Breezy Days: February 2013


February 28, 2013

A PR Giraffe

{Drawing by Grant Myres}

I had a quiz in my Intro to Public Relations class today, and no matter what age you are...
quizzes are always bad news bears.
 I'm pretty sure the whole class did horrible on it {which is oddly comforting} judging from all the groaning that went on while correcting it.
The quiz was about ethics in public relations...hopefully this giraffe will save us all.

February 26, 2013

What a Typical Blogger Would Say (Or Do)...

"Is it Spring yet?!"

"I just want to wear my bright Spring colors"

"Can it stop snowing so I can wear my sandals?"

"Why can't I live in Utah, So-Cal, or New York where all the blogger parties are??"

*orders delicious food from an obscure cafe & whips out the phone to Instagram it*

"Is my top-knot too big?"

"Why can't my top-knot look like Sydneys!?"

*starts out blog post warning that she isn't a fashion blogger and still has husband/bf take outfit pictures when she gets dressed up*

"I saw that on Pinterest!"

*wears red lipstick to pump up an outfit*
{submitted by Kelsey Eaton}

"I hope my future kids are as cute as Huck from Nat the Fat Rat"

*wears denim chambray shirt under sweater with a J.Crew bubble necklace on top*

"I just thrifted this amazing *insert ridiculous-ly awesome item*"

"Look at this Prabal Gurung/Zac Posen/Missoni item I got at Target, I barely snagged it before the crazy crowd got there!"

"I just got the Urban Decay Naked Palette, how did I ever live without it before?"

"It's so awkward taking outfit pictures, the people on the street were staring at me..."

"How does she find all these amazing J.Crew tops at a thrift store?!"

*instagrams a "happy mail day" which usually includes clothes/make-up to review and Etsy products*

"I'm almost to 500 (or any other significant number) followers which means a celebratory giveaway!!!"

*gives a house tour via pictures after slaving over Pinterest for home ideas & spending days to recreate their own unique version of it*

Not gonna lie, I'm guilty of about half of these....if you have any to add, leave them in the comments!
Happy tuesday! :)

February 25, 2013

Would You Still Buy It?

When this top first came onto our store, I instantly fell in love with it.
Stripes, navy, peplum, and some cute 3/4 sleeves.
It'll be sooo versatile.

I tried it on & him-hawed.
The peplum hit a little lower than expected, vertical stripes make a person visually look wider, and the top kinda flared out...
I feared that people would think I've got a bun in the oven!!
{totes not the case if anyone was wondering}
I can usually count on my mom or Ryan to give me a straightforward opinion.
Ryan loves the classic look & my mom always encourages me to try new styles, so it's fun to see what each of them say when I try out a new look.
Ryan loved it and my mom warned me that I may look a little what do you do?

I was so conflicted. It's cute as all get out, but it's a slightly different shape than what I usually lean towards for my body type.
Would you still buy it?
You already know the end to this story, I caved it and purchased it regardless.
 I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving it in the store for someone else to snag up.
Even though I'm sure this top isn't the most flattering item I own, I fell in love with it!
Do you have any pieces of clothing in your closet like that?
Items you'll purchase despite what anyone else says??

February 23, 2013

Polka Dots & Spring

I have seen polka dot jeans everywhere from Nordstroms to Anthro, but I haen't feel the need to jump on the trend 'till I saw these beauties at Target for a whopping 20 bucks. 
Ummmm, score.

If you can't tell from these pics I am most definitely in 70 degree, beautiful, perfect So-Cal weather.
Not in the disgusting snow that I have to look forward to in a couple of days, yuck!
Provo needs to get the HINT that it's supposed to be spring soon.
What the heck am I gonna do with these sundresses & sandals in the snow!?
Well my friends...
I am off to lay by the pool, eat some Pinkberry, and plant some flowers in the garden.
To say that I'm excited to live in So-Cal for the summer is a massive understatement!

