Breezy Days: November 2012


November 29, 2012

How To Meet A Blogger In Real Life {Without it Being Awkward}

{Awkward Girls Blogger Meet-up in March 2012}

You read this girl's blog.
You think she is just stellar. 
Awesome. Sweet. Stylish. Legit.
{This elusive "girl/her/she" is your favorite blogger}

You are out on the town or at a blogger meet-up...when you see her.
You know what she wore to Thanksgiving dinner last week, you know she ate sushi yesterday...
You feel like you just know her.
But not really.
Cause you have never talked to her in person.

You approach her and say:
"Hi my name is ____, and I just LOVE your blog! So nice to meet you."

And this is where the fork in the road happens.
You must have your wits about you.
Pay attention.
{Gentri Lee's Blogger Meet-up in November 2012}

The girl can either be way fun and sweet, just like you imagined her to be.
She can be the snotty "I have a bazillion followers and who the heck are you" type. do you make it not awkward?

If she is nice, then go ahead and mention something from her blog 
that you enjoy, then base a conversation off of that.
A real life conversation where you go back and forth and actually get to know the girl.
This way, you can start to form a friendship that doesn't revolve completely around blogging.
Please do not ramble on about every little thing you've ever read on her blog.
It's really creepy, and even though we choose to publicly write about our lives on the internet... 
it is still weird when someone recites your whole life back to you.
{I met Kyla through blogging and now we are good friends!!!}

If she is snotty, keep it short and simple.
If you start with the opening line and she is being uber weird/snotty/rude
then just say something to this effect:
"Well, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you have a nice day!"
Just leave it at that.

Another niche that is not the extreme of being nice or snotty...
 is the awkward blogger who is sweet, but doesn't know how to be social without being
....well, awkward.
Those girls you should definitely put your social self out for.
They need to know that the blogging community is a supportive & loving one :)

What do you think are some good pointers to meeting bloggers in real life?

November 27, 2012

Busy Bee

Tomorrow is going to be insane!
+ Class @ 9:30am {don't scoff, that is early for me!}
+ Choir Performance @ 11:00am
+ Lunch Date @11:30am
+ Class @1:30-3pm
+ Hopefully going to the gym or cleaning the house
+ Work from 6-10:30pm
+ Then finally a Francesca's Girl's Night Out at the movies & Yogurtland
{Btw, I felt so creative pairing the chartreuse top with the navy sweater! Wahooo!}

It's a busy day ahead, but definitely a productive & fun one!
Been off of the goods for 3 months, 
but I might have to break my Diet Coke fast to stay awake all day tomorrow...

November 26, 2012

Adorable Christmas DIY Decorations

Here is a short list of the DIY Christmas decorations that I am dying to try!
{Of course they were all found on Pinterest, but I linked up the original sources}
These burlap stockings are adorable and it's an excuse to whip out my sewing machine :)

I have a couple of vases that need filling with some Christmas cuteness.
I am planning on picking up some paper flowers from Hobby Lobby and then filling in the arrangement  with these glitter twigs!

3. Christmas Yard Lollipops
Put a PVC pipe in the bottom, wrap with cellophane, and line your walkway or driveway with these.

This is something I've been wanting to do for forever!
The theme I go for with my Christmas decorations is a Candyland feel.
Lots of candy, bright reds, pinks, and blues all throughout the house!

Such a simple & adorable countdown to Christmas!
I would put some candies and mini presents in those 'lil packages :)

Finally, these trees are to die for.
The base is made from a cereal box!
I guess I need to start buying and eating more cereal to make these...
If you have a link to any cute & cheap Christmas DIYs, leave it in the comments!

November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Bits

Ryan & I were down in St. George for Thanksgiving and had a blast!
My aunt April seriously makes the most BOMB food ever.
And my dad makes a mean deep-fried turkey and stuffing.

One of my favoritest cousins ever! So glad I got to see Zannie before she jetted off back home to Vegas.

My youngest brother Jesse had surgery about a week and a half ago on his knee.
He tore his ACL and meniscus while playing basketball a couple months ago.
He has been so dang optimistic and such a trooper!
I totally admire him :)
And he was so stoked to ride the Wal-Mart carts!
{And yes, that is my other brother, Evan, in the back being a creepster on my pic}

The line for Target on Black Friday in St. George.
Totally nuts!!
I would have to say that Target did a really good job at organizing the lines on Black Friday.
I picked up a Christmas table cloth, two sweaters, seasons 1-4 of Mad Men, and two candles.
So stoked to start on my Christmas decorating!!! :)
Aren't you?!

