Breezy Days: December 2013


December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

+ Received confirmation on Evan's safety in his Villahermosa, Mexico mission
+ Alayna's birthday party at the ice skating rink, and Ryan's first time ever ice skating
+ My rant about the division of Marrieds vs. Non-Marrieds on BYU's campus

+ My family all met at the St. George temple to go through with Evan for the first time
+ What us silly bloggers say & do sometimes ;)

+ Celebrating Easter Sunday at church, then later with some friends that are pretty much family
+ What they don't tell you about sending off an LDS missionary 

+ A Spring fashion show with my blogger BFF Kyla, at the Fashion Place mall
+ Things only a true Californian would know
+ First time ever to Provo's Bijou Market, and picked up some delicious jam

+ Our move down to Southern California for pest control sales & the official start of summer
+ Some pieces of advice from yours truly 
+ When my tire blew out & some complete strangers showed me some unexpected kindness

+ Our 2 year anniversary celebrated at Newport Beach & with my favorite pan dulce
+ What I've learned so far in my 2 years of marriage
+ Going down to San Diego for the weekend & celebrating Father's Day with Brazilian meat
+ A crazy 2 day kamikaze trip to Utah 

+ Our awesome Fourth of July with friends and family
+ The most terrific California weekend: Six Flags, Newport Beach, & an outing with friends
+ Lawn-Gate...when we almost got kicked out of our home for having a yellow lawn
+ The first installment of the Adventures With Elder Evs

+ Learning how to make legit cupcakes from the bakery master herself
+ After Lawn-Gate, we finally got word back that we could stay in our home. Whatta relief!
+ Secretly cheering for more married friends

+ I don't know 'bout you...but I'm feelin' twenty-twoooo
+ Going to a BYU football game with my parents & getting caught in the most insane rainstorm of all time
+ The rough trek getting home to Provo & falling in love with my home all over again

+ Dressing up as Mario & Princess Peach for a couples Halloween party
+ Continuing on with my obsession for Halloween decorations
+ The Harvest Your Fashion at Francesca's blogger party 
+ Ryan's 27th birthday, celebrated with a pineapple upside down cake all to himself

+ We spent Thanksgiving in Portland, OR with Ryan's family & finally took some family pictures
+ My first Thanksgiving day away from immediate family
+ Placed in Quarterfinals at BYU Dancesport in the Pasodoble 
+ First time trying out Voodoo Doughnuts & it was worth every sugary bite

+ Finally got some snow in Provo & completely froze my rear off
+ A tutorial on how to make amazingly delicious Oreo Pops
+ Fun adventures to Disneyland, the day after Christmas

The Day After Christmas

I don't think it's a secret here that I absolutely LOVE Disneyland. I'm just happy that I grew up only 30 minutes away so I could visit the happiest place on earth whenever! We had the grand idea of hitting up Disneyland the day after Christmas, thinking that instead of being at the park people would be sleeping in and hanging with their families. When driving in to the parking lot we noticed "huh, there aren't many it probably isn't busy." Then we walked to the trams and also noticed the lack of people waiting, SCORE. We are so smart

Then we walked into Adventureland and the place was completely PACKED. There were Disneyland workers herding people along on the walking paths with their orange light up sticks. Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which usually only takes about 15 minutes in line...our line had 5 switchbacks and we waited for an hour. It was crazy!!

After Pirates we hit up Haunted Mansion, Teacups, Storybook, then ended our night with Star Tours. When we hit the Teacups ride we barely fit into the dang cup, our knees were all stuffed together around the spinning wheel. The boys had our cup spinning at a ridiculous speed, getting off the ride I was soooo dizzy! Afterwards, when walking over to the Storybook ride we were shoulder to shoulder in a crowd that was moving at a snails pace. In all my years of going to Disneyland, I had NEVER seen it this crowded! Plus it didn't help that I was still getting over my dizziness from Teacups, I felt like I was on crack and drowning in a crowd of foreigners who didn't know English and didn't know how to read the Disney map. NOoooOOooooooo!

After an hour long wait for Star Tours, some churros, and becoming sufficiently nauseous while being rebel spys...we ended the night with snagging some pictures in front of the Christmas tree on Main Street. Even though it was an insanely busy day, we had a total blast racing from ride to ride and snacking on Disneyland classic treats as a family :)

December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve Luxe

Every Christmas Eve growing up we drive over to my Grandparents home for food, a nativity play, and some Christmas carol singing. Growing up it was a tradition to dress up for the play, but now that I'm old enough I finally grew out of it! {Except Ryan, being the new part of the family, a couple years ago had to dress up as a}

I ate my pizza lunch outside in the gorgeous 70 degree Southern California weather with all the little cousins. I seriously did not appreciate this amazing weather year round until I moved away, whyyyyy?! I'm now a little scared that I have to face going back to the snow in a few days...

