Breezy Days: June 2012


June 27, 2012

300 Follower Celebration Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I just hit 300 followers this week.
 That is so freakin' crazy to me!!!
I feel like it was just last week that I was figuring out how to use Blogger, spending 3-4 hours on making my first button, or even getting my first non-family followers :)

I wanted to show my appreciation to you, my loyal readers {family and non-family}, by hosting a giveaway from one of my newest sponsors SkinCareRx!
SkinCareRx carries some of the best pore minimizing products, along with make-up, fragrances, hair stuff, and so much more!
I've been spending most of my time on the Apothica site, getting lost in all the fun make-up & perfumes, so you better check them all out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love you all & good luck!
<3 Bri

Blind as a Bat

Let's just pretend that we can't see that horrendously obvious farmers tan, and hopefully this bright Loft dress distracts you from the lobster/albino starkness :)

This is the first time I've worn glasses in at least a month or two.
I sleep with my contacts in...for like a month in a row.
Before all you contact wearers start writhing in pain at the thought of it, I got it cleared by my eye doctor!
When they start to burn, I rip them out and wear my nerdy glasses for a bit.
Problema solved.
Dress: Loft//Wedges: Ross//Purse: Anthropologie//Necklace: gift//Glasses: Vera Wang.

Although, the same eye doctor that said it was ok for me to sleep with my contacts in, was the same one who accidentally put TWO contacts on ONE of my eyeballs.
Hmmm...definitely should find a new eye doctor methinks.

<3 Bri

June 26, 2012

No, Thank YOU Yellow Brick House

Instagram: @breezy_days

93 degrees in Provo=an absolute need for an inflatable pool in the backyard.

Ryan, Taylor, and Nikole slathered in tanning oil,
while I'm slathered in sunscreen, 
all stuffed into this pool with freezing cold hose water, 
 listening to dance hits on Songza,
whilst drinking our McDonalds drinks,
finally a decision is made to go bowling after talking about it for what seems like ages,
then we end our pool sesh with...
a sudden bee attack with lots of pool water sloshing, near-obscenities screaming, frightened yelling, and running away involved.

Instances such as these make me very grateful for the home Ryan & I have.
Thank you yellow brick house for making these kinds of memories possible.

<3 Bri
P.S. 300 follower giveaway par-tay for all of you soon :)

June 22, 2012

Rebellion in Provo

{A work outfit from the other day}

It's only 3:30pm and my day has already been very rebellious and exciting!
I woke up at 8am to go to Zumba with Nikole, then I look at my phone and I have three text messages from Facebook, telling me that someone is trying to log into my Facebook account from Alabama. 
Thank goodness I put a security thing-a-ma-bob on it that requires a confirmation code for any new device that my page logs into.
Changed the password.
Definitely didn't go to Zumba.
Then Nikole and I decided to hit up the Glenwood pool, in our vintage looking bikinis.
We soaked in the sun for a good 20-30 minutes before a balding man in his late 40's reminds us that it is BYU approved housing and what we were wearing was not appropriate.
At least he said it nicely, which I can appreciate.
We  BOUNCED outta that joint!
Since when did Glenwood become such a righteous place??
Then we hit up Plato's Closet to find some cute, cheap, and modest stuff to wear.
I found a 5 dollar top I wanted, so I left Nikole in line to walk out to the car to grab my wallet.
Two men are walking towards their construction truck....

"Hey there pretty lady, nice day huh?"

"Ya, it's gorgeous out."

*He sees my California license plate*

"You're a long way from home I see. Do you go to school?"


"Do you go to BYU? Because we are working on the new life science building there, yurr sure gonna like it! *insert lots of smiling and him not being conspicuous at all about checking me out*"

"I'm sure I would love it if I was a science major *insert awkward laugh, and I keep walking*"

"Ohhhh I seeeeeee, whatcha studyin?"

"Family studies, music, and dance"

"OHHHH, you dance?! I love that movie with Antonio Banderas, where he does this *insert construction dude imitating the tango*, what's that called again??"

"....the tango?"

"OH yesssss! *Shakes my hand* Hi, my name is Gary"

"Hi, I'm Bri. Have a nice day!"

