Breezy Days: Yellow Brick House: Curtains = Now I'm an Adult


October 16, 2012

Yellow Brick House: Curtains = Now I'm an Adult

I've taken it upon myself to transform the interior of our 'lil yellow brick house to make it more "us", 
seeing as how we plan on living here for the next 2-3 years until we graduate.

The picture above is a photo of our bedroom sent to us by the previous tenants before we moved in.
Um, scary.

Almost every dang wall in this house is brown, which would usually not be an issue if all of our furniture was not already brown.
So far I've painted the front room, kitchen, and dining room various shades of blue.
My color scheme for the house is mostly blue/cream/white with accents of yellow & orange-y red.
I just recently painted the wall behind my bed a cream color (my accent wall), hung up some adorable blue curtains along with a candle holder key, our wedding canvas, and got me a little burlap lamp for my bedside table.
Now we are on the search for another bedside table for Ryan's side, a lamp for Ryan, and some more things to hang on the walls.

It doesn't even feel like my room anymore!
It feels so sophisticated and I'm starting to feel more like an adult...super weird.
Something about having curtain rods permanently tacked into the wall makes everything seem official.

Can't wait to get crackin' on:
 my gallery wall in the front room, the rest of the bedroom, and then off to conquer the office!
Then the whole house will be done....what will I do with myself?!


gentri lee said...

oh whew! I thought the first picture was your "after" pic. LOVE the real after! GORGEOUS!

Brianna Rios said...

LOL!!! Omg, if that was my end result, I would give you full permission to drive up from St. George and slap me.

Brianna Rios said...

Thanks Michelle! Buying curtains is such a pain which is why I've put it off for so long, but wow do they make a difference to a room!!

gentri lee said...

hahahaha! Well, lucky for you, it would be over quickly, because I am back in Utah county!

Andi__Smith said...

Oh man, that looks awesome! You are making me want to redo my bedroom!

Courtney said...

I was just at Home Goods today and they have lots of cute things to hang on walls and they had lots of furniture items that were bedside tables or could act as bedside tables =)

It's looking really good so far!

Alacia @ Hoodwinked said...

Your room looks great! I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog! Check it out for more details! and follow eh? XO

Brianna Rios said...

You are?! Fun! You moved up here for good or just for a visit? :)

gentri lee said...

for good!

Robin said...

I like your color choices a lot. Very nice.

- Robin