Breezy Days: May 2012


May 29, 2012

The Small Things

We are still waiting for the magic Internet van to come and install our lifeline. I can't blog on my Mac or watch So You Think You Can Dance, which obviously makes for a very disappointed Bri. BUT, on the bright side (literally), the sun is out and my white chrysanthemum curtains are streaming in the light ever so perfectly. Mmmmmm :) Ohhhh the small things in life that make me so happy. 
What is making you happy today?
 <3 Bri

May 22, 2012

Life Update

I know I haven't been 'round these parts lately...but holy moly, life has been treatin' me good!
 This past weekend my parents came up to help with the move from Orem to Provo and help with the decorating/organizing. I am completely in looooove with our new place :) 

I came back with the 'rents to Cali to get my braces off, then I head back to Utah to start my new job! Which I got! Thanks to all your help with the outfit choice ;) 
I promise once things settle down I'll give you a tour of the house, show off my new smile, and introduce the girl behind my new blog design! 

 <3 Bri

May 16, 2012

Insta-voted Outfit

This is the outfit I ended up wearing to my interview because all my Insta-friends voted for it.
I'm so glad this was the winner because it's cute, casual while still being dressy, and memorable.
So cross your fingers that I get the job!
Ryan and I just got the keys to our new place today, and ohhh myyyy goooshhhh I'm SO STOKED to get our stuff in there and get crackin' on the decor.

Now we just gotta convince management to let us paint the place.
Buuut with Ryan's magical selling powers of persuasion on our side, I don't think it'll be an issue. :)
Top: Loft//Jeans: American Eagle//Earrings: Forever 21//Purse: Steve Madden via Ross//Sandals: Charlotte Russe//Bracelets: LA, AE, Fossil.

We are off to finish our funfetti cupcakes, to pack up the kitchen, and watch Season Three of Heroes. The new tv series we are currently addicted to, it's intense!
I'll post pics of the new place while we are decorating it, via Instagram: @breezy_days
Can't wait!!!!!! :D

<3 Bri

May 15, 2012


Not gonna lie, I had the weirdest day yesterday.
Lots of ups and downs, emotional highs and lows.
Sooo I'll entertain you with the little story about it.
Anddd some rando pictures while I'm at it!
{Color scheme for the new place!}

I haven't been feeling well as of late, but got a job interview set up for 10am Monday morning.
After I woke up to my alarm, I was half tempted to either: A) reschedule the interview or B) have Ryan drive me to the interview because I felt like such trash.
But, I decided to be a grown-up.
 I got dressed, grabbed some food, and hopped in Ryan's car to drive to the interview and get there early.

I am literally two streets away from my house, when I hear it.
Then as Cady said in Mean Girls: "My stomach felt like it was gonna drop out my butt."
Fricker fracker dumb Utah fuzz.

He said I was speeding.
Ummm, I think he just was looking for an excuse to give out a ticket.
I start tearing up, and then proceed to cry, with which the lovely cop responds:
"Oh pretty lady, just don't speed next time so I don't have to pull you over."

After the cop got in his own car, I sat in my own and cried for a good 5 minutes.
Such a great release :)
Then I fix myself up and start driving to the interview.
Am I gonna be late? Yup.
Did I mention that I installed new software into my phone the night before and didn't have the office phone number in my phone anymore? Lame.

I get there a half hour late.
Apologize profusely, then we go to her office to start the interview.
I totally bomb the interview cause I'm jittery as all heck from getting the ticket and from feeling like poop.
After I walk out of the interview "oh well" and "screw this" are the phrases at the forefront of my mind.
{IHOP hot chocolate makes everything sweeter}

I call Ryan, he calms me down and makes it allll better.
Then I get a text message from one of my good friends saying that there is a job opening at her work and that she suggested me for an interview at the boutique.
The feeling like poop, getting pulled over, bombing an interview, and hearing about another job opportunity all happened within a 3 hour span.
Talk about an emotional roller coaster!!

Soooo I interviewed for the job today, and felt pretty good about it.
But gosh, if anything...I've been smacked in the face with a reminder of the blessings in my life.
Especially the postitive & uplifting friends and family I choose to surround myself with.
Ryan is obviously the
My brothers, my parents, my friends, my future in-laws.

