Breezy Days: One Sweater, Three Ways


February 8, 2013

One Sweater, Three Ways

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If you asked me 2 months ago to wear a chartreuse colored sweater I probably would have spat on you.
One of my guy friends even called it "radioactive baby barf" a couple years back.
That pretty much cinched my hatred for the color.
Little did I know that on one seemingly normal shopping trip that I would be inspired to pick one up at a Jcrew sale...
Then let it sit on my clothing rack looking rather pitiful.

I decided one day that I'm going to try the dang thing out.
When we were heading down for a short weekend vacation, I decided that this sweater would be the item I plan my outfits around and voila!
This masterpiece!
Obviously I have a thing for the dress & sweater get-up, but I really was excited about the different color combinations I was able to come up with.
I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone for this!

What color/trend have you stepped out of your comfort zone for and been excited? Or horrified??


nicole s. said...

i've already told you (possibly three times?) how much i love that sweater, so i'm here instead to tell you that i love your little redesign! the header/nav bar are perfect.

Chandra said...

LOL Like Nicole I have commented on every single post where you wore this sweater and stated hoooowwww muuccchhhh I love it! Now I'm on the hunt for one!!

More Modern Modesty

Courtney said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

I love the last dress! It's so cute!

Harley said...

i feel this way about basically anything pink.

but jane is getting married this summer and the bridesmaids have to wear pink... soo.... i guess we will see how that goes haha.