Breezy Days: Healthy Snack Alternatives


January 25, 2013

Healthy Snack Alternatives

{Cheesy eggs, avocado half, strawberries & salami meat}

It's now been a full week since I wrote my last post about getting healthy, and I'm feeling pretty good!
I've held true to most of my goals but definitely need to focus on drinking more water & now I need to start fitting in more exercise between all my school studying.
{I have an intramural basketball game tomorrow & have planned a gym date with the husby today which is some good progress!}

I had one day this week when I hopped off the bandwagon and ate some California Pizza Kitchen penne pasta, but only ate half of the massive portion I was given.
Instead of stuffing my face mindlessly {which happens a lot when I'm hungry}, I made sure to eat slow and purposefully by enjoying every delicious bite. Yummmmmmmmm.
Nooooo stomach aches in sight, woot woot!

Some of my favorite healthy snacks that have kept me sane are:
+ Water with Strawberry Crystal Light {I try to refill my big SmartWater bottle 2 times daily}
+ Bananas with peanut butter
+ String cheese
+ Wheat toast with raspberry jam
+ Honey greek yogurt with cinnamon and frozen blueberries {sometimes with granola}
+ Apple slices cooked in coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon
+ Sharp cheddar cheese & wheat thins
+ Chocolate covered raspberries
+ Strawberries or bananas on sugar free jell-o pudding
+ Celery with peanut butter and craisins
+ Strawberries dipped in Truvia {sugar alternative, it helps keep the sweet tooth at bay}

What are some of your go-to healthy snacks that I can add to my list to try? :)


Nikole said...

I'm trying to exercise and eat healthy too! (But for real this time) I am actually very grateful for this list! haha now Taylor and I will know what to buy!

McKenzie said...

oo those sound so good! I am going to have to try some, I have been trying to eat healthier too!

my go to snack has been an apple chopped up, drizzled with a little honey on the top, and sprinlked with rolled oats. tastes like dessert and so healthy!


Aunie said...

i love this idea! thank you for sharing!!!

Eric and Chelsea said...

Go you! The first week of really eating healthy is always the hardest for me for some reason. But I love the pringles light chips because they are actually pretty tasty and for 14 chips its only 70 calories! They only have three flavors though. Regular, sour cream & onion and BBQ. They are a little expensive but worth it! Also, it's a little more expensive and it's not the best tasting bread but Sara Lee 45 calorie wheat bread is what I use for sandwiches. Helps keep the calories down! Any little bit helps!

Lublyou said...

I ate a whole package of fresh strawberries today! guess I want vitamins :-) and mmm I love celery with peanut butter and raisins! Thanks for reminding!