Breezy Days: October 2012


October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

It's finally Halloween!
Doesn't it feel like this month has gone on forever?!
It's weird that November is already here.

I'm so bummed that I'm all sick for one of my favorite holidays.
But, I'm trying to be optimistic here, and I'm definitely excited to watch some Hocus Pocus/Nightmare Before Christmas while making some monster cupcakes.

Hope you all have fun tonight!!

October 30, 2012

a day in the life of a sickie

Wake up.
Fall back asleep.
Sound like you are snorkeling while simultaneously gargling some snot in the back of throat.
Repeat about 50 times.

Finally wake up for good.
Stare at husband, willing him with mind powers to wake him up without actually having to put any effort into doing so.
Finally give in, and just nudge him to ask for a ride to the doc.

Go to urgent care.
Get told that you don't have strep throat but you do a have virus that you need to "ride out"
AKA take more medicine.
AKA you just wasted over an hour in the urgent care this morning.

Wallow in self-pity with Zupas soup in hand.
Then proceed to lay on the couch like a content walrus in the sun.
{Except this walrus is not content.}
Seriously, flopped out on the couch.
Watch Arrested Development.
Sleep/Breathe-choke through Arrested Development.

Forget to turn in homework on time because of "sickie brain", even though it was completed early.
Send an email plea to teacher.
Pray for sympathy from teacher.
Do more homework that was due today...
but could not be done yesterday due to feeling like a semi-truck squashed body during sleep.

Go get pizzas from Smiths with husband.
Hopefully can swallow some delicious pepperoni.
Along with some more horse pills.

October 22, 2012

chillin' with the mexican frog witch

That is a Mexican frog with a witch hat on my front porch.
Talk about Halloween spirit! :D

What do young & fun married people do for Halloween??
We are past the stage of dressing like skanks & going to dance parties 
and we are not yet to the point of trick-or-treating with the future midgets. 

Are we stuck to passing out candy to the kidlets of the neighborhood?
Or do we throw a Halloween party?
Chill and watch Halloween movies {Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus} whilst making pumpkin flavored goodies?
Keep me posted my friends.
What are you all doing for Halloween? 

October 20, 2012

when i'm left to my own devices

One of Ryan's friends went down to UNLV {Las Vegas} to check out the dental school and he asked Ryan to accompany him. 
I, of course, being the amazing wife I am, gave the stamp of approval for him to have a fun couple of days so I could have the house to myself :)

The picture above is a birthday package I got in the mail from my best friend Sam.
She modge podged glitter onto a Martinelli's bottle for my 21st b-day!
A good start to my weekend :D
Last night I had time to decorate the front of the house with spider webs and glittery spiders! 
Then I ran into a real spider and it's real web and almost fell off the chair I was standing on.
I met up with some of my favorite peeps after work today.
Kyla, baby Hunter and I hit up Ross in search for shoes andddd we came out with sweaters & pants.
Funny how that works out.
Then we talked each others ears off at In-N-Out which wrapped up an awesome afternoon!
After such a busy day I went home and lounged around, talked to the husband, and fell asleep.
Then I woke up and realized that I would be late to a blogger meet-up that I had been invited to.
I was him hawwwing, thinking that it would be over or that I would be too late, then the husband texted me and said:
"Honey it will be fine. Come on, you look hot and need to strut your stuff."
I read this text and my heart melted {mostly because he is such a dweeb}, so I decided to get my buns out of bed, get ready and go.
Which I'm so happy I did!

I was a little quieter than usual, but it was because I wanted to get to know everyone by asking them questions. I had a super fun time and was glad that I was encouraged to go :)

Then I grabbed a CPK pizza from Smiths, ate the whole thing and now I'm catchin' up on some Modern Family...
and it's just hitting me how much I miss the husband.

Good thing he is back tomorrow and then it will be time for the PUMPKIN PATCH.

October 19, 2012

trends i don't get

Ohhh fashion, how it confuses our men and sometimes manages to confuse ourselves.
Some days I'm able to explain away some of the wackier fashion trends...
but these? They don't get to have an excuse.

The Poncho From Hell
I love you Anthro, but why are you resorting to making crap out of your carpets?
Inspired by: Pacha from The Emperor's New Groove.

Only 350 Bucks to Farmer Chic 
I was FLOORED when I saw the price tag on this lovely design.
Maybe I'm not "hipster" enough to see how "cool" this 90's revival is.
Plus, I couldn't imagine how my chest would ever fit in that.
HA. Good joke Anthro. Good joke.

