Breezy Days: Evan's Temple Day


February 4, 2013

Evan's Temple Day

Here is my second outfit with the Jcrew chartreuse sweater, which I donned with a gifted Banana Republic dress, Steve Madden nude heels, a gold glitter belt, and a Francesca's mint necklace.
Let's just excuse the fact that I'm butt white, and just ooh and ahhh at the amazing and elongating nude Steve Madden heels. I got them for 20 bucks at Ross, SCORE!

This past weekend, Ryan & I bolted down to St. George {a 4 hour drive from Provo}, to meet up with my family and go through the temple with Evan in preparation for his LDS mission to Mexico!

It was a calming & much needed experience.
I love reconnecting with family and Heavenly Father so I can re-focus my life :)
Anddddd if you couldn't tell, I'm now a Cafe Rio model!
We definitely narfed down some delish pork salads after going through the temple.
We all rounded up back in the parking lot, said our goodbyes, and Evan came back with Ryan & I to Provo to spend a few days with us and visit. 
How do you girls {of any faith} find time to reconnect with your spiritual side?
I'm always so all over the place that I forget that I need to sloooow down!
I'm sure everyone feels that way every now and then :)


Harley said...

THAT NECKLACE! I had one just like it in pink and then it broke and it was the saddest day ever because it was my favorite.

I still have all the pieces... i hope that I can fit it one day when I magically have jewelry repair powers hahah

Kirstie and Michael said...

I always feel so buys but sometimes dont feel very productive if that makes sense. But the other day I went to a military wives activity at my ward and we made quote journals. One quote hit me and has helped me slow down gradually. But it says "If your to busy to say a prayer, then you're busier then god ever intended you to be." Helped me out a lot. Thought I'd share!

Eryka said...

Sadly it's usually on Sundays when I get my spiritual food in. I am actually starting a new scripture challenge today so, I pray that helps!!


Courtney said...

I love that you said you're butt white. Girl, I am right there with you!

Maybe we can work on our tans this summer ;)

Chandra said...

One of the things that is very important to me is not only be a hearer of the word, but a doer. I've found that I spend alot of time online. One of the things I'm doing is making sure that I pray and read my Bible FIRST!

More Modern Modesty

Unknown said...

so jealous that you were somewhere warm enough to wear this outfit and not freeze.

i like taking sundays as a break from everything (idieally also blogging but i dont' always do that) with no homework, no work, just church, ben, sometimes family dinner, and maybe some good friends - its the rejeuvination that i need (and yes, i butchered the spelling of that word :)