Breezy Days: Married in Provo


January 27, 2013

Married in Provo

{Walking home from school in the warmth...aka 30 degrees}

Provo, Utah
Where LDS young adults from all of the country {and world} come to attend Brigham Young University to complete their schooling...aaaaaand to more importantly find a husband or wife.

When you are single and in the dating game here, you immediately "ring check" a cute potential date to make sure they aren't married.
And you always have this thought floating in the back of your mind when meeting someone new:
 "Could this person be who I marry??"

Honestly, it is such a weird culture.

Now that I've been married for almost 2 years and am almost graduated from BYU,
 it's funny to see how people who are 'single' react to me.
{It's sad that we even divide people by singles or marrieds...
it reminds me of muggles & wizards. Nerd alert.}

One thing that I literally want to run around and SCREAM in people's faces on campus is:

Seriously though.
You hold a door open for someone, say hello, talk to them in class,
 or even more dare SMILE at them?!
Provo-ites construe that as flirting, and if you have a ring on?
They are appalled that you even went out of your way and did anything nice because if you didn't already're MARRIED and cannot treat anyone 'single' as a human being.

Ohhhhh Provo.
*defeated sigh*


Kelsey Eaton said...

Hahaha! True true true!

Courtney said...

Haha too funny!

You look adorable in your glasses!!

Jen Castagno said...

um so completely true. I was catching up with a guy friend from freshmen year and he "suddenly" had to go when i mentioned that i was married. So stupid haha

Kirstie and Michael said...

So true! Went I went to school in Orem I said hi to a guy cause we were in the same group for a project and the next day he came back with his ring on and when I asked how he was doing he was like "Ah I'm married." I was in NO way attracted to him but man one hello is like a sin!

Bridgette Nicole said...

This is hilarious and SO true. Although I was never married when I went to BYU, I got married right when I graduated... I was dating my hubby at BYU and was always mistaken for "flirting"... so funny/annoying! :)