Boyfriend Jeans of the Future
Honestly, could we find a worse jean than this?
Light wash with yellow lookin' stains, a extra yok at the top of the jean, and baggy all the way down the leg to make it look like the model has some pretty hefty thighs.
Maybe that's the point make all us normal girls feel better when we see models wearing heinous things like this.

A Not-So-Secret Garden
{This is a shout out to my husband, who absolutely detests these things}
I have to admit it...I used to be an offender.
I would wear the big flowers on my head and thought it was "cute".
I have since been converted and feel like the age where it stopped being "cute" was around 5-6 years old.
This is an epidemic in Utah...big hair and even bigger flowers on a GROWN WOMAN'S HEAD.

Happy Friday friends :)

October 17, 2012

procrastination at its finest

What you are witnessing right now is me procrastinating for my test tomorrow.
Posting at 11pm when I should be sleeping or studying.

First off, the test is going to be in a computer lab where I'll be writing 
2 essays in a 2 hour period (cue the screams of horror over timed essays) 
about the meaning of 'forgiveness' or 'sacred'. 
This is all makes for amazing discussion during class...
but how in the WORLD do I get that down on paper?!
Oh the joys of having a social science major.
Where no answer is definite.

Second off, I need to take some serious time and finally learn how to:
A.) Layer cute stuff for fall without taking forever {don't be fooled by this outfit, it took a while}
B.) Do different hairstyles & how to properly do my makeup
...aka my Pinterest boards need to be put to some use after all this dang pinning
{perfect messy curls & french braids here I come!}
What is my weekend {after this dumb test} hold in store for me, you ask?
+ the pumpkin patch!
+ some shoe-shoppin' girl time
+ some quality time with my Pinterest pins
+ more organizing & cleaning {my fav thing to do whilst procrastinating}
+ pumpkin spice cookies
+ some cuddles with the husband after a busy/long week of not seeing each other
+ writing & sending my missionary friends some letters
+ more bike rides 'round town
+ a trip to Barnes & Noble with a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider in my hand
{btw, any suggestions for good books??}

Got any fun plans this weekend?

October 16, 2012

Yellow Brick House: Curtains = Now I'm an Adult

I've taken it upon myself to transform the interior of our 'lil yellow brick house to make it more "us", 
seeing as how we plan on living here for the next 2-3 years until we graduate.

The picture above is a photo of our bedroom sent to us by the previous tenants before we moved in.
Um, scary.

Almost every dang wall in this house is brown, which would usually not be an issue if all of our furniture was not already brown.
So far I've painted the front room, kitchen, and dining room various shades of blue.
My color scheme for the house is mostly blue/cream/white with accents of yellow & orange-y red.
I just recently painted the wall behind my bed a cream color (my accent wall), hung up some adorable blue curtains along with a candle holder key, our wedding canvas, and got me a little burlap lamp for my bedside table.
Now we are on the search for another bedside table for Ryan's side, a lamp for Ryan, and some more things to hang on the walls.

It doesn't even feel like my room anymore!
It feels so sophisticated and I'm starting to feel more like an adult...super weird.
Something about having curtain rods permanently tacked into the wall makes everything seem official.

Can't wait to get crackin' on:
 my gallery wall in the front room, the rest of the bedroom, and then off to conquer the office!
Then the whole house will be done....what will I do with myself?!

October 15, 2012

sunday was a good day

To be honest with all of you, I've been having a difficult week.
I don't know why but I've been constantly tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed.
I'm snippy and start to cry over the stupidest of things.
Maybe it's just a lack of sleep? 
Or my anxiety creeping in?
Do you girls just have those weeks where you are just off?

After a good talk with my best friend, we decided to do better.
Be better about exercising, be better about going to all of our classes, be better about not procrastinating, and work on spending more quality time with each other.

We went to church yesterday.
Hung up some more fun stuff in our bedroom that we are currently redecorating.
Organized the kitchen & made a grocery list.
Gave each other lots much needed hugs & kisses.
Went on an awesome bike ride to deliver some Halloween cookies to friends.
I turned off my phone and finished reading a book.
Took a nice bubble bath.
We also planned some Halloween activities (pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, Halloween Provo River boat ride, putting up the last of our Halloween decorations, etc)
Yesterday was a nice 're-boot' for my life battery.
Welp, now I'm off to reality again, but I'm just a 'lil more ready this time :)

October 10, 2012

s'more of my 21st birthday

With all the ridiculous amount of posts about my birthday, I am just now getting around to posting about the actual party, and it turns out that I only got a few pictures of it!
{And since it was at night, the pictures are not the best quality, but who really cares.
It happened and that's all we really care about.}

The picture above is the set-up we had in our backyard.
We pulled our big comfy couch outside, put up some of those globe twinkle lights, set up the projector screen in front of the garage, watched Just Friends {with my fav Ryan Reynolds} and talked over a fire while making s'mores.