February 21, 2013

It's Ok

{These pants also worn with chambray & for the first day of they are on sale!}

Hey, it's ok... completely procrastinate & pack 4 hours before your flight
{SLC,UT-->LB,CA} cave in & use your Diet Coke allowances for the month 2 nights in a row 'cause it's been a long and busy week only allow dresses, bright colors, swimsuits & sandals to grace my luggage for the trip to So-Cal this weekend cry whenever I think even think about my brother leaving for his 2 year mission in Mexico, even though it's for the best buy the "Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred" just to see what the hype is all about
{Maybe it'll be a fitness goal for the month of March?} wear my new CA pendant with pride & borderline pompous-ness
{yup, I bet you wish you were a California girl} laugh out loud when I see my husbands car with a Montana license plate and a Lakers plate frame
Kind of an oxymoron right?
But I guess that's the theme of our life :)

February 20, 2013

5 Things...

{Me and my youngest brother Jesse. Circa 1997?}

This was inspired by my friend Courtney who wrote a 'lil post like this on her blog!

5 Things...'ll find in my purse
1. Tide-to-go, because I'm messy & am always staining everything
2. At least 5 things of lip gloss or lipstick {VS lip gloss & Revlon lipstick}
3. Lots and lots of receipts, I just stuff them in there and forget to throw them away
4. Advil & band-aids, yet again I'm always prepared. I swear it's a Mary Poppins purse.
5. Chewy bars or other snacks, just in case I get hungry on the go'll find in my bedroom
1. A bunch of different cups of water on my nightstand, I'm like the little girl in the movie "Signs" who can't drink the same water twice because it tastes "funny"
2. A book or two on my nightstand, I love reading
3. Outfits on the floor that didn't make the cut that morning
4. Ryan's socks that he likes to leave hiding in the sheets or under the bed
5. Candles, lots of different scents of candles. Love em!

...I've always wanted to do 
1. Eat gelato in Rome, Italy while being dressed like Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"
2. Visit all museums & beautiful architecture in Europe that I've only seen in textbooks
3. Speak Spanish fluently & talk to my future children only in Spanish
4. Visit New York and watch a truckload of musicals/plays and eat all the delish food that I see all you New Yorkers post on Instagram
5. Work in the fashion industry where I get to talk to people and dress cute all the time

...I'm currently loving
1. My polka dot jeans from Target that look like the ones from Nordstrom or Anthro...SCORE
2. My "Question a Day" Journal I got at Francescas, it makes journaling so fun!
3. The idea of spending the summer in excited for Disneyland & the beach
4. Where Ryan & I are in our relationship. We've gotten past the rocky 1st year of marriage and we are heading towards our 2 year anniversary with a vacation in mind!
5. My Zumba Kinect game, it's kickin' my tush.

...quirks I have
1. I won't eat or drink anything that's expired, even if it is one day after the expiration date.
It drives my family nuts.
2. I always have to brush my teeth with cold water, I tried it once with hot water & hated it.
3. When I get overwhelmed, little things like the carpet needing to be vacuumed or the wiper fluid on low in my car seems like a big deal and I need to get it done rrrright about NOW.
4. I read a text and in my mind I respond but don't actually text back.
Sooo if you get a text a day or two later, don't be too surprised.
5. I still run from room to room on occasion when turning on and off lights. Not a huge fan of the dark!

February 19, 2013

Missionary Picture Book

As a belated birthday/mission present, I'm making Evan a little picture book to take with him for his 2-year mission in Mexico.
This way he has pictures to show the people he is teaching who his family is and where he is from.
It's also to make sure that he remembers what we even look like when he is out there!
These are only some of the collages and pictures I pulled together of friends/family & of Evan's projects or adventures. Can't wait to see what he thinks of it all :)

Evan goes into the Provo MTC two weeks from tomorrow, so excited for him!
He'll be there learning the language for 6 weeks then he is off to Villahermosa, Mexico {down south, near the Guatemala border}.
So be expecting some creative missionary packages to be featured here on the blog :)
{I've already pinned a truckload of ideas to my 'Missionaries' board}
Any good ideas of what to send to missionaries living in another country?

