Breezy Days: A Beachy Date Night


February 13, 2013

A Beachy Date Night

Last night Ryan & I went to The Ultimate Beach Date at the Provo Beach Resort.
It was so fun!!!
We did the mini croquet course {which I of course sucked at, so I pretty much cheated the whole time}, we went bowling with our friend Alexa, and listed to The Brocks play {they were pretty good!}

This was my first time at the Provo Beach Resort, and it was pretty cool! 
If I can't get the real beach & pier, I'll totally take this as the next best option :)
It was nice to have a night when we didn't have to worry about homework, work, or cleaning the house. Sometimes we get a little distracted with those things and forget to make time for us to just have fun together!

Some of the highlights of the night were:
+ Meeting Sarah from Wearing It On My Sleeves, her & Matt are adorable and she was so sweet! 
I love meeting new bloggers!
+ Me cheating during the croquet course and kicking it into the hoops with Ryan freaking out cause he was trying to keep score. PSH. I always win.
+ Watching people totally BIFF it on the wave rider thing, we seriously sat and watched strangers for at least 20 minutes doing that. Cheap entertainment.
+ Going through the Lazer Frezy, pretending to be a spy and hitting one of the lasers with my massive blogger bun, oops.
+ Bowling with the bumpers while Ryan & Alexa braved it with no bumpers. 
Then being named "Fun Size" for the game and getting "BUMPER LOVER!" yelled at me from behind when I was trying to concentrate on my craft...they just don't understand the art of chucking it at the bumper to make it go back and forth until it hits the pins. Amateurs.
+ Driving home with Ryan and him holding my hand and saying "You know what? You are still my favoritest date." Ummmm, cuteness.
If you follow me on Insta, you would have seen that I posted that jeep on top of a mound of snow that was way taller than me, I found it printed in the school newspaper The Daily Universe!
Maybe now BYU will listen to me and put in a parking structure,
 so it doesn't take me 15 minutes to stalk people to their cars and take their spots...


Unknown said...

haha, I love your instagram picture! Me and my hubs laugh about cars like that all the time!

Ashley Marx said...

haha! i TOTALLY agree about the parking - worst part of my day!

Kelsey Bang said...

thats so awesome your insta post got noticed :) what a fun night at provo beach resort!

Unknown said...

Glad you had such a great time! Exciting about your instagram post too :D

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

wahhhh justin and i were gonna go, but then we had other things come up /: oh well! glad you had fun.

and i'm SO HAPPY to see that IG photo was in the universe lol. soooo funny!

Fiveftwo said...

Hahah nice insta pic! The car is parked perfectly :P