Breezy Days: Awesome & Awkward


January 31, 2013

Awesome & Awkward

+ Finally finding out that we are doing summer sales in So-Cal starting in April! Cue Instagram feed being full of Disneyland, Newport beach, and Pinkberry pics :)

+ Studying my bum off for the geology test definitely paid off! I still didn't bother to look at my score on the way out {there is a tv with your score and ID number at the bottom of the testing center steps}...but I still feel good about how well I did!

+ It is finally over 25 degrees here and it feels wonderful, soooo warm.

+ The Francesca's Valentines Blogger Bash is really coming together and I couldn't be more excited!

+ During music class, a girl volunteered to have a song she reviewed for homework to be played for the class. It was a song her brother wrote and recorded for his band...pretty much the most horrible music I've ever heard. Some emo/teeny-bopper stuff. I was biting my lip the whole time to make sure I wouldn't laugh. Then I couldn't hold it in anymore when the chorus came along...."Loooove issss such a DRAG!!!!" {insert tortured teenager screamo music}
Ummmm I totally squaked/snorted. Good thing I sit in the back and no one knew it was me.

+ Trying to figure out Vine...still debating on just deleting it. Do I really need another social media app to become addicted to?

+ I was walking home today from a school when I saw this guy walking with his cute lil dog, awww! The guy kept on walking and the dog stayed behind and came over to me, I bent down and pet him...then it hit me. ITS NOT THE GUYS DOG. WHOS THE OWNER?! I'M GOING TO GET RABIES. I practically ran home.

+ Arranging a meeting with my Communications group, only to get to the car and find that it won't start. Then walking 30 minutes to school. And definitely missing the meeting I set up. Whoops!

Anyone else happy that it's Friday?!


Courtney said...

Wait, wait, wait! You're coming in April now?! *squeals of excitement*

Katia said...

I've been having the same debate about Vine - I haven't even signed up for it yet. I feel like I'm already getting a little sick of everything I already am addicted to LOL!

I totally laughed out loud about the emo screemo music situation, hahaah I always feel the same way when I'm going to my cousin's concert - they are SO talented but often have various other bands playing... that suck... and it's so annoying haha.


Unknown said...

OMG April is so soon!!! Yay!!! Hurry your little bum up and get here already! :)

xo, Courtney