Then I hurriedly walk away before he can ask for my number.
I wasn't wearing my ring because I was just at the pool and didn't want it to get ruined or lost -_-

I guess I still got it?
Hahahaha, oh gosh.
Top, Belt: American Eagle//Pants: Anthro via Trendy Xchange//Scarf: Trendy Xchange//
Earrings, Sandals: Francescas//Headband, Purse: Anthropologie

Then we get In-N-Out and ask for 2 sides of spread for each of us.
Apparently that is asking wayyyyy too much, it's unheard of!
Oh well, I scarfed my In-N-Out fries happily with my 2 sides of spread.
I'm stickin' it to the man.

I guess you don't have to try too hard to be rebellious here :)

<3 Bri


This is the invite I made for Nikole {my future sis-in-law's} bridal shower.
I'm not a computer whiz or graphic designer by any means, but I'm pretty dang proud of it!
I even downloaded different fonts to make it all cute, look at me go; being all nerdy.
It's gonna be a Lingerie Party, which of course can turn out kinda kinky...
but it's gonna be in a classy way! 

The theme of Nikole's wedding is Vintagey-carnival.
Way cute, huh??
The colors are purple & creams, which would look way cute with a mustard yellow accent. 
I am planning lots of burlap flags, purple flowers, fondue, games, and a friend sent me this way cute cake topper idea.

Any cute ideas any of you can throw my way?
Games, DIY decor, or thoughtful gifts?

<3 Bri

P.S. Totally loved all your comments on the Cleopatra post, it was way fun to read them all & see where your stance is on scrimp vs. splurge with your hair! :)

June 20, 2012


A while back I texted my friend Jill, who is now graduated from Paul Mitchell hair school, and begged her to help me out of my hair rut.
I was consistently having bad hair days, and that's totes not koshe.
She pointed me towards Paul Mitchell hair products, brushes, and a curling rod.
Oh my gosh, best stuff EVER.

 I'm pretty much neurotic and obsessive about my hair.
{Along with my teeth! Hence getting the braces on again :)}
And now that I know what is good for my hair, and what looks good on me, I'll never go back to making dumb mistakes.
{Freshmen year, October 2009}

One time, I went to a cheap hair salon to get my hair cut and asked for side swept bangs.
She cut them so short, they looked like antennas.
I cried in the chair.
And that's the last time I payed 15 bucks with tip on a hair cut.

Another time, I was getting my eyebrows tinted {because otherwise they are non-existent}, and I come home and get laughed at by my brothers.
Why you ask?
Only because I looked like a chola or Groucho Marx, my eyebrows were BLACK.
Definitely spent that night attacking my eyebrows with peroxide and didn't go to school the next day.

I also had a semi-nervous breakdown Freshmen year of college, and what did I do?
{Freshmen year, November 2009}

At this time in my life I was loving 500 Days of Summer and wanted to look like Zooey Deschanel..
Obviously this hair do only looks good on Zooey Deschanel.
My brothers called me Cleopatra till I grew those dang bangs out.
I also had the brilliant idea to get my hair hacked from half way down my back. to right below my shoulders.
My dad definitely looked like he was gonna cry when I showed up for Thanksgiving.
Now I keep my hair in the really long range, with tons of layers, side swept bangs, and some natural highlights, and I definitely pay 40 bucks for a hair cut. 
I promise you it's worth the peace of mind.
I'm playin' it safe :)

Do you guys scrimp or splurge on hair stuff?

<3 Bri 

June 19, 2012

Awkward Beginnings

I would like to introduce you to my brother-in-law Taylor, and his fiance Nikole.
I took some engagement pics for them yesterday & I'm super happy with how they turned out.
Granted, I'm not a super-pro photographer, but I do what I can with my 'lil Cannon & Iphoto :)

When Taylor, Nikole, Ryan and I all first met, it was kind of a rocky road.
There were assumptions and some not very good first impressions.
But, even with the weirdness, Ryan & I love our families and think it's important to try and have a good relationship with everyone.
We started off with an awkward Sunday dinner, then we moved onto a less awkward Pan Dulce run, and now we pretty much see them everyday, usually for a DC run.

