Breezy Days: Dear Mom...


May 13, 2012

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Through all my dumb teenage years...
 You would always say this to me, whenever you would have to set me in line:
"I am doing this because I love you, and because I am your mom. And that's what a parent's job protect you, and to teach you what is right and wrong. One day we will be the bestest of friends and I can't wait for that day."
 I appreciate and admire you so much for standing up to be the parent when you needed to; so we can be the best friends we are now.

Thank you for:
Showing me what a healthy & happy marriage looks like.
Exemplifying hard work, compromise, and love.
Making me laugh and knowing exactly what to say to make me feel better.
Supporting & encouraging me to pursue what I love.
Encouraging me to be healthy, to exercise, and to love my curves.
Being a stay-at-home mom, so I could come home to you everyday.
Supporting a great self-esteem & confidence in Evan, Jesse, and I. 
Being creative and sharing your skills & talents with me.
Helping to take care of me after my surgery, both mentally and physically.
Threatening me to clean the toilets if I was ever mean to my brothers. 
They are my best friends and it's because you helped to encourage those now irreplaceable relationships.

Finally, thank you for being the strong & amazing woman you are.
Love you mom.

Happy Mothers Day!
Your favoritest {and only} daughter,

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Hima said...

aww this is the cutest thing ever! I think I'm about to cry >.<