February 18, 2013

Food For Thought

I've decided to make the switch over to Passionfruit ads to not only help organize my life but to also help my blog blossom & grow!

The funds received from sponsorships will in turn be used to sponsor "big name" blogs.
Itso facto, it's good for me & it's good for you.
I've made the spots affordable because that's what I'm all about!

Check out the Sponsor page for more information on the different Sponsor options, blog stats, and who I am currently sponsoring. Plus you should definitely take advantage of these promo codes! :)
Use the Promo Code: 2BUCKSOFF for the Large spots
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A Prolonged Valentines

Obviously I have no shame.
I know when I do good and I have noooo problem shoutin' it from the rooftops.
Or the blog for that matter.

My present got lost in the mail and won't be here till Tuesday, but who really cares you know?
It just means the Valentine's will be prolonged for another few days!
After our Outback date on Friday night, we lazily woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the movie theater. I was dying to watch the new & improved romantic movie for Valentines...Safe Haven.
Ryan said it was pretty much the same as The Vow from last year, but it's been re-named to make more moolah. PSH. Who cares, it's romantic!

Anddd what's cooler is that I met a blog reader in the bathroom at the movie theater.
If you're reading this, hi Natalie! It was so nice to meet you :)

We devoured some Zupas then I headed off to work for the night.
Not a very exciting weekend but it was nice to take a quick break before delving into the hectic school week. Now I'm looking forward to California for this upcoming weekend, so stoked to see the fam!
{A V-day snail mail present from the bff Sam in CA}

Welp, off to another hectic school week.
When will this semester be over?!

P.S. Check out the new Sponsor page!

February 17, 2013

The November I Can't Remember

Would you believe me if I told you that I've had this outfit for a MONTH now, and I've just been biding my time until I could wear it for our Valentine's dinner?
I call it being prepared people.

After a long day of school, homework, and the gym we met together at the house and went out on our date Friday night. While we were getting ready, Ryan asked if I remembered our first "official" date. Ryan always makes fun of me because I honestly can't remember anything from when we first starting dating. It's ok, he didn't drug me, I checked. We always joke that it's the "November I Can't Remember" and I always bug him to tell me stories from that month, kind of like a kid who bugs their parents to re-read their favorite book time and time again.

He proceeded to tell me the story of our date, he said that it was the first time he actually noticed what I was wearing when we went out {he was very vague about it though when I asked what I was actually wearing, I guess almost 2 and half years will do that to you!}.
To get prepared for the date, he stalked my Facebook to see what my family's idea of "dressing up" was. Come to find out, in every family photo my brothers and dad are always wearing a t-shirt with a button-up over the top. At least it's predictable right?!

As we were driving, he said that in preparation for our first "official" date that he asked my friends what one of my favorite restaurants was....Outback of course! Yummmm.
When we first started dating we liked to play the "Question" game. 
It was a way we could ask each other the hard questions to get to know one another better.
Ryan explained that he always loved playing this game with me because I was transparent & honest and it was the fastest way to get to know me.
On our first date I confided in him that one of my fears is being stuck.
Stuck in a situation or place that I didn't feel comfortable in or that I couldn't get out of.
He turned to me that night and sweetly said:
"Bri, I'll never let you feel hopeless like that again"

A little forward for the first date huh?
Supposedly I was just quiet after he said that, because I'm sure I was mulling it over in my mind to see if that is what I really wanted. To be stuck with him for all eternity....
How about a resounding YES. 
On our probably bazillionith "official" date the other night, we ate at Outback, used our Kohls cash to get Ryan some shirts, played the question game, and we took outfit pictures {his idea}!
Oh how I love these themed dates from the "November I Can't Remember" :)

February 15, 2013

Getting Back On Track

This past week with school has been absolutely crazy!
Between homework, quizzes, readings, and group projects I have definitely not made the time needed for my body to re-coop with some healthy food, good exercise, and lots of sleep.
The only exercise I've done is walk the 30 minutes to and from school.
Plus there was hardly any decent food in the house meaning I had my share of In-n-Out drive-thru trips.
This obviously calls for some re-grouping, so I ask myself: what changes can I make this week so that my body is fueled properly & has enough energy to get through the week?

