Breezy Days: Would You Still Buy It?


February 25, 2013

Would You Still Buy It?

When this top first came onto our store, I instantly fell in love with it.
Stripes, navy, peplum, and some cute 3/4 sleeves.
It'll be sooo versatile.

I tried it on & him-hawed.
The peplum hit a little lower than expected, vertical stripes make a person visually look wider, and the top kinda flared out...
I feared that people would think I've got a bun in the oven!!
{totes not the case if anyone was wondering}
I can usually count on my mom or Ryan to give me a straightforward opinion.
Ryan loves the classic look & my mom always encourages me to try new styles, so it's fun to see what each of them say when I try out a new look.
Ryan loved it and my mom warned me that I may look a little what do you do?

I was so conflicted. It's cute as all get out, but it's a slightly different shape than what I usually lean towards for my body type.
Would you still buy it?
You already know the end to this story, I caved it and purchased it regardless.
 I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving it in the store for someone else to snag up.
Even though I'm sure this top isn't the most flattering item I own, I fell in love with it!
Do you have any pieces of clothing in your closet like that?
Items you'll purchase despite what anyone else says??


Unknown said...

I think it is adorable on you! But I can totally understand why you were unsure. I tend to be unsure of things that hit higher, on me I feel like they make my hips look big. Who knows, I'm weird :)

xo, Courtney

Bridgette Nicole said...

I think its darling on you!! Peplum is a great look on your bod! :)

nicole s. said...

girl, you don't look preggers at all. the top is equally classic *and* trying new things. i like my peplums a little more structured, but the stripes and sleeves are perfection on that. i think it would look soo cute with a pencil skirt and your chartreuse cardigan!

Amy said...

adorable, cant wait until its warm enough in ohio to wearm sandals!
Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

Maddi said...

The top looks adorable on you! Love it!!! My family always makes fun of the clothes that I wear because I have a little bit more funky style than my family's very classic style. If you love it, WEAR IT!!! :)

Kelsey Bang said...

i think you look adorable! i always buy things people think i look poopy in and they end up being some of my favorite items!

Megan said...

I think the top is really cute!! And if you think it is a little too flowy you can always take it in a little. I love it though!