Breezy Days: The Miracle of a Tailor


February 10, 2013

The Miracle of a Tailor

I got this skirt as a Christmas present in high school.
There was only a size 12 {not my size} left at Anthropologie 
and I picked it out regardless and asked for it as a gift.
I wore it even though it was a tad loose, but this past 6 months I've been determined to get more in shape, and its been driving me crrrrazy that this gorgeous skirt doesn't fit the way I need it to.
I finally sucked it up and paid the 20 bucks at the tailor to get it brought in, and I'm seriously so glad that I did! 
I feel like I've lost 15 pounds, what the heck?!
I already have to get straps brought up and hems taken up because of my 5'3 height, but it was a new thing for me to have something taken it at the waist.
Such an ego boost too!
I'm totally with Clinton & Stacy when they say that a tailor is the key to having an awesome wardrobe.
I miss What Not to Wear, I need to track it down online to catch up on it :)
Anddd this was Ryan's get-up for church.
He is learning to pair colors together and I loved the salmon pink with the eggplant purple, classy!
PS, who watched Nashville this last week? WHAT THE HECK?!
I looooove Deacon :D


Megan said...

so cute!! I didn't realize a tailor was only about $20. I thought it would be a lot more than that. so awesome!

Kyla Ford said...

You are GORGEOUS! Honored to call you my friend! So pretty. Love Ryan's outfit to!

Lex said...

Super cute outfit! I'm especially loving that skirt. :) Good pick!

Katie said...

Love that skirt! Adorbs!

Katie said...

Love that skirt! Adorbs!

Unknown said...

Having a good tailor is priceless. I love the skirt...such fun details! You look fab as always.

Unknown said...

I love this outfit and the skirt is so darling!!

Unknown said...

LOVE it!!

just love // kelly

Kelsey Bang said...

super cute combo! tailors are amazing and totally worth the money!

Chandra said...

Yes, love! TAILORS ALL THE WAY! I love my tailor! That's such a cute skirt and totally worth the $20 to make sure it fits well!

More Modern Modesty

Natalie said...

you rock it!

Bev said...

your necklace is too cute!!! I love the different pops of color!

and your shoes... oh yea! gold glitter rocks my socks any time of the year ;)

bree lena said...

cute cute shoes!! Love that skirt too.
-Bree @ aBree Fashion

Saralyn said...

cute! love the shoes!


Lindsey A. Turner said...

cute ruffle detail! love those shoes!


Rachel said...

That's such a pretty skirt and it's awesome that it was able to be tailored to fit!

Courtney said...

I need to catch up on Nashville!

I have to have all my jeans tailored, pain in the bum!

nicole s. said...

girl, you are SO pretty. like intensely beautiful.

and i clearly need to find a dependable tailor.


Laura Harrison said...

oh my gosh! DEACON! I'm obsessed with him and reina. they need to be together! You're lookin super cute!

hannah g said...

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London :)