Breezy Days: Life Ramblings at 3am


January 31, 2013

Life Ramblings at 3am

It's funny how I'm always looking towards the future.
Always prepping myself for the next big thing. Keeping myself on my toes.
Evan's mission farewell and him leaving me for 2 years.
The end of Winter semester.
Summer sales in CA.
2 year anniversary.
My last semester at BYU in the Fall.
A real job for me...but what career path will I take?
Ryan graduating BYU next year then grad school for him.
Finally moving out of Provo.
Maybe we will decide to have some little ones then?

It seems surreal when I write it all down.
Is this my life, is it going to be everything I once dreamt it to be?
I really can't be that lucky.

I read quotes everywhere and hear daily from my parents to slow down and to stop wishing the days away. I won't be in this stage of life forever.
Such an thing easy to say, but really difficult to practice.
With 15 credits of school, work, and just life in general...I make these to-do lists so I don't drown and am constantly looking forward to when it's all over so I can finally breathe again.

Is that what it's come to now.
A bunch of to-do lists, homework planning, and marking off days on the calendar until I reach the next mile point in my journey?
I sure hope not. It gets really exhausting to be on the ball all hours of the day.

Hmmm...when all else fails, it's time for a nap I suppose.
Goodnight moon. Goodnight blog world.

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Ashley said...

I just finished my degree a few weeks ago and I struggled with this when I was in school. But now that I'm done, it's like time finally slowed a bit and I was able to truly enjoy life. It does get easier - promise :)