Breezy Days: March 2013


March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Today was such a relaxing, sunny, & low-key day.
I just relish days like these and wish I could have them more often.
We got all gussied up in our Easter colors for church {pastels up the wazoo!} and then came home to get ready for an Easter potluck dinner with friends!

We ate delicious food, Ryan dyed Easter eggs for the first time and we also did an Easter egg hunt/egg toss in the front yard! 
More pics to come of that soon ;)

I can't say express how grateful I am for the Savior's sacrifice and for the influence he has in my life.
Days like today remind me to slow down so I can fully experience my life. 
The stresses and to-do lists of life don't matter in the big scheme of things, it's the family and friends I surround myself with...the ones I love with all my heart.
Happy Easter! :)

March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

{Newport Beach circa summer of 2012}

It seems as if nowadays I post only on Fridays. School gets tiring people!
Plus I'm in one of those "I just finished being a sickly human being and am now in a life rut"
Aka, not really feeling up to blogging/working out/organizing/really doing anything for that matter.
I'm just mentally "checked out" of school.
Already dreaming of my Disneyland pass and the beach...

Dear Sunny Weather,
You seem to make everyone happier. Drivers are actually using their turn signals, pedestrians are courteous to drivers, everyone is outside biking and running...and everyone is just so polite!
Let's keep it up you dang sun. It's all on you now.

Dear Dr. Phil,
The husband and I get stuck watching full episodes of your show till one in the morning cause we are so intrigued by how people can be so dumb.
Thanks for taking sleep away from me and instead giving me more fuel to fix the world with my family studies degree. Huzzah!

Dear Elder Grossman,
Your letters & emails seriously make my day.
I'm running to the mail box and can't wait to wake up Wednesday mornings to open my inbox to hear from you.
Love ya lots my brother and I'm so proud of you!

Dear Butt White Legs,
Stawwwwppppp it. No more of this madness.
You look horrendous in outfit pictures and that makes me sad.

Dear Yellow Brick House,
You pretty much only get cleaned when we have people coming over or when I'm stressed and need to go on a cleaning/organizing spree. Either way you look like a hot tamale when I fix you up ;)

Dear California,
Ohhhhh California. Why does your economy have to be going down the tubes? Why are your taxes so high? You make it borderline impossible to look at you as a possible home after graduation! I am happy to have you for my home this summer though, maybe we can make this a regular thing?


March 24, 2013

What a Typical Blogger Would Say (Or Do)...

{Arm candy courtesy of the husband for Valentines}

Takes an Insta picture of their bracelets with the caption: 
"Lovin' my arm candy today!"

"So many many cute"
Insta pic with the caption: "Here is my Target haul!"

*Will accept product reviews whenever it includes free clothes, jewelry, or hair dryers. 
Um, heck yes I will review your product.*

{Me being a typical Mormon and taking an Insta picture in front of the St. George temple}

"Why are there so many Mormon bloggers?! And why do they like to blog so much??"

*Finds a new blog she likes, then feels like she is stalking said blogger when she follows them via every social media outlet known to man: GFC, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Bloglovin...*

"How do I get pictures to look all professional with my Canon Elf?"
*Hits up Pinterest for tutorials*

If anyone tells you that they read your blog, you instantly internally freak out and think: 
"Oh my did you find it?! And now you know my whole life...great."

{A maxi newbie, and I proclaim of its amazingness in this post}

"Maxi skirts are SOOO comfortable!"

"Here is my 'mom uniform' or as I call it... my 'momiform'"

"I'm so sick of my layout" 
{after having it for 4 months}

*Will sponsor and guest post for every blog on the planet, but is ridiculously embarrassed talking about her blog face to face with anyone.*

Happy Monday :)

March 20, 2013

Maxi's Are the New Sweatpants

I really don't understand why I haven't jumped on the maxi-train sooner.
As Jenny from Plane Pretty has said, maxis are the dressy sweatpants!
Not only are they an insta-outfit, but seriously the comfiest thing EVER.
Mine is a navy & white stripe that will seriously go with anything & everything.
Ryan is still getting used to the idea {you know how guys are with trendy things}, but I think I'll slowwwly get him used to it by continuing to build my maxi collection...
{insert evil villain laugh bwahahaha}
Well my friends, I am still sick as a dog and will now go back to doing some more homework.
No rest for the BYU student...or the wicked. 
Or however that song goes.
It's a toss up.

