Breezy Days: Getting Back On Track


February 15, 2013

Getting Back On Track

This past week with school has been absolutely crazy!
Between homework, quizzes, readings, and group projects I have definitely not made the time needed for my body to re-coop with some healthy food, good exercise, and lots of sleep.
The only exercise I've done is walk the 30 minutes to and from school.
Plus there was hardly any decent food in the house meaning I had my share of In-n-Out drive-thru trips.
This obviously calls for some re-grouping, so I ask myself: what changes can I make this week so that my body is fueled properly & has enough energy to get through the week?

Although I fell off the healthy eating/exercising track this past week, 
I try to accept the fact that I'm not perfect and am not too hard on myself.
I find that when I'm hard on myself about this kind of stuff then I feel guilty, 
which impedes my progress more than anything.
I just hop back on the train and am plugging at it all over again!

I'm not one to make huge commitments on myself like:
"I have to exercise everyday or I have this consequence"
I know this works for some people, but definitely not for me.
I make it a point to plan exercise dates ahead of time so that I'm much more committed.
I hit up BYU aerobic classes with friends, I joined an intramural basketball team, I hit up Gold's Gym with Ryan, and I also have a Zumba Kinect game to make things fun!
Now that this week is starting to slow down, it was refreshing to go grocery shopping at Winco {seriously the best place ever} to buy a truckload of healthy food to stock us up for the next few weeks.
I had an intramural basketball game on Wednesday & I finally tried out my Zumba Kinect game that Evan got me for my birthday {back in September, I know I'm a horrible sister}.
The game totally kicked my tush but it's nice to feel sore again! :)

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Kelsey Bang said...

if you ever want to do some golds classes together let me know!

alex said...

That looks too good! Awesome post(:

Chandra said...

Awesome! Brandon and I are planning on getting back on track this week, too.

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