Breezy Days: 5 Things...


February 20, 2013

5 Things...

{Me and my youngest brother Jesse. Circa 1997?}

This was inspired by my friend Courtney who wrote a 'lil post like this on her blog!

5 Things...'ll find in my purse
1. Tide-to-go, because I'm messy & am always staining everything
2. At least 5 things of lip gloss or lipstick {VS lip gloss & Revlon lipstick}
3. Lots and lots of receipts, I just stuff them in there and forget to throw them away
4. Advil & band-aids, yet again I'm always prepared. I swear it's a Mary Poppins purse.
5. Chewy bars or other snacks, just in case I get hungry on the go'll find in my bedroom
1. A bunch of different cups of water on my nightstand, I'm like the little girl in the movie "Signs" who can't drink the same water twice because it tastes "funny"
2. A book or two on my nightstand, I love reading
3. Outfits on the floor that didn't make the cut that morning
4. Ryan's socks that he likes to leave hiding in the sheets or under the bed
5. Candles, lots of different scents of candles. Love em!

...I've always wanted to do 
1. Eat gelato in Rome, Italy while being dressed like Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"
2. Visit all museums & beautiful architecture in Europe that I've only seen in textbooks
3. Speak Spanish fluently & talk to my future children only in Spanish
4. Visit New York and watch a truckload of musicals/plays and eat all the delish food that I see all you New Yorkers post on Instagram
5. Work in the fashion industry where I get to talk to people and dress cute all the time

...I'm currently loving
1. My polka dot jeans from Target that look like the ones from Nordstrom or Anthro...SCORE
2. My "Question a Day" Journal I got at Francescas, it makes journaling so fun!
3. The idea of spending the summer in excited for Disneyland & the beach
4. Where Ryan & I are in our relationship. We've gotten past the rocky 1st year of marriage and we are heading towards our 2 year anniversary with a vacation in mind!
5. My Zumba Kinect game, it's kickin' my tush.

...quirks I have
1. I won't eat or drink anything that's expired, even if it is one day after the expiration date.
It drives my family nuts.
2. I always have to brush my teeth with cold water, I tried it once with hot water & hated it.
3. When I get overwhelmed, little things like the carpet needing to be vacuumed or the wiper fluid on low in my car seems like a big deal and I need to get it done rrrright about NOW.
4. I read a text and in my mind I respond but don't actually text back.
Sooo if you get a text a day or two later, don't be too surprised.
5. I still run from room to room on occasion when turning on and off lights. Not a huge fan of the dark!


Halie Renee said...

This was fun! I already wrote down the prompts for the different things, and will be doing one of these myself sometime soon! Also, I totally can't drink the same glass of water twice. Oh, and it tastes 'funny' because it tastes 'dusty!' My fiance makes fun of me all the time when I say that, but it's totally true. I'm right there with ya!

Courtney said...

I don't like to brush my teeth with warm water either, yuck!

I should get a Tide to go because I am a total slob! My mom refuses to buy me anything white if we're out shopping together because I always spill on it!

Laura Harrison said...

oh i love this! I can't brush with hot water either.... anddd I'm going to do this on my blog :)

Allie said...

This is soo cute! I love it! I'm the exact same way about the glasses of water! I can't handle old water. And I think going to Rome and eating gelato like Audrey Hepburn is a genius idea! You're blog is super cute!

Unknown said...

I love this little get to know you bit!! I still do the running down the hall to turn off the light. My husband looks at me like I am a child haha

Kelsey Bang said...

im still scared of the dark to :)

Jena Roach said...

Tide to go. YES. It's a purse must! And that's so weird about cold water for teeth brushing! I'm the opposite. :)

Andy said...

All clothes from Target are awesome. Target is awesome, really. Registering there this week was the best. I think I scanned everything.

Kaeli said...

Hahaha, you totally do text back in a day or two. You, me and Hayley are all guilty of it...

But hey! Dat's life! :)