Anddd my Instagram family too.
I put up 3 outfit options for the job interview and got some great feedback :)
{I love Ryan and all...but asking him about what casual/cute outfit I should wear to an interview really isn't his strong suit...yet}
You are all awesome.
{Outfit #1}
{Outfit #2} 
{Outfit #3}

Despite the weirdness that has been going on, I'm still extremely anxious to have a fresh start.
Can't wait to get all settled in the new house, decorate, start a new job, get my braces off, get back to blogging, andddd having a new blog layout very soon. 
So stoked!
Can't wait to share the excitement with all of you :)

<3 Bri 

P.S. Tomorrow I'll post the outfit I ended up wearing to the boutique interview!

May 13, 2012

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Through all my dumb teenage years...
 You would always say this to me, whenever you would have to set me in line:
"I am doing this because I love you, and because I am your mom. And that's what a parent's job protect you, and to teach you what is right and wrong. One day we will be the bestest of friends and I can't wait for that day."
 I appreciate and admire you so much for standing up to be the parent when you needed to; so we can be the best friends we are now.

Thank you for:
Showing me what a healthy & happy marriage looks like.
Exemplifying hard work, compromise, and love.
Making me laugh and knowing exactly what to say to make me feel better.
Supporting & encouraging me to pursue what I love.
Encouraging me to be healthy, to exercise, and to love my curves.
Being a stay-at-home mom, so I could come home to you everyday.
Supporting a great self-esteem & confidence in Evan, Jesse, and I. 
Being creative and sharing your skills & talents with me.
Helping to take care of me after my surgery, both mentally and physically.
Threatening me to clean the toilets if I was ever mean to my brothers. 
They are my best friends and it's because you helped to encourage those now irreplaceable relationships.

Finally, thank you for being the strong & amazing woman you are.
Love you mom.

Happy Mothers Day!
Your favoritest {and only} daughter,

May 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Hey youuuu guyyyyyyysssss!
While walking through Winco yesterday I heard this from the other side of the story about 80 different times.
How the heck does a 5 year old even know a Goonies reference?!
That is my question I put to you.

Other than that weirdness, I'm stoked to announce the Shabby Apple gift card winner!
I used to pick the gift card winner and it is....

Sooo I don't know your name my mysterious winner, and you don't have an email connected to your blogger profile.
Please email me at: to claim your prize!

Would you all be down for giveaways more often?
Once I finish with the move this next week, I'm thinking on starting my own 'lil jewelry biz...
More to come about that :)

Have an awesome weekend!!

<3 Bri

P.S. I went dancing, to Zumba, and played tennis this week.
I'm on a roll and am just really excited about it :)

May 10, 2012

Sleeping Beauty's Meds

{A pic I set as Ryan's computer background when we were dating. Soon I'll have that perfect smile again!}

This morning I slept in, and woke up to Ryan being gone from his side of the bed.
I was thinking: "What the heck does he have to do this early in the morning??"
{ was noon}

I walk out into the living room and then hear someone coming down the stairs.
First thought was: "Oh crap, I don't have pants on."
Then I see Ryan walk in with a drink and some bags.
*Insert sigh of relief*

I was poking around and asked what was in the bags...
I found tennis balls and a visor.
I've been talking about tennis for the past few days and lamenting on how I miss playing so much.
He looked at me and said: "Well, you ready for tennis? Cause I sure am. Oh, and by the way I picked up some meds for my Sleeping Beauty."
Diet coke.

Gosh. I love him.

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Check out the "Current Giveaway" tab for more info!! 

<3 Bri 

May 8, 2012

The 'Lil Yellow Brick House

Can I just say that I have the nicest blog friends ever?
I was extremely hesitant to publish my last post because it felt very close to my heart.
Your comments & emails touched my heart, and I wanted to thank you all for being such kind people :)

Onto some more fun and exciting news!!!
I briefly mentioned in the last post that Ryan & I are moving.
We currently live in a basement apartment in Orem.
Our landlords {Ryan's friends from back home} have quickly become our best friends, which has made this even more of a difficult decision for us.
We thought and prayed about it a ton, deciding on whether or not to move...because we love the people we live under and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.
 But, we came to the conclusion that moving to Provo will further help us in the long run. 
Less driving, 15 minute walk to school, less stairs {good for Ryan's busted knees}, and closer to family and friends.

Also, after we happened upon this 'lil yellow brick house, it was love at first sight for me.
I couldn't get my mind off of it.
We NEEDED to live in this house.
If anyone else got to live in what already seemed like my house, I would surely be upset.
So we thought about it...applied for it, then hopped to it and signed the lease!
We will be movin' in next week :)
We have the whole upstairs to ourselves, a front & backyard, a garage, a back patio, garden area, driveway, 2 bedrooms, a dining room, cute kitchen, and nice big living room all to our very own selves.