March 19, 2013

If the Shoe Fits!

{All shoes from Shoedazzle}

I don't think that it's any secret that I loooove my shoes.
Cute shoes of quality and shoes on a budget.
Through my shoe madness I've found what sites fit my online shopping fancy.
Thus, I've compiled a list and some details of some of the most popular online shoes sites so you can sift out which ones are and aren't your style. 

Who is the mastermind? Kim Kardashian, and she does collaborations with Dolce Vita and Rachel Zoe.
Monthly charges? No monthly charges.
Special offers? You have the option of being a VIP member, you are charged $9.95 a month and are able to purchase shoes at a discounted price. These charges every month can be accumulated up to 12 months until you want to purchase a pair. Can sign up or cancel being a VIP whenever you want.
Quality? Pretty much you get what you pay for. For the low price though, they are comfortable, stylish, and hold up pretty well.
How good are the sales? Um, AWESOME. They do additional discounts on sale shoes which gets the shoes down to around $14 a pop. They also do a buy one get one half off on occasion.
Customer service? Extremely helpful and nice. Free shipping and returns. Whenever I have called or emailed them, I've gotten an immediate response and awesome customer service.
Overall score? 5/5. {My go-to shoe site}

Who is the mastermind? Kimora Lee Simmons 
Monthly charges? You are charged $39.95 to your card by the 5th of every month, but have the option to skip the month to not have your car charged. If you forget? You're pretty much screwed.
Special offers? 50% off your first purchase.
How good are the sales? Good sales & deals, can get shoes down to $25 a pair on sale.
Quality? I don't think this is the best quality. Cheaply made and fit my foot weird.
Customer service? I purchased a pair of heels from this site for a wedding, and it was a disaster. When I called customer service, the girl had no clue what she was talking about and I had to speak with someone higher up. I was extremely frustrated with the customer service. Plus my package arrived late and barely making it before the wedding I was attending out of town!
Overall score? 2/5.

Who is the mastermind? Rachel Bilson
Monthly charges? They charge your card on file by the 5th of every month, a whopping $79.98. If you forget to skip the month they give you one grace month where you can call and be refunded. But if you forget to cancel the account? They keep charging you "monthly credits" and don't send you a reminder email about the balance on your Shoemint account.
Special offers? 20% off your first purchase. Hard to find shoe sizes 5-11. 
How good are the sales? For the fashionista who is willing to spend $50+ on a pair of shoes, they have very good deals for the quality of shoe. They sometimes do a buy one get on half off or the occasional 20% off for holidays or new shoes.
Quality? Very good quality! They are teamed up with the people from Steve Madden {my favorite}, and they create beautiful shoes.
Customer service? They are I would say that they are ok. Not the best customer service I've ever dealt with, but not the worst. When I emailed them, I didn't get a response back until a week later. When I called them, the girl on the other side of the phone sounded ticked, um sorry?
Overall score? 3.5/5. 

If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments or email me! :)

March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Target,
You slay me with your adorable home decor, irresistible clothing, festive holiday sections, 
and your affordable sale sections.
You are my calm solace when I'm stressed out and need my alone time.
You are probably one of my bestest friends and you don't even know it.
You help me pick out clothes {like these coral pants above}, nail polish colors {the coral nail polish you convinced me to purchase}, and you even go grocery shopping with me {you make it fun!}
Itso facto, your'e awesome.

Dear Yellow Brick House,
We've finally had the time to clean you and BOY, do you look awesome.
It's amazing what peace of mind comes with sitting in a clean & organized home.
And that gallery wall? I promise I'll fix it soon so you don't look like a hot mess.

Dear BYU,
I now only have school Tuesday/Thursday from 9am-6pm.
Oh, but it's killing me.
The sun coming out today makes me long for my sunny summer in CA...
only one more month!