This birthday party was definitely in the top 5 of favoritest birthdays.
It was a small group of the people I care most about, and we had a BLAST.
{Plus I got to meet one of my favoritest bloggers, Kyla and her adorable family in real life.
Seriously SO AWESOME.}
We had my favorite funfetti cake, laughed our faces off, and finished the night off with more s'mores and hot chocolate :)
 And my beautiful Funfetti Birthday cake.

If any of you were wondering, I pretty much had an awesome birthday.
Don't you just love how the people make the party?
I have amazing family & friends.
Just sayin'.

October 9, 2012

just like a coin collection, right?

Guys. I mean girls.
This is serious.
I think I might have a shoe obsession.
I didn't really think about it or even realize it until a friend the other day asked 
if I wanted to go to Ross to look at shoes....and my face completely lit up.
Is that a normal response to shoe shopping??

Ok, maybe it's because it isn't that hard to find shoes that find your foot just right.
Or that you can get them at a wide range of prices.
Or maybe because I just like looking at them in my closet.
Or because it is a dose of instant cuteness for my feets.
Or that it only takes a few minutes to try them on and decide if I want them.
{Not HOURS like it does to find clothes in the dressing room. Yuck.}
Or because they have a siren call that I just can't fight...

Who knows, good thing my feet are changing sizes anytime soon or I'd be in biiigggg trouble.

October 7, 2012

a busy weekend

This weekend my brother and our friend, Holmeses came into town from So-Cal!
We had to drag them along with our BFF Callie on over to Texas de Brazil so they could experience the amazing-ness for themselves.

Melt in your mouth deliciousness!
I asked Ryan to take a picture with me {you know, his eternal wife and bestest friend}
 and he wasn't amused.
Then he decided to do a double chin to RUIN my picture.
Noooowwwww we got it right :)
And of course, Evan the brother and I!

We have had a busy weekend!
+ Fro-yo Friday night with a huge group date (12 people!)
+ Late night Friday basketball till 3 in the morning!
+ Re-organized my whole office & closet
+ Saturday: Texas de Brazil
+ Trotting around City Creek
+ Shopping at Loft! (Additional 50% off sale. SCORE)
+ General Conference
+ Our favorite tacos for Sunday
+ Bought paint & curtains for my bedroom (So excited to get crackin' on that!)

Did everyone have a good weekend?
<3 Bri

October 5, 2012

a sweater date night

I finally made it through this hellacious school week!!! 
Got all my essays done, did well on my test, and I'm studying for my second one to take Monday.
I'm just happy that school is going good :)
In celebration of my test, Ryan & I did a date night.
We first hit up Barnes & Noble!
Seriously one of my favorite places, you'd probably never know it...but I'm a complete book worm.
I picked up "What Alice Forgot" and I was SO excited to get this 'lil diddy....
Ohhh LC, my devotion to you via The Hills now leads to this.
I really need to hit up Kohls to see the Fall LC line!!

After our Barnes & Noble adventure, we picked up some delish Firehouse subs then hoofed it on over to a friend's house to watch 
USC absolutely DOMINATE Utah.
Things I'm looked forward to this month?
+ My brother currently driving up to visit me :)
+ Pumpkin patch visit
+ A Saturday morning garage sale-ing date
+ General Conference
+ The Provo River Halloween boat ride
+ Finally decorating my bedroom so it doesn't look like a cave
+ Carving pumpkins
+ Showing you all my complete Halloween decor
+ Ryan's birthday (Oct. 28)
+ Making chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies
+ Getting more sweaters to wear allllll Fall/Winter
+ Smore's, hot chocolate, & Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider
+ Taken 2!!!
What are you excited for??
<3 Bri

P.S. How is the disqus comment thing working? When I respond, does it send an email to you?

October 2, 2012

grease monster

I am SO brain dead.
I wrote 3 essays between last night and this morning.
For another class, I read the instructions wrong and did the assignments for 
And because I look like a complete grease monster today,
I'll leave you with these outfits from cuter days.

Half of my assignments for the week are done...only 2 more tests and 2 assignments left.
Woot woot!
<3 Bri