P.S. Thanks so much for the feedback on yesterday's post! 
If you have questions for my "Ask Bri" installments, email me or comment on the "Ask Bri" post.

November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful For...

+ My amazing husband who is so patient, funny, loving, & kind
+ My parents & brothers who are my best friends
+ A roof over my head & a safe car to drive
+ The opportunity to get a good education
+ Modern day medicine
+ My blog friends/readers {hey, that's you!}
+ Eternal families
+ Cute shoes found at Ross that make my day
+ My job that I thoroughly enjoy
+ My awesome co-workers & boss
+ A healthy body {that I'm workin' on everyday!}
+ Delicious tummy filling food 
+ Last but not least, the gospel that guides my life day-to-day

Happy Turkey Day! 

November 21, 2012

Conceited or High Self-Esteem?

This is the second outfit from my California trip last week.
{First one posted here}
I kept with the orange, cream and cognac combo and loooved it!

Side note, is it ok to say that I love this outfit on me?
Conceited? Or just a high self-esteem? ;)
Potatoe-potato right?

Another side note, I finally ventured in to Old Navy {first time in YEARS after I boycotted it in middle school because all the clothing had the logo emblazoned across the chest and the clothes kept on shrinking in the wash} and found this dress for five bucks people.
Ryan said I should probably tell my readers about it, cause women will be wayyyy more excited about a five dollar find than any man will.
And yes, I bought it a week ago and I'm still talking about it.
So I and point?
Another sidenote to my previous sidenotes,
poor Ryan is determined to find a Turkey Bowl game going on in St. George tomorrow.
If you are in the area and know of one, let me know!!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

November 20, 2012

Road Trip Gone Rogue

{Our rental 'stang for the weekend}

This past Thursday morning we drove south on the 15 freeway towards So-Cal for our mini vacation we have had planned for months, 
when Ryan & I hear this really weird puttering going on in his car.
We pull over and try driving it on the shoulder to see if it kept making that that noise.
Didn't sound good!

I hopped on the phone with AAA, got our car towed to the Beaver mechanic shop and had it looked at.
Ummm, ya.
The freaking engine blew. 
Worst nightmare right?

I really tried being optimistic.
For those who don't know Utah...Beaver is literally in the middle of NOWHERE.
The closest city was an hour away, Cedar City.
We hop on the phone to get a rental.
Only one rental place, Avis, has one rental car left in it's lot...and they refuse to come pick us up.
{Chillin' in the convertible}

That's when I was about to rip someones head off.
Thankfully one of the mechanics took pity on us and drove us to Cedar City.

By this point I was seething.
A red eyed, fire breathing, starving BEEZY MONSTER.
I stomp into the rental place and ask:
"What the hell do I have to do to get a car and leave?"

After the many phone calls with them while we were stuck in Beaver,
 they had neglected to tell us about their insurance policy.
Flaming idiots I tell you.

Finally we get it figured out, and we end up with the last rental in Cedar City.
A red convertible Mustang.
Hmmm ya. I'll take it.
It was seriously a blast rip roaring around in that thing.
{Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen in Brea. SO AMAZING}
{Evan's call to Villahermosa, Mexico!}

We got in late Thursday night and was greeted by family and homemade chili.
Friday we spent with our friend Cody, then went out to dinner with my best friend Sam and her boyfriend, then opened up my brothers mission call...

Evan was so excited!
He wanted to serve a foreign mission and to speak another language, preferably Spanish.
I got to get crackin' on my Spanish now!!
{Before we got rained on at the USC/UCLA game}
{The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA}

Saturday we finally got to our game....
Ya, until we lost!
Even though we lost, were rained on more than half the game, saw a huge brawl fight only a few seats away from us, there were scary Mexicans trying to pick a fight with Ryan cause he is buff, and practically smoked pot just by the smelling it...this was definitely a way fun experience!!
Totes scrapbook worthy.

 It was Ryan's first college football game other than a BYU game and
 he practically wet his pants when we first laid eyes on the Rose Bowl.
Definitely worth it :)
Can't wait for next year when we will absolutely DOMINATE UCLA!!
Early Sunday morning we started making our way back to good ole Provo, Utah because I had a test at 9am Monday morning {lame!}.
For as stressful the car situation was, I totally forgot about it when I was with all my family & ripping around in the Mustang with Ryan and the top down.
Now it's time for another mini-vacay toooo St. George for Thanksgiving!
Leaving tomorrow {Wednesday} then coming back Friday morning for work.