Dear Husband,
Thanks for waking up and cuddling with me when I couldn't sleep the other night.
You always make me feel safe, warm, and cozy.
Which makes you my favorite teddy bear pretty much.

Dear Blog,
Sometimes I like you. Sometimes I don't.
I get tired because life is busy and don't feel like posting or other times I can't wait to see you.
It's a hot-cold/on-off relationship.
We would probably be an "It's Complicated" status on FB.
Sometimes Google likes to announce confusing things, and I don't like that either.
Most of the time though, you make me happy & the time I spend on you is worth it to me.

Dear Jillian Michael's 30 Day Ripped DVD,
Thanks for whipping my tush the past week. 
I'm now on to week 2 and can't wait to see some more results!
I'm already feeling the tone in my legs & am seeing that middle line on my tummy/abs. SCORE.


March 14, 2013

Him and Her

him: country boy
her: city girl

him: lakers
her: lakers

him: sport documentaries 
her: romantic comedies 

him: lake
her: beach

him: ESPN highlights
her: InStyle & Glamour magazines

him: montana & texas
her: california

him: mexican
her: white as all get out

him: football
her: basketball & tennis

him: candle obsessed
her: candle obsessed

him: coke
her: diet coke/strawberry crystal lite

him: closet computer geek
her: closet book nerd

Harley & Jane

Things That Make Me Sad

+ How candy looks cute on my table, but I don't want to/like to eat it
{Other than that, my new owl & candy jar make me quite happy}
+ Dying flower arrangements
+ People who are rude to me at work
 {Aka, you people attacking the sale section 5 minutes before closing time, while I'm trying to organize know who you are}
+ Lame exams/tests/quizzes/ busy work homework
+ Chipped nails
+ Candles that smell good up close, but when you burn them they suck at their job
+ When DSW packs you Size 6 flats in the Size 8 box you ordered, then having to trek to FedEx to return ship it, even though you were smart and ordered the correct size
+ Being sick
+ A dirty house
+ Google deleting stuff that I like

Let the Google blog explain that last one...
"We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months."
{Found on Google's Official Blog}

 After some Twitter conversations & further researching, it is found that the Reading List on your Blogger Interface with your blog subscriptions will remain while your option to catch up on your favorite blogs through Google Reader will now disappear.
Therefore, at this point in time, your followers on GFC will not be affected by Google Reader far as we all can surmise. What most bloggers are saying is that Google has already done away with GFC for non-blogger based websites and that it is only a matter of time before they do away with the widget on blogger websites. So maybe now is the time to start switching over readership to: Bloglovin, Google +, Hello Cotton, an RSS feed, or Facebook.

So if you would still like your Breezy Days fix to last through the ages... 
Please follow via: Bloglovin, Email Updates, or the Breezy Days Facebook page. 

March 12, 2013

What to Wear...

It's finally getting sunny around these parts, but don't start thinking that it will spare your eyes from the glare of my bright white legs in these outfit pictures.
Trick's on you!
I wore this outfit running errands around town the other day, you know the typical Target/Post Office/Grocery store run.
Oh! And by the way for all you Provo/Orem shoppers...
Francesca's Collection's Orem Location is celebrating our 1st birthday this Saturday!
If you make it on down there this Saturday {the 16th} you can enter into a raffle for a purse {so exciting!} and also get a coupon for 20% off of the purchase of a full priced item. 
Just remember to let them know that you heard about the discount from my blog! 
Also, it's BOGO on jewelry...soooo you should pretty much get your booty on over there.
I hope you all are havin' a terrific tuesday!

March 11, 2013

Hunters of Happiness

Hi Breezy Days followers, I'm Elise! I'm the girl behind the blog Hunters of Happiness
I'm excited to be here and tell you a little bit about myself. 

So, I'm Elise and this is my new husband Scott. 
Together we're the Hunter family!

Scott and I met in college. It really was a fairy tale love story
We got married just 4 months ago. It was the best day ever
Now, we are having so much fun being newlyweds!!

I'm studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist (aka speech therapist). 
Scott just graduated in business and started his own company-- he's pretty cool like that.