Aren't all relationships/friendships kind of like that though?
You have to get over the first impression & assumptions that you have about a certain person to finally learn who they really are.
There is always that little bit of awkwardness to start off any friendship, and gosh, I'm so glad that we muscled through that rough patch with Taylor & Nikole.
They have grown so much as a couple, and I love that Ryan & I are best friend couples with them :)

Plus, I'm just really glad that I finally have a younger sister.
I was dying and curling Nikole's hair a couple weeks ago and realized that I better start practicing doing hair on other people, or else my future little girl is gonna have rats nest hair going to school everyday.
Anddddd here's Ryan trying to sneak in on their engagements.
He wishes he looked as pretty as Nikole did in her dress ;)

<3 Bri

June 17, 2012

Hostess Attire

With all the fun summer BBQ parties that Ryan & I planning on having, two bridal showers I'm throwing, and movie nights we are preparing for...I would love me some cute & casual outfits.
The dress & sandal combo is probably one of my most favorite in the WORLD, so I'm loving these ideas from the Anthropologie FB fan page! 
I'm due for some dress updating in my closet, anyone seen any cute & inexpensive dresses around?
Happy Sunday!!

<3 Bri

June 14, 2012

The Story of Us: Accidentally... {Part 12}

Are you behind? Hustle your tush on up to the "Story of Us" tab and get caught up!
After the whole 7-11 hot chocolate/looking at homes/practically talking about our future together...
 I was a tad freaked out.

This was the first moment that I had thought of Ryan Rios....and myself, together for the long haul.
Yet again, FREAKED. ME. OUT.
{I mean, who wouldn't want to be stuck with this for forever & ever}

I'm not a commitment-phobe by any means, but marriage is a huge commitment.
One that I intend on sticking with for the rest of my life here on earth.
And at 19 years old, I was giving half a thought that I was ready for this?

A week before finals of the Fall 2010 year, I came down with "the lady time" and of course was feeling like an epic monster.
I was bloated, studying for dumb tests, and felt like eating Dove chocolates all day in a bubble bath.
Ryan was out & about running errands when he called me, and the following conversation ensued:

R "Hey Bri! I'm out getting food, what would you want from Sammys?" 

B "Ummmm, can I get a Sammys masterpiece hamburger with no tomatoes?"

R "Of course, see ya!"

B "Ya, love ya too!"


Did I just say love you too?!
I was delusional and thought he said "love ya" at the end of conversation.
Oh my gosh....we have only been dating two months, what am I thinking.
Maybe he didn't hear it?
Yaaaaaaa.....he didn't hear it ;)
{This is the conclusion I finally coerced myself into}
Then when he comes back with my food:
R "Bri, what did you say at the end of the phone call before you hung up? I couldn't really hear you all that well."

B "I just said....uhh..later! :)"

Then Ryan dropped the subject. 
One smart cookie he is...

<3 Bri

P.S. Stay tuned for Part 13, one of the highlights :)

June 13, 2012

The Most Versatile Item Ever

If you don't have a denim jacket, you save up those pennies and go get one NOW.
It's as versatile as those Chambray shirts that all the fashionistas are twitter-pated over :)

How would you wear the denim jacket you ask?

Outfit #1: With a t-shirt & skirt.
It makes for such an easygoing outfit, and we all know that a jacket pulls together any outfit nicely.

Outfit #2: A floral dress
The denim jacket with a floral dress can instantly make a piece more casual & playful for a day date :)

Outfit #3: Blouse & linen shorts.
This is a good outfit for running errands comfortably & stylishly!

How do you wear your denim jacket?

<3 Bri 

June 12, 2012

One Year Anniversary

As of June 4th, 2012 Ryan and I have been married for a whole year.
I feel like I've known him my whole life, but at the same time, I've felt as if this year could not have finished fast enough.
Catch my drift?

Pretty much every married person you talk to says that the first year is always the hardest.
And AMEN to that.

For most couples, it takes that rocky first year to get to know each other, grow together, and to see the real person you have married.
Well, for Ryan & I, it was never stress or issues between us, it was always outside influences making life more difficult.

What is nice now, is that we have finally learned where our balance in life is.
You can only say an experience wasn't worth it, if you didn't learn anything from it :)
I found this Calvin Klein dress at a Ross in California, and have been saving it for who knows what!
Come anniversary time I was like WASSSUPPP now I can wear it :D

I got all gussied up, made Ryan's jaw drop, then we headed out for sushi and The Lucky One :)
Dress: Calvin Klein via Ross//Sweater: Styles for Less//Earrings: Francescas//Wedges: Shoedazzle.

Man, I am so lucky to be stuck with my best friend :)

<3 Bri 

June 11, 2012

Uber Productive

Is it weird to say that I love these pics of myself?
You know when you take pictures and you are like:
"What the heck, that doesn't even look like me?!"