Although I fell off the healthy eating/exercising track this past week, 
I try to accept the fact that I'm not perfect and am not too hard on myself.
I find that when I'm hard on myself about this kind of stuff then I feel guilty, 
which impedes my progress more than anything.
I just hop back on the train and am plugging at it all over again!

I'm not one to make huge commitments on myself like:
"I have to exercise everyday or I have this consequence"
I know this works for some people, but definitely not for me.
I make it a point to plan exercise dates ahead of time so that I'm much more committed.
I hit up BYU aerobic classes with friends, I joined an intramural basketball team, I hit up Gold's Gym with Ryan, and I also have a Zumba Kinect game to make things fun!
Now that this week is starting to slow down, it was refreshing to go grocery shopping at Winco {seriously the best place ever} to buy a truckload of healthy food to stock us up for the next few weeks.
I had an intramural basketball game on Wednesday & I finally tried out my Zumba Kinect game that Evan got me for my birthday {back in September, I know I'm a horrible sister}.
The game totally kicked my tush but it's nice to feel sore again! :)

Other healthy posts:

February 14, 2013

Ain't That Cute

I'm definitely one of those girls who love Valentines Day :)
I'm so stoked for our 2nd married Valentines together, hooray for a fun date night!
Ryan & I will have to postpone our V-day until Friday night due to late Thursday classes, 
but I am still gonna be decked in my red, pink & hearts tomorrow!
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2013

A Beachy Date Night

Last night Ryan & I went to The Ultimate Beach Date at the Provo Beach Resort.
It was so fun!!!
We did the mini croquet course {which I of course sucked at, so I pretty much cheated the whole time}, we went bowling with our friend Alexa, and listed to The Brocks play {they were pretty good!}

This was my first time at the Provo Beach Resort, and it was pretty cool! 
If I can't get the real beach & pier, I'll totally take this as the next best option :)
It was nice to have a night when we didn't have to worry about homework, work, or cleaning the house. Sometimes we get a little distracted with those things and forget to make time for us to just have fun together!

Some of the highlights of the night were:
+ Meeting Sarah from Wearing It On My Sleeves, her & Matt are adorable and she was so sweet! 
I love meeting new bloggers!
+ Me cheating during the croquet course and kicking it into the hoops with Ryan freaking out cause he was trying to keep score. PSH. I always win.
+ Watching people totally BIFF it on the wave rider thing, we seriously sat and watched strangers for at least 20 minutes doing that. Cheap entertainment.
+ Going through the Lazer Frezy, pretending to be a spy and hitting one of the lasers with my massive blogger bun, oops.
+ Bowling with the bumpers while Ryan & Alexa braved it with no bumpers. 
Then being named "Fun Size" for the game and getting "BUMPER LOVER!" yelled at me from behind when I was trying to concentrate on my craft...they just don't understand the art of chucking it at the bumper to make it go back and forth until it hits the pins. Amateurs.
+ Driving home with Ryan and him holding my hand and saying "You know what? You are still my favoritest date." Ummmm, cuteness.
If you follow me on Insta, you would have seen that I posted that jeep on top of a mound of snow that was way taller than me, I found it printed in the school newspaper The Daily Universe!
Maybe now BYU will listen to me and put in a parking structure,
 so it doesn't take me 15 minutes to stalk people to their cars and take their spots...