Everything has just fallen into place, and when that happens you can't help but think that it was meant to be! 
My favorite parts about our new place have to be the kitchen & dining room.
If you can't already tell that I'm excited, you should check out my Pinterest boards and see all the home decor crap I've been pinning for the past couple of days.
That hutch in the corner is built into the house. How cute!
And for anyone who knows know that red is definitely not in my ideal color scheme. 
So this is my inspiration for the dining room:
I love the blue and white which makes the room feel light/airy, but then the look feels very grounded with the dark wood. Looks uber relaxing.

Here is the kitchen, and I am so epicly STOKED to start cookin' in here!
The vision I had in mind for the kitchen came from some inspiration in this pic:
If you can't tell, I'm really digging the aqua/robin's egg blue {haven't decided what shade yet}, yellow, white theme with dark wood and coral accents.
Somethin' like this {except coral instead of orange}:

Anywho, I've been way excited to start painting/decorating and to have my parents up here to help with the move.
I've be literally jumping around for joy like a complete dweeb.
Next up, securing a job :)

<3 Bri

P.S. You got two more days to sign up for the giveaway!
Check out the "Current Giveaway" tab for more info.


I'm sitting here at 4 in the morning with my kind and dear husband sleeping so soundly next to me, while I am not able to fall asleep. 

Tonight it has all hit me, that I haven't been my best self, and I am now starting to feel the overwhelming guilt seep into my heart because of it.

I have not only let outside forces but also guilt from mistakes long since buried influence my marriage and also my personal well-being.
And that is ending now.

After many prayers, tears, and hugs...I need to forgive myself.
Forgive myself for not being the best wife I should have been.
For not taking care of my body by exercising and feeding it well.
For not being the best church member that I have the potential to be.
For making excuses.
For not being the best friend/sister/daughter at times.
For the little white lies I thought wouldn't hurt anyone.
For not stepping up to defend not only myself, but my husband from other's hurtful words.

I can forgive others so easily?
Why not myself?

Everyone has their own personal trials that are so specific to them, only they can overcome it.
It is essential for growing into the person you some day want to become. 
A new beginning of sorts.
This process can only happen if I leave those mud-covered habits in the past..and keep them there.
There is no point in reliving the past, and reliving the sadness.
The only way to move on is to accept my past for what it is, gather up all the scattered lessons from those mistakes, and to move on to greener pastures.

So this is my new start.

Ryan and I are moving from Orem to Provo in a week, all in hopes to start afresh.
A new home that fits "us" as a couple.
A new ward in which I'm excited to receive a calling, and to serve & teach others.
A new area in where we can connect with other couples in similar situations to ours.
A place closer to our family & friends.
A home closer to school and work, as to prevent some driving stress.
A fresh new start for us.

Cause that is all that matters in the end, right?
Ryan and myself. Our own little family.

It will be our one year anniversary in less than a month.
And I think it's about time that we made this marriage about us.
We need to focus on our own physical & mental health.
Screw everyone else.

I'm excited, shaking, optimistic, pit in my stomach nervous, curious, anticipating and anxious for this new beginning.
It's about time.

<3 Bri

May 7, 2012

Birdie in Paris

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While I'm busily putting together a Cafe Rio chicken dinner {recipe to come!}, I'd like to introduce you to Birdie, who is currently doing a study abroad program in Paris, how cool is that!?
I asked her to write a 'lil about herself and to share loads about the city she is currenlty living in.
I looove anything art history, Audrey Hepburn, Europe, Paris related so her pics make me droool!
Check her out at "Music.Love.Sunshine.Life", to see more of her Paris adventures!
Greetings loved ones!
This is Brittany (but you may call me Birdie)  and I am reporting live from a darling little suburb called Crossy-sur-Seine, a 15 minute metro ride west of Paris, France!

So this is me:
First of all,
thank you so much to the adorable Bri for allowing me to do my very first guest post on her amazing blog!

So a few basic things you should know about me are:
 I am deathly afraid of Amber Alerts and people touching my wrists
I don't ever sleep before 1 a.m.
I can't help but sing loudly in the car. And everywhere else.
I am a hopeless dweeb.  Like a Harry-Potter-obsessed-and-Lord-of-the-Rings-extended-edition-party-thrower-with-my-equally-dweeby-dad kind of dweeb.
I enjoy Ben & Jerry's, movie nights and the wild outdoors.
And I love, love, love learning.

Now, I decided to do this post somewhat on the subject of the importance of learning as it applies to my stay in Paris.

To be perfectly honest, I signed up for this study abroad (BYU Paris Spring study abroad 2012) to come basically as a tourist on an extended stay.  I was going to use this opportunity as a means to an end basically so I could just go see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and all the other major tourist spots.
Boy was I in for a surprise.