For once, these pics actually look like me.
So if you ever see me in the University mall/on BYU campus, these pictures are a pretty good depiction.
The only exception is if you see me past 11pm in the Orem Wal-Mart, I definitely look like a sea creature from the depths of the ocean in sweat pants and a messy bun.
Cause that's exactly what creatures from the deep sea look like...

Right after these pictures were taken last Wednesday I started to get sick, then it got way worse on Friday. Hence why there have been no blog posts, I've been wiping snot off my face for the past 3 days and hoping not to get anyone else sick! 

I worked Friday-Sunday and wanted to die every minute.
I am so glad I'm getting towards the end of my sickness, so I can finally be back to normal, and not have the urge to rip off my face!
Top: Fossil//Shorts, Jean Jacket: American Eagle//Sandals: Chinese Laundry//Necklace: gift//Bracelets: Fossil, AE.//Purse: Anthropologie.
Today is one of my days off, and Ryan & I have been uber productive!
Fafsa. DONE.
Changing mailing addresses with BYU. DONE.
Figuring out class schedules & wait listing the rest. DONE.
Got our tub fixed. DONE. (Ok, that wasn't really us, but we called to get it fixed)
Wrote out important dates on our calender. DONE.

Andddd ate some delish food. DONE.
Check out Which 'Wich? over by the Univeristy Mall Theater, it's pretty good.
I would give it a 6.5-7 out of 10.
Not the bestest in the world, but still pretty delicious.
It's fun cause you write out what you want on the sandwhich bag, then you hand it to the cashier who hands it to the sandwhich peeps who make it for you. Yummmmmmmmmm.

How have you all been?
Any sickness tips??

<3 Bri

June 6, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I really don't have that much to say today.
Other than I'm tired & need a bubble bath.
I'm going to watch The Client List because I love Jennifer Love Hewitt.
And yes, I did watch all the seasons of Ghost Whisperer just because she was in it.

She is short, curvy, has these big brown eyes, and has freaking awesome hair.
Plus in every show she is in, she has the same puppy dog eyes expression once she finds out anything vital to the episode's intriguing yet predictable plot.
I appreciate that I can expect this same look from her, in any episode of any show she is in.
If I was a brunette, I would wish to be her.
Just sayin'.
What are my fave tv shows right now you ask?
So You Think You Can Dance, Drop Dead Diva, The Client List, New Girl, and I need to catch up on my Gossip Girl.
Also, if you were wondering, Ryan retreats to his man cave to watch SportsCenter once any of these shows grace the television screen. 
Top: Loft//Skirt: Anthropologie//Sandals: LA Fashion District//Lipstick: Covergirl Spellbound//Necklace: gift.

Hope you all have an awesome possum Friday manana :)

<3 Bri 

The Story of Us: I Just Knew {Part 11}

Ok, I know I haven't been keeping up on these installments for aggggessss.
With it being our One Year Anniversary this week, I felt it was necessary to update.
If you are behind, check out "The Story of Us" tab above for all the links :)
We returned back to Utah after our Disneyland stint in So-Cal, and I could sense something different with Ryan & I's relationship.
Not bad by any means!

I was still extremely adamant on NOT getting married young.
In my mind it was dumb, irresponsible, and just plain weird.
Who knows what they want to do with their life at age 18/19/20 anyways?!
Ryan would tell me that he wasn't thinking or marriage at all, then we would drop the subject completely. I never had thought of myself getting married, I knew it would happen one day in the future, but I was definitely not one of those girls who had their wedding dress & colors picked out at age 7.
One night after a long day of school and homework, Ryan picked me up to go for a drive.
It was snowing outside so I insisted on getting my favorite hot chocolate EVER. 
Hershey's hot chocolate at 7-11. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

We were driving around, looking at everyone's Christmas lights & drinking our hot chocolates.
We liked the white icicle lights, colored net lights, and loved the fun Christmas decor...
then conversation turned to what characteristics we each would like to see in our future homes.

I want a brick/stone home, so does Ryan.
Ryan wants a home on a cul-de-sac, so do I.
I want a bigger Ranch style home, so does Ryan.
He wants a Spanish/Tuscan style home, so do I.
I want to settle in either California or Texas, so does Ryan.

It just kept on going back and forth like this. 
Is this even real?!