 I'm crazy addicted to cereal, instagram and shopping.
 He's more of a football, meat and google kind of guy.
Together we're a perfect match!

Hunters of Happiness is all about our journey to find happiness in the everyday. 
So far I am the sole author of our blog and so you'll hear about all those things I love!
Mainly, fashion, food, family and faith.

 I LOVE blogging! It's super fun. I love getting creative with outfits, sharing a hilarious story, making something new in the kitchen or journaling our various adventures.

 I hope you'll stop by and see what our hunt for happiness is all about :) 

 photo blogSignature_zps8df7c2c6.png

March 10, 2013

What To Wear...

I had the opportunity to review a dress from eShakti's spring line, and all I can say is OMG. 
I'm in love is pretty much what I'm saying.
What says SPRING more than a yellow gingham dress??
This dress was the first and only dress I wanted to review because it's everything I love in a dress.
Bright, girly, spring-y, 50's inspired, and a fit-and-flare style.
This blue striped dress would have been my second place pick {there is a yellow option}, I would have used the customized styling option to put sleeves on it and make the dress a wide scoop neck.

What's funny is that I used to absolutely hate the color yellow....weird right?
I felt that with my blonde hair that it was wayyy too much yellow and I would start to look like a banana...hopefully that image didn't just come to your mind.
A Bri Banana that is.
Use the code: BREEZYDAYS to get 10% off at the eShakti checkout, and remember that if you sign up with your email address, you get a free $25 gift certificate. How cool is that?!
Happy Sunday and almost happy Spring! :)

March 9, 2013

Glasses for the Blind & Budget Conscious

Seeing as how I have absolutely horrible vision, glasses are a necessity in my life.
Decent glasses seem to run around 200 bucks a pair these days, yikes!
I definitely can't afford that with a college student budget.
Then I found the affordable glasses site,, a site that fits my style & price point.
They even offer a first pair free program, and how cool is that?!

Firmoo has a variety of choices, the delivery was quick, they have a Virtual-Try-On system on their site, and these prescription glasses would be extremely affordable for the practically blind & budget conscious college student and/or newlywed :)

March 7, 2013

What They Don't Tell You

There are so many ordinary experiences in life that people go through, but hardly talk about.
One of those things I'm going to add to that list now is sending off an LDS missionary.
It happens all the time, every Wednesday in fact; 
and I've honestly not ever heard much about the experience from a family's perspective.
Which has pretty much left me completely unprepared for this hole I'm feeling in my heart.

It wasn't until today that I started pulling some of these pictures together for a post when I made the mistake of stopping and looking at the pictures...for a little too long.
I saw the massive grin on Evan's face, it tugged at my heart, 
and then I proceeded to totally break down on campus.
{So if you saw a random blonde in the HFAC crying, you've caught me!}
I promise you that it really is a happy thing for my brother to go on an LDS mission.
Missionaries are sent around the world to teach others about how we can be with our families forever, they learn to not only love the culture but also the people they serve in their mission. 

What no one told me, is that sending off one of my best friends was going to be this difficult.
He is 15 months younger than I, and has been my sidekick for forever.
Now that he is gone and the only communication I can have with him is through letters?
Gosh, it makes me sad.

But then I took a moment to look over these pictures again... 
the ones where he is hugging each member of the family with a smile plastered on his face from ear to ear.
Then it hits me...I'm not only crying because I'm sad.
It's because I also feel this overwhelming sense of love, pride, and accomplishment for my brother.
It's awfully easy to misinterpret the two because they actually go hand in hand.

I'm sad because I have this hole in my life where he used to snuggly fit. 
Now I have to figure how to patch it all up until he comes back.
Then I am so overcome with joy that he is not only doing the right thing but that he is where he wants to be.
 I couldn't be more happy for him!
 It was time for him to finally move on to the next chapter of his life. 
Who knew that being happy was so confusing?
Until he comes back I'll be posting about his experiences and adventures on a separate blog {for whomever wants to follow}, and I will be posting about all the fun and creative packages I will be sending him :)

Any pointers for families on how to get through this first week?