Breezy Days: September 2017


September 29, 2017

Unboxing the September Bless Box

Does anyone else just love getting mail? It's gotten to the point where Ryan will save his packages, and let me open them :) Luckily this box had me written allll over it, and I couldn't wait to bust open this adorable Bless Box

September 26, 2017

MyHeritage DNA: Getting Started

Ryan and I have always been curious about our ancestry, and what that means for our future kids. We know that Ryan's dad grew up in Mexico, but we don't know much more through that line of the family. He's been bugging me to do a DNA kit for a while, so when MyHeritage reached out I asked for 2 kits! That way we have an idea of what our future family will be made of :)

It was an easy to process to follow with vials, swabs, packaging and step-by-step instructions in the box. Make sure to not eat anything for an hour leading up to it! Ryan accidentally ate a banana so we had to wait another hour so it didn't come back that he is 60% banana haha