We were presented as a part of the study abroad with a book that has 21 "walks" that we are required to do, and those major tourist spots didn't even make it in to the book.  We were brought here to be given the opportunity to truly open our eyes to the city and the beautiful culture that lives within its borders, and I think in just a single week, I've learned the most important lesson I've ever learned in my entire life.

To truly know yourself, it is absolutely necessary to learn as much as you possibly can about everyone and everything else.
There are 28 people in my group who are all on this journey together, and millions upon millions of others who are completely foreign. These people not only roll their eyes at my obvious "American-ness," but there is also a huge language barrier that I came here determined to cross.

I live with a French family who cooks the best food around.  I am absolutely certain food will not be up to par when I return to the states.  I must learn how to cook/bake/make chocolate mousse like a french housewife.
Seeing all the art I learned about in Humanities 202 in person is......unreal.  Absolutely unreal.

I've been here just over one week now, and that may not seem like long but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have learned so much from being away from home this time, here, than anytime and anyplace else.
What I have learned about myself as a result of learning about others:

I have grown up so much.  More than I even realized.  Two years ago I never could have spent this much time so far away from my my friends and family.  But now, though I still love and miss them, I am perfectly content and comfortable to be a bit of a wanderer. Though, admittedly, when I took off I did have that momentary freakout moment of, "what on earth did I just get myself into?!"

I am so astounded at just how many different kinds of people there are in the world, and even just in my study group.  In school there are vastly more people and I usually just find my own niche and stick with them but here I have found ways to connect with 26 other vastly different people in ways I never imagined I could.

Before I got here I didn't really have it through my head that these people truly do think, speak, dream, and live in French day to day just as naturally as I do those same things in English!  It is a lifestyle more real and more deep-rooted with history than I ever thought.  These people have a heritage that almost transcends time, and I absolutely love it.

I learned that I think euros are play money, and they are definitely, definitely not.

I learned to be more conscientious.  In France, it is very rude to not use your napkin and to eat with your elbows on the table and to not break off small pieces of bread.  In order to really learn a culture, you need to live it! I have some bad habits to break!

I have learned to now be very grateful for how many driving laws we have in the states, because in France there appear to be none, and riding in a car is literally the most frightening thing one could ever experience.
See?! Travel is not only fun and exciting, but so so rewarding! And you can find cultural experiences like these anywhere you go! I live in Provo, Utah for school, and whenever I need to get out of my Utah American bubble, I head straight for Center Street to eat some Pho, explore the art supply store, buy some incense, order Indian takeout for dinner, drive over to Orem to buy some Chuao Venezuelan Amano chocolate, and finish off the night at the French bakery!

It is so great to step outside of yourself and your own routine and to realize just how beautiful and diverse this world is! I truly believe God created this earth for us to be happy no matter which country we're from, and I'm finding this to be true more and more every single day!

I hope all the words didn't burn you out, so here are just a few more fun pictures of the trip!

Just a few of the things that this beautiful city has to offer:
{Impromptu strings concerts in the metro station}
{Beautiful walks to school}

{Incredible views}
{Limited views of  President Sarkozy's front door}
{Lush, green gardens}
{Timeless artwork}
{Famous and enormous museums}
{The most delicious bread you'll ever find anywhere}
{Churches referred to in the Da Vinci code}
{World icons}
{Harry Potter-esque clock towers}
{Cathedrals that are almost older than time itself}
{The most breathtaking stained glass you will ever see}
{Perfect photo ops}
{Storybook villages}
{Blue skies}
{Movie famous Opera Houses}
{The most amazing chandeliers/ceilings}
{Beautiful green gardens}
{And, of course, shopping :)}
Once again, thanks so much to Bri for letting me have my first guest post! Hop on over to my blog and follow me for more Paris adventures and to get to know me a little better! I write about life, love, school, music, photography, etc....there's a little something for everyone!

All my love, Birdie.
I hope you all enjoyed Birdie's post and pictures!
I'm putting money in my Vacation piggy as we speak :)

<3 Bri

May 6, 2012

Minty Fresh

Yup, I hopped on the mint green train!
I'm off to eat with the husband & brother.
I can't wait to share some exciting news, and some Cinco de Mayo pics!
Make sure to check out my new "Current Giveaway" page to enter the Shabby Apple gift card giveaway!
Top, Flats: Anthropologie//Jeans: Forever 21//Necklace: Francescas

Hope you have all had a sunny Sunday today!!!

<3 Bri