Breezy Days: chillin' with the mexican frog witch


October 22, 2012

chillin' with the mexican frog witch

That is a Mexican frog with a witch hat on my front porch.
Talk about Halloween spirit! :D

What do young & fun married people do for Halloween??
We are past the stage of dressing like skanks & going to dance parties 
and we are not yet to the point of trick-or-treating with the future midgets. 

Are we stuck to passing out candy to the kidlets of the neighborhood?
Or do we throw a Halloween party?
Chill and watch Halloween movies {Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus} whilst making pumpkin flavored goodies?
Keep me posted my friends.
What are you all doing for Halloween? 


Hayley Bailey said...

Found your blog a few months ago when I moved to Utah( via sirre ainge). Super cute, hope you don't mind if I follow along.

But we were just asking this question this morning... I think we are gonna find a great movie make tons of treats and enjoy a kids free halloween before we get all wrapped up in that scene.

jan miguel said...

I am in love with your skirt. IN LOVE.

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Courtney said...

My bf, roommate, her bf and I are going to my roomie's brother's Halloween party on Sat! Then on Halloween night, we are going to Mickey's Halloween party at Disneyland. =)

I've never been a fan of the "let's dress like skanks and get trashed"! Why can't people just have good old fashioned fun??

Annnnddd I love your skirt!! =)

Elizabeth Kelsey said...

HAA! We too are beyond the dressing like a skank for Halloween thing...not happening!! Going to have a small family Halloween party!!!
Hey, let's button swap!! I just realized I put up the button to your store, I will also put up the one for your blog :)

Eric and Chelsea said...

You can do whatever you want! Thats the best part of being married! One year we got dressed up and made a bunch of cute disney halloween cupcakes together and then watched a scary movie. The next year we went to a party and the next year we went trick or treating with family. Its really up to you guys BUT whatever you do, you have to dress up!