeans: American Eagle. Blouse: Anthropologie. Flats: Forever 21. 

And I finally have gotten the Sydney Poulton of The Daybook "bun" down!
Dare I say I'm becoming a bonafied blogger now??
Glasses: Vera Wang.

What I've learned since becoming a blogger:

Wearing an Audrey Hepburn/Carrie from Sex and the City inspired bun is not only stylish, but extremely easy to do on those greasy hair days where you haven't washed your hair for...holy crap, when WAS the last time I washed my hair?!
{Kidding people, kidding!}

Lipstick can pretty much make any outfit. If I'm wearing a regular t-shirt, jeans, flats combo, I add me some lipstick and BAM. Hotness.

Colored jeans, flowered jeans, ripped jeans, you name it, is always a cool/cheap/easy way to vamp up your wardrobe...and your compliment intake.

Pinterest. I really don't need to say anything else about that one.

Anyone with a bf/husband struggles to find that balance between blog obsession and time spent with the bf/husby. My secret now is that I wait till he is at work or sleeping. Shhhh! 

Everyone loves anything vintage. Vintage jewelry, clothes, shops, shoes, and so on. 

Blog ladies are thrifting junkies. 
Ok, maybe I'm the only skunk here who is not a complete huge fan of thrifting. It's already hard enough to find clothes that are my size and fit good. Trying to find something that not only: fits, is in good condition, and is actually CUTE seems impossible to me. But, blog ladies do it, they find freaking amazing things and make them look brand new. Where does that skill come from?!

And finally, everyone is so dang NICE. Followers aren't a competition, blog ladies are sweet and awesome! They are having just as much fun as you are, and I don't know about you but I love meeting new people with the same interests as myself! 

What have you learned since becoming a blogger?
<3 Bri


TheTinyHeart said...

Love your pink jeans! I too had been avoiding this trend but now I think the color jeans look adorable :)

I don't thirft much either, only accessories. When you're 4'10", it's hard to find new clothes that fit, let alone thirfted ones!


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

completely agree with everything you said about blogging! I feel the same way! You're almost at 100 followers,way to go gurl!


Bree said...

Love those jeans, you are rockin them :)
As for the blogging info I agree :)
Everyone is sooo nice and absolutely brilliant writers if I do say so myself :)

Ashley said...

teach me that bun! please :) haha I love how cute it is. I definitely need cute hairstyles for greasy hair days. You pull of those pink pants soooooo well! I love the colored pants look right now, but I'm not yet bold enough to purchase a pair.

Erin @ Living In Yellow said...

You look great in the picture of you and your little bun...and I absolutely loved this post with your list of what you have learned about blogging. I had to laugh because it is all so so true.
Happy weekend love :)

Elisha said...

cuuuteeee!! I love your blog!! Follow me??(: I'm following you!!

Grace Wainwright said...

Oh my gosh! So jealous. I've been looking for pink jeans for so long! They look beautiful :). And the lipstick comment is too funny (and too true!)

A Southern Drawl

Melu103 said...

sexy sexy pink jeans :)
i would not be able to rock
that color lol

lipstick does change
a whole outfit! =D gives you
such a confidence boost!

Melina ♥

Kristina Clemens said...

I dare say you are official! You look amazing! Awesome hair...=)
Kristina J.

Funmilayo said...

those jeans are hot!

Mustpickusername23 said...

Those magenta pants are AWESOME!
Saweeet color pop!!