Breezy Days: Help, I Need Somebody


January 30, 2012

Help, I Need Somebody

Hey everyone, I got the job!!!
I started training today at Vivint and I'm mega stoked to get going.
It looks like a way fun environment, and I'm positive I will succeed there.

But. It's given me mixed feelings.
Forever 21 Flats

I'm so excited for the job & training, but nervous and anxious about all the school I'll be missing.
This is because training is from 12-7pm for two weeks. 
Kinda conflicts with my classes going till 1/1:30 everyday. 
Not to mention my night class I have on Wednesday from 4-6:30pm.
And I don't really feel comfortable asking someone to mark roll for me while I'm gone for two weeks.
What can I do?!

I can't skip training or put off accepting the job, because I need this job.
And I made a goal to do well in school this semester, that I need to stick to.
Oh gosh, it makes me a lil' sick inside and I can't get rid of the pit in my stomach.

Any suggestions?
Meanwhile, I'll go back to studying for my interior design test I gotta take at 7/8am tomorrow, BLEH.
Help! I neeeed somebody! Help! Not just anyyybody!
{Reference anyone!?}

<3 Bri


Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

Believe in yourself! You CAN do them both!:) And pray. It always helps. Also, listen to soothing music, and do some yoga:) Good luck girl!
Visit my blog sometime!:


Laura Darling said...

Yikes! This is a tough one! Maybe your teachers could work something out with you? Do they have those classes at any other times? Either way...congrats on the job!!!! And cute shoes!! :)

Mariana said...

Oh, a tough one!!

Breathe deeply, breathe deeply...
And keep breathing!

I believe that everything will work out well in some way - you'll see... Keep breathing.

Rosie said...

Hey Bri,

Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog (The fashion Bakery)I've just discovered your blog pretty! I hope you're coping ok! I am sure that you can do both and yor semester will go well :)

Rosie x

Lauren said...

oh my gosh! good luck. that will be tough. but congrats on getting the job!

Preethi said...

Congratulations! So exciting. Just found your blog and love those flats!

lace, etc.

Unknown said...

Hey Bri,

Yeah - this is a toughy. I would suggest the same thing that Laura did. Email your professors. Tell them whats going on. More than not, teachers are usually pretty understanding. And if they give you smack about it, then then have someone mark roll for you. Do you have any friends in the class?

Keep your chin up! And pray!


Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for your love and advice!!! It really did help out tons, I feel soooo much better after figuring everything out! :)