Breezy Days: April 2012


April 26, 2012

Currently Drooling...

Over Zac Efron.
Ry-dawg will have to take me to this.
We all know that High School Musical is lame sauce and all {I will admit...I own and enjoy the first movie, hopefully that doesn't drastically change anyones opinion of me, it's cheap entertainment mingled with corny music, my faves :)}, but I'm sure we can all agree that we are very grateful for HSM...for giving us the Efron.

Sure, sure, Zac is not the bestest actor or singer ever. But, come on.
 Every girl wants him to romance us, and every guy wants his muscles.
Win, win!
Has anyone seen "The Lucky One" yet?!

<3 Bri

April 25, 2012

Goin' Home

I've been pretty much in denial that we are heading back to Utah tomorrow.
It has been SO NICE here in So-Cal, why the heck don't I live here?

Oh ya... we got cheap tuition, cheap living, and some awesome possum amigos in Utah.
One day, California or Texas here we come!
I wore this ensemble to my home ward on Sunday for church.
A ward, for all you non-LDS peeps, is when you are divided up by the area you live in, and you go to church with the people who live in your same area.
 I'm in the Lake Elsinore Ward, and my "home ward" is made up of the people who live in the city of Lake Elsinore and some people from Corona.

I've lived in this ward from 8 years old on up!
Meaning that many of the same adults and families have been in my ward for years and years, and have seen me grow up, go to college, and get married.
It's always weird coming home, don't get me wrong, it is always feels good to come home.
But I always feel like it was a different life.
I was a different person, with different thoughts, who made different decisions.
So much different from the person I am today, it's amazing how much you can change in 3 years.
I've since moved on.
Creating my own life up in Utah, with school, responsibilities, and my 'lil family. 
One of my favorite parts though, is coming to my home ward, and meeting/talking with all the adults I grew up with. They tell me how great of a woman I've grown up to be.
Which makes me so happy, knowing that I'm on the road to be the best person I can be.
Plus the fact that other people can just see how happy I am without me having to say it, speaks volumes! {Cause hellooooo, my husby is hot. And fun. Wassup.}
Dress, Necklace: H&M//Sweater: Loft//Shoes: Shoedazzle//Nail Polish: OPI Koala Bear-y

How does it feel when you go home?

<3 Bri

April 24, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

I've been thoroughly enjoying my short Cali vacay with Ryan this weekend. It's been a nice and welcome break from reality! Here are a few snapshots to hold y'all over till I get back to Utah :). <3

April 20, 2012

The Mrs. & The Momma

I made it through finals!
Thanks for all your kind words & encouragement!

Now I'm in sunny So-Cal on my mini-vacay with the husby soakin' up some sunshine.
HOLY CRAP. It's 90 degrees and SUNNY here.
Totes breaking out the shorts, flow-y tops, swimsuits and sandals.
Mmmmm, my natural habitat :)

I post swapped with Kristen cause she is cute/fun/awesome momma & has rockin' style!
Check her out!
Not in the creepy way...but you know what I mean ;)
Hey there, Breezy Days readers!  I'm Kristen from The Mrs. and The Momma.  So nice to meet you!
So, my husband and I have know each other since we were kids, and we have four little munchkies (and when I say 'little', I mean oldest is in Kindergarden).
I like to consider my blog three parts fashion, one part life, and one part family...although that precise math is subject to change.  I'm a lover of cold-weather clothes {I loathe Texas summers}, chunky jewelry, Star Wars, sushi, girls' nights, fireworks, the smell of babies, getting dressed up, history, and mostly importantly-Sour Patch Watermelons.
Come on over to visit The Mrs. and The Momma and give me a holler! I promise I'll holla back!

April 18, 2012

Dating-esque Advice

Whilst I'm studying, you should go check out the dating advice guest post I wrote for Simple Serendipity :)
And I was also featured on the "Be In Style Fashion Blog"!

<3 Bri

Snippet Stories

You know what is sad though?
I left my hardest final for last....
Interior Design.

