Breezy Days: when i'm left to my own devices


October 20, 2012

when i'm left to my own devices

One of Ryan's friends went down to UNLV {Las Vegas} to check out the dental school and he asked Ryan to accompany him. 
I, of course, being the amazing wife I am, gave the stamp of approval for him to have a fun couple of days so I could have the house to myself :)

The picture above is a birthday package I got in the mail from my best friend Sam.
She modge podged glitter onto a Martinelli's bottle for my 21st b-day!
A good start to my weekend :D
Last night I had time to decorate the front of the house with spider webs and glittery spiders! 
Then I ran into a real spider and it's real web and almost fell off the chair I was standing on.
I met up with some of my favorite peeps after work today.
Kyla, baby Hunter and I hit up Ross in search for shoes andddd we came out with sweaters & pants.
Funny how that works out.
Then we talked each others ears off at In-N-Out which wrapped up an awesome afternoon!
After such a busy day I went home and lounged around, talked to the husband, and fell asleep.
Then I woke up and realized that I would be late to a blogger meet-up that I had been invited to.
I was him hawwwing, thinking that it would be over or that I would be too late, then the husband texted me and said:
"Honey it will be fine. Come on, you look hot and need to strut your stuff."
I read this text and my heart melted {mostly because he is such a dweeb}, so I decided to get my buns out of bed, get ready and go.
Which I'm so happy I did!

I was a little quieter than usual, but it was because I wanted to get to know everyone by asking them questions. I had a super fun time and was glad that I was encouraged to go :)

Then I grabbed a CPK pizza from Smiths, ate the whole thing and now I'm catchin' up on some Modern Family...
and it's just hitting me how much I miss the husband.

Good thing he is back tomorrow and then it will be time for the PUMPKIN PATCH.


Nikole said...

Kyla is a baby hunter? haha jk :),Sounds like you've had a great coupe of days! We miss you!!

KevinKyla Ford said...

Best Friday afternoon in a long time for me!! Thank you!! i do love how my son looks like he is somewhat content... when we both know he was not so happy. xoxo... ps. I agree with Ryan, you did look HAWT and needed to strut ur stuff. hehe.