{Remixed: Booties}

And since there were oranges in my Grandparent's backyard...I just had to do my own "Real Housewives of Orange County" pose. NAILED IT

December 27, 2013

Date Night of My Dreams

As much as I love getting all dressed to the nines, nothing is better than a comfy & chic look. Worn in booties, olive skinnies, gold jewelry, and a gorgeous cream sweater scream "take me out on a date please!" 

Take me on a cute 'lil boat docked in Newport Beach; where Sprinkles cupcakes and salmon caviar from the UK are served. Let's slow dance to a live jazz band under the twinkling lights and cuddle while watching the stars until I fall asleep....*le sigh* That is what this look makes me want to go do, a fancy yet casual & memorable date night. I may be a little over my head...but I can dream right? :)

{Remixed: Sweater // Boots // Olive Skinnies}

December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes

We've had a blast so far in California with family, and can't wait to talk to our missionary on Skype today! Hope you and your families are having a fantastic holiday! 
Love, The Rios'

December 23, 2013

Glitzy Christmas

Yesterday I went to church where my Dad put together and directed the most beautiful Christmas music program. It was centered on remembering the reason for the season, which I think is a perfect message for the holidays. Everyone involved in the performance did an absolutely fantastic job, it was also fun to see some new faces amongst the choir! On top of it all, every time I visit home my Dad always signs me up to sing...which I don't mind :) 

I've had this tulle skirt, that I picked up from Jane forever ago, and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear it...and what better of a time than Christmas?! I felt extremely festive with my glitzy necklace {also from Jane}, and my knock-off Steve Madden bow pumps from Just Fab. I just love the holidays! T-2 days 'till Christmas!

{Remixed: Plaid top // Necklace}

Yellow Brick House: Christmas Tour 2013

With Christmas taking soooo dang long to get here, I couldn't wait to put our decorations right after Thanksgiving break! We are slowly adding to our Christmas candy-themed decor collection, and I love the life & cheer it brings to our home! {And yes, that is Friends on the tv...we are now on season 6 after staring a week ago from the pilot episode. I know, it's ridiculous}

We are in California for the holidays in my parents Grinch-themed house, so I'll definitely have to take some photos to share with all of you. It is totally decked out! Hope you are all enjoying your families right about now, and counting down the days 'till Christmas :)

December 17, 2013

Snow Leopard

Can you believe it's only one week until Christmas? I heard this quote the other day "the days are long but the years are short", and it feels so true! Most days I'm just trudging through to make it to the next, and then I look back wondering what happened to the last month??

Well, the snow is sticking to the ground in time for the holidays and my love for leopard is still going strong. If it weren't completely weird and totally old lady, I would wear some form of leopard print every day. Btw, this Old Navy jacket I picked up on mega sale is probably my new favorite. Olive puffer coat, black leather lining, with a fur collar? Sold.

{Remixed: Blouse}

I'm living it up in the snow for now, because being in California for the holidays mean 65-70 degree weather don't hear me complaining! Ryan always freaks out because he thinks it's "inhumane" for it to be that warm at Christmas {PSH!}, I laugh because it's all I've ever known! I'm just ready to break out those sandals again ;)

End of Finals Countdown: T-9 hours

Cozy Winter Pairings

When it comes to winter style, it is all about pull over sweaters and snazzy outerwear for me, and Sheinside has so many adorable & more importantly affordable options! It is so easy to just throw on a big cozy sweater with leggings, tall boots, and a beautiful coat; and BAM I look pulled together using the least amount of effort! Before living in Utah, I had never known the joy that comes with sweater, coat, boot, hat, and glove shopping...and now it's one of my favorite things to do! I mean...with all that snow outside, what else am I gonna do other than online shop for cute winter stuff? ;)

Hey, High School Self

If I showed this outfit to my high school self and told her this is what she would be dressing like her senior year of college, she would laugh right in my face. Fur? Colored pants? Short boots?! Then if I went on to tell her that I not only wear these "crazy" things, but I post pictures on the internet for everyone to see them? Ya...she would bust a gut and call me a fruitcake.

I remember owning a pair of forest green skinnies from Forever 21 in high school, but only wore them on 80's day with my mom's watermelon earrings because I was too scared to wear them on a regular school day. Now I'm cursing myself for ever giving those away, they would have looked perfect with my furry snow boots!!

{Remixed: Coat // Scarf // Pants}

It's funny to see how my style has not only matured but gotten more bold and unforgiving with time. Even just a year and a half ago I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing lipstick or booties, and now I have a bazillion shades & at least 4 pairs! Today I wouldn't be caught dead wearing harem pants...but who knows in a few years??