Breezy Days: tucanos sucks


October 1, 2012

tucanos sucks

As you all know, September 28th was my 21st birthday!
And we all know how excited I get about my birthday.
On the 27th, after a looong day of classes, Ryan told me to get all glitzed up cause we are going out!
We started driving up towards Salt Lake and that's when I had an idea of where he was taking me....
a place that absolutely BLOWS the Brazillian Steakhouse, Tucanos, out of the water.

Texas de Brazil.
If you look up the reviews online of this ammmmazing restaurant, you will find everyone complaining about how expensive it is and how you can find the same exact thing at Tucanos.

So wrong.

First of all, we all know that Utah peeps are cheap.
Second, there is absolutely no way you can compare Texas de Brazil to Tucanos.
The meat melts in your mouth, the fried bananas are delicious, the service is amazing, the atmosphere is sophisticated, and the experience is unforgettable.
I guess people don't know a good thing when they see it?
We were put in a quiet part of the restaurant, were practically waited on hand and foot, and we enjoyed Every. Single. Bite.
It was the perfect setting for Ryan & I to talk about anything and everything.
We had such a great time, that we were there for almost 2 hours.
Gosh, time flies by when you are having fun!
At the end of the dinner when they brought the dessert tray, we decided to try one out and Ryan reminded them to also bring out my birthday dessert.
I was expecting a little scoop of ice cream, the typical free birthday dessert.
Ummm, nope.
They let me pick from the ridiculously awesome dessert tray... 
For free.

So I picked the Brazillian Cheesecake with caramel.

Pretty much a perfect start to my birthday weekend :)
<3 Bri

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Katia said...

That looks absolutely freakin' delicious - and you look lovely! Happy belated birthday!!


sarahjane miller said...

I have heard that place is really good! I can't wait to try it again! Glad you had a fabulous birthday!

Rachel Sayumi said...

HOLY CRAP that cheesecake looks amamamaaaayyzing~~~!!! You look smexy,hope your birthday was beyond awesome :D

Breezy Pink Daisies said...

So - the other day when I "met" you I thought it was pretty sweet that we are both named Bri/Brie and our blog has "breezy" in the name...I don't think I knew we had the birthday too! Crazy, crazy! I just turned 24 though. I love your dress!!

Kirstie Semler said...

I love Tucanos! Though I do prefer the service at the one in provo, but it's fantastic! I went there for my 21 birthday too!

brios0928 said...

No way!!! That is too awesome!! It was meant to be :) Happy birthday to you! And thank you!

Halie said...

I've never been to a Brazillian steakhouse, and I'm not sure we even have one in my town? Maybe I can find one nearby and convince my boyfriend to take me though?! Here's hoping ;)

Also, I love that birdie dress! So cute. And that cheesecake looks absolutely amazeballz.

Jenny said...

I love tucanos, but I have been wanting to try Texas de Brazil. I am one of those cheap utah peeps though, hahaha.

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I have never tried a Brazilian Steakhouse, J and I frequent the Japanese Steakhouse close by our place and its so yummy, I am interested to see if we have something Brazilian here to enjoy.

You look great in that navy dress, I love the bird print!

Mariasha said...

I'm not a fan of Tucanos either!Very cute blog, glad I stumbled upon it! I'm also a utah blogger!