How could we both be thinking of essentially the same dream house?
I've been building this house in my mind for YEARS.
Not gonna lie, it was kinda weird.
At first I was thinking..."Um, is he just copying everything I say?!"
But, as the conversation continued on like this for a long while, I knew that it just wasn't possible.
Nobody is that good.
Things that I wanted in my life just seemed to line up with what Ryan wanted.
We kept on talking about our future homes when it just hit me.
I could see myself being with him for the rest of my life, and being so so happy.

Of course, once I had this epiphany my mind started racing.
Is he the one?
Am I ready?
Oh gosh, I'm so dang young.
I want to travel.
Would he travel with me?
Does he want to marry me?
He hasn't even said he loved me yet!!
{I'm not dumb, I knew he was falling for me ;)}

We continued on with our drive, poor Ryan not knowing what was racing through my brain, we drove through the lightly falling snow, with our 7-11 hot chocolates, talking about what we wanted for our separate lives...
when I realized that we were actually talking about plans for our future life together.

<3 Bri 

June 5, 2012

Retail Ridiculousness

If you have been around here for a while, you know that I just got a job!
I'm now a Sales Associate at Francesca's.
I have been aching to work in retail for ages, because I felt like it would totally show off my best qualities.
 But, whenever I would put in my application to a clothing store the hiring manager would usually say:
"Ummm, we like to hire people who already have retail experience."

After hearing this a bazillion times, I always had the urge to yell:
"How the crap do you expect me to have retail experience if you won't hire me?!"

Ok, I'm about to gradutate college, was in all advanced classes in high school, I am a quick learner, I know how to dress well and I know how to work hard. And that still wasn't enough to get me a job folding clothes.

When I applied for Victoria Secret a long time ago, the hiring manager asked me a very serious question. 
No really, she was searching for a very serious answer, because in the past, her employees had had issues with this.

"I have a question for you."
"If I gave a picture of how to set up this display table....c-c-c-ould you do it?"

I seriously had to hold back laughter.
What kind of dumb people are you hiring here?!
How in the world can people have issues with this??

I didn't give in to my sarcastic laughter and said:
"Of course! {with a big smile}"

Suffice it to say, I've had some interesting encounters with trying to break into the retail world.
Top, Skirt, Purse: Anthropologie//Sandals: Steve Madden. 

It was by chance and someone looking out for me that I happened upon this job.
I put in the application a month and a half ago, then recently, my friend who works there told me to hustle on in and ask for an interview because someone just quit.

Blessings much?

I knocked their socks off and now I'm working there!
Not gonna lie, I totally love it.
Although it's a lot of cleaning and organizing, there is also a creative side, I get to be social, and it's pretty laid back.
I thoroughly enjoy helping women with picking out the jewelry to complete the outfit they just bought, helping boys find gifts for their girlfriends, or just talking to people to see how their day has been.

Speaking of which, I'm off to work ;)

<3 Bri

P.S. Thank you all for the Happy Anniversary wishes yesterday! It was a perfect day, and I can't wait to share the bangin' outfit I wore :)

June 3, 2012

Being Married=Date Nights Whenever

When you are married, I guess the weekend doesn't mean much anymore.
We got all gussied up, grabbed myself a DC on the rocks, and hit up the theater for MIB3.....
on a Tuesday.
Then all weekend I was working. {A little backwards, I know!}
AKA we totally do date nights whenever the heck we want.
Look at us being all rebellious :)
Not gonna lie, being married is the bees knees.
Date nights whenever, we get to come home to each other every night, we work together, spoil each other, and have a beautiful home & relationship together.

Granted, marriage is really hard work.
That's why I {obviously} love Ryan.
He makes things simpler & easier to deal with.
Makes life into "bite size" chunks for me when I get overwhelmed.

We can tell each other where we are falling short, and then we help each other to grow.
We work as a team, as partners, as equals and all towards a common goal.
Top: Loft//Skirt, Purse: Anthropologie//Jacket: American Eagle//Wedges: Ross//Bracelets: F21, Fossil, AE.

Why am I being all sappy you ask?
Only cause it's our one year anniversary tomorrow!
Lookin' back on this year, I've realized "Holy crap, this has been the hardest year of my life"
All filled with skin cancer, knee surgeries, deaths, family drama, school difficulties, and job scams; suffice it to say we have had a lot on our plate.

I know for a fact that my Heavenly Father brought us together at the right time for a reason.
We needed each other, to shoulder the burden of all the trials we would both endure.
It may have been the hardest year of my life, but it has also been the happiest.
I've learned so much and grown leaps & bounds since I have become Mrs. Brianna Rios.
I am so grateful for my amazing husband/best friend.
You are so kind, loving, giving, & selfless, and gosh I'm just so lucky to have you.