Black Friday. Working in the mall...
Now that oughta be a day full of stories.

A Tip for Packing

This past weekend Ryan & I made the trek down to So-Cal to:
+attend the USC v. UCLA football game cause I bought Ryan tickets to the game for his birthday 
{best wife award anyone?}
+be there for my brother's mission call
+hang with family
+and enjoy the amazing weather
Well, our trip didn't go as smoothly as hoped, but I'll save that long ace story for tomorrow.
I just wanted to pass along a good piece of advice I've heard in regards to packing.

Keep everything in the same color scheme.

The first time I heard it I was bummed I didn't think of that earlier.
It makes so much dang sense!!!

So this weekend I packed up my:
+2 sweaters, orange and cream Loft cardigans
+1 pair of Seven jeans
+2 pairs of shoes, cognac steve madden sandals & cognac boots
+2 dresses with orange, cream, and gray patterns
+2 tops, one navy and the other orange
+2 belts, gold glitter and brown leather
+1 chunky necklace & 1 pair of gold flower studs
{navy top, jeans, sandals, chunky necklace combo}

Obviously this tip doesn't help me from overpacking, but it helps in creating better outfits!
I'll post the next outfit from the trip soon! 

P.S. Are you liking the new blog design? I've been working hard on it, HTML is hard stuff!

November 19, 2012

I'm Just Gonna Lay It Out There

I'm gonna to be pretty candid right now, and seeing as how it's my blog...
I'll allow it.

I will admit that there are those days
when I want to punch someone's crying baby in the face while at Winco due to my lack of sleep,
or when I want to curl up in a ball to eat Kit Kats while watching Nashville all day,
or days when I get frustrated with the husband and roam around Target for hours on end
 and only come home with milk and random Christmas decorations.

I'm one of those people who laughs when I'm nervous or in an awkward situation.
Car wreck 2 years ago?
I got out of the car laughing about how my diet coke flew all over the car and onto my new phone.
Skin cancer surgery a year ago?
I told little kids that the scar on my arm was because of a bite from a rabid raccoon.
Or that I was mauled in the ocean by a shark because I didn't listen to my mom.

Itso-facto, I'm not perfect.
Which is fine, because isn't that what makes life interesting? 

I want to start writing more about everyday life being my everyday self.
Seeing as how my blog is called Breezy DAYS, then I should probably write more
about the weirdness of life along with all the fun & fluffy.

There you go readers, this is the "real/day to day" me.
I lie to little children for my own personal enjoyment.

November 13, 2012

the lakers game

Early last week Ryan & I were just doing some homework, minding our own business,
 when I distracted myself with Facebook {because that never happens},
 and stumbled across a post about some cheap Jazz/Lakers tickets that our friends had found and they were looking for some company to go with.
We're totally in!
Wednesday night we made our way up to Salt Lake in our BOMB Lakers gear,
 grabbed some food, and made it to our seats. 
Of course we are stuck near some Jazz fans that were drunk out of their minds and they cheered at the stupidest of things. 
To keep from offending too many Utah-ites....
I'll just say that I have nothing nice to say about the scary Jazz fans that I've come across at the Energy Solutions Stadium in SLC.
That is all :)
After all our cheering and yelling...our Lakers lost :(
It was seriously the most heartbreaking thing ever!!!
I'm blaming it all on Dwight Howard!
The man can't sink a free throw shot to save his life.
Still a good night out with friends and with the husband!
You know what date I'm excited for?
The USC game this weekend at the Rose Bowl in So-Cal....

November 12, 2012

blogger's beauty night out

This past Saturday I was invited to Gentri Lee's Blogger's Beauty Night Out at her new salon!
She just graduated with her Masters in Esthetics & is looking to get her name out there in the SLC/Provo/Orem areas!!

It was a blast meeting some of my fave Utah bloggers in person and chattin' up a storm.
I carpooled with my blogger BFF Kyla, we narfed down some Cafe Rio then made our way over to the par-tay where we had a BLAST the whole night!
A long time coming...finally got to meet Gentri in real life!!
I was a total nerd & full on attacked her with a hug, I was excited to say the least!
Gentri workin' her make-up magic on SueAnn.
Can't wait to use my gift card that I won in the raffle for a facial from Gentri!! :)
Myself, Kyla, Katie, & Amanda chillin' in the snack room!
The scrumptious snack table, I brought a brownie home and woke up the next morning to find that it had been demolished by the husband.
I can't wait 'till the next blogger meet-up,
 hands down the best one I've been to so far :)

Thanks to our sponsors for making this blogger meet-up happen!