Love you Ry :)

<3 Bri

June 1, 2012

I Don't Need New Years Eve

Another "first" that has happened recently, are my new highlights.
Before this last time at Suggestions Salon in Orem, I have never ever had any hair color touch my hair.
Not because I have some weird-o stance against hair color, it's mostly because no one will ever let me dye my hair because the natural color is pretty, or at least I think so.
Just for fun I would poke at any new hair stylist, and ask them how much I would have to bribe them to dye my natural color to a dark brown.
They would have a heart attack and say "absolutely not!!!"
Cheap entertainment :)

Growing up in Cali, my hair was BRIGHT blonde.
Obviously from being in the sun 24/7.
It was a symbol of the happiness, sun, warmth, and comfort I felt with being myself.
But after moving to Utah it just went blehhhh.
It started to darken, my shiny blonde hair wasn't there anymore.
The bright blonde that I felt was a part of me, was now gone.

I wanted to continue with my 'fresh start' that I promised myself would happen with this move and job, I felt that lightening my hair was a part of that.
I asked the girl to make it look like I had just come back from a California beach vacay.

I sat, ever so patiently, while my foils were working their magic.
She trimmed my hair, then started blowdrying...I was getting nervous.
What if I look like a platinum Barbie?
What if it totally fries my hair like a perm and I look like a poodle!?
Oh gosh...I'm getting sick.
She finishes and moves away from the mirror, and my jaw drops.
OMGOSH, why the heck have I not done this before?!
My hair was so bright, blonde, bouncy, & flowy.
I looked in the mirror with my new smile, and my new hair and just felt so happy & content in that particular moment.
This is my new start.
Top: H&M//Sweater: Kohls//Jeans: Fossil//Earrings: Forever 21//Purse: Steve Madden//Boots: Magic Step.

I feel a renewed sense of self.
Funny how little things like highlights or even a new haircut can do that for you.
I don't need a New Years party on January 1st to make resolutions, to make myself a new person, and to start over with a fresh new perspective on life.
I'm pushing the re-start button riggggggghhhhhhhtttt NOW.

<3 Bri 


For some reason that's how I always always answer the phone.
Even if I know exactly who's calling.
It's weird, I know this.

Ok people, I finally got a freaking internet connection.
After 3 days of Ryan battling with the internet people to come over and set it up, they finally did and we are finally back to watching Heroes/Mad Men/So you think you can dance :)

First item of business I need to address, is the new house.
We just moved in this last week, and I am totally and utterly in love with it.
I'm sure you're thinking: 'Can you be in love with an inanimate object?'
The answer is YES.
Didn't you just say you loved those Steve Madden's you saw at Ross?
Case & point ;)

Want a tour?

Here is the walkway to our home & the front porch. One day we will be gettin' some seats to put outside so we can drink our lemonade & people watch.
This is the reading nook in our front room. That cabinet to the left is one that my dad found at a garage sale and stained a darker color for us, it's gorgeous :)
This is right by the entryway of the home, that opening to the right is the dining room. 
The dining room was originally a heinous red, so we painted it a light blue which totally complements the space, I'm extremely happy with it!
A piece of hand-me-down furniture that we dolled up with shiny new knobs from Hobby Lobby.
{I had never been to Hobby Lobby before my mom took me. She described it as a "Joann's, Michaels, and Home Goods combined and on crack." Yup, that was pretty spot on!}
The entry way from the dining room, going into the kitchen. The "R" was a gift my creative cousin Zannie made me as a wedding present. That bird thing on the wall, my Mom & I found at a totally rando yard sale around the corner. Totally worth the 2 bucks!
This hutch is built into the home, there is a similar spice cabinet built into a kitchen wall.
It adds to the charm of the home, which I love :)
I realize that I completely missed pictures of our: backyard, bedroom, office, bathroom, and kitchen.
And yes. That is pretty much half the house.
I promise some better pics of those soon!

Well kids, it's time for bed.
I have so much to share with you all!
Work, more home decor pics, stories, my new smile, more outfits. 
This Saturday is my first day at Francesca's and I can't wait to share my "First Day of Work" outfit with you all!
I still do "First Day of School" pictures too.
And yes, I'm going on my senior year of college...

Happy to be back :)

<3 Bri