And no, I am NOT kidding.
I love how my Cognitive Development, Infant Development, and Communications finals haven't been as daunting as this dumb Interior Design final. 
It has been the most butt kicker class of my life.
You know when you get professors who WROTE the freaking textbook?
And they believe that absolutely everything in the book is important?
So they decide to race through every single concept there ever was on architecture and design?
Yup. That's been my life for the past 4 months every Tuesday and Thursday.
Taking the test tomorrow mornin', then I'm home freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

{My hair totes looked like poop in these pics, hence the whole missing of the face/head.. .I'm really digging this bright colors thing going on, woohoo for hot pink and mint!}
{Yup. My mom is the best.}
{The Oia Jules bracelet I won in a Keiko Lynn giveaway! Looove it! I felt so bad though, Elizabeth of Oia Jules accidentally sent my bracelet to the wrong address! Welp, I guess someone is enjoying their free bracelet.}
{New sparkly pink phone case. Yesssssssssss}
{My favoritest Mac&Cheese of all time, and I only like the way Ryan makes it. I didn't know this before...but he puts half a stick of butter in it when cooking. No wonder it's amazing.}
{Whenever I wear this skirt, I feel like I should be a part of a gypsy band, the Funke Family Band, or an extra in "Ever After"}
{We went to Ryan's mission buddy's house for Sunday lunch, Kyle Olsen and his wife Ashley. The Olsen's are freaking awesome! And Kyle made these amazing looking & tasting potato skins. Yummmmm}

I'm heading to So-Cal this weekend to hopefully get my braces off {!!!}, and to take a mini vacay before Ryan and I jump into summer jobs.
AKA, lots of gorgeous pics, and 80 degree weather.

<3 Bri

April 15, 2012

Peeved in a Gypsy Skirt

I may be hypersensitive, or it may be that my family is just nuts...
but they think I have a lot of pet peeves.

Tapping on desks, ugg boots, slurping, adults baby-talking to each other, leaving seconds on the microwave so it beeps incessantly, horribly chipped nail polish, when I park my car in China and someone decides to park RIGHT NEXT TO ME, when I'm on a treadmill and there are a bazillion others open and someone decides to run right next to me, too much PDA, guys wearing Axe,  etc etc.

The fam are the crazy ones huh ;) 

Don't get me wrong, if I meet you for the first time ever, and you are slurping the last of your oreo milkshake, I'm not gonna hold it against you for forever.
I promise!
You might just have to make it up to me later by purchasing me a large diet coke from mickey d's.
That's beside the point.
The newest addition to my pet peeve list is a comment left on my blog, such as the following:
"Hi! I'm a new follower of yours, we should follow each other."

My favoritest blog friend, Erin at Living In Yellow, said it best:
And if you do leave a comment, I beg you for the life of me...enough of this
"I'm your newest follower...come follow me back" crap.
Chances are real high that if you say that, I will not click on your blog.
This may sound harsh, but it is true.
People hear me out.
It is not about the quantity of followers, it is the quality of followers.
If you want to attract a blogger to your blog-leave a comment that means something.
Something that will intrigue the blogger reading it and will make them WANT to come to your page and follow."

Jacket: American Eagle//T-shirt: Fossil//Skirt: Francescas//Necklace: gift//Flats: Forever 21

If you leave a genuine and sincere comment, I will smile while reading your comment, then most likely go track your blog down, stalk you for a while, leave you a comment, so we can then become friends :)

That sounds like how it should be, right?!

<3 Bri

April 14, 2012

Bri's Bee Obsession

{Anthropologie sale}

AHHHHHHHHHH {Angels singing}
If only this dress had sleeves and a back to it *sigh*.
And if wasn't completely sold out in regular sizing *more sighs*
And if it wasn't still $80 bucks on sale *siggggggggghs*

For any of you who don't know, I love anything that has bugs/bees on it.
I guess you could say it's my fashion trademark.
I have bee earrings, bug shirts, bee flats.
I do not have a dress yet with bees/bugs on it.
One day one day!
If any of you find anything of the such, please let me know!

<3 Bri

--P.S. Check out this giveaway on Icing & Write!

The Final-e

Am I currently avoiding studying for my finals?
Umm yes.

I have four finals that I am determined to take by Tuesday. 
Last semester was a DISASTER when I took finals, I was late and stressed and blah blah blah, 
check out the story here, it's quite humorous if I do say so myself.

Now I've learned my lesson so I'm gonna be a good girl and take finals on the front end of finals week.
No procrastinating! 
This outfit is what I threw together when I saw that it was raining outside the other day.
Why is it raining?!

Anywho, I'm loving the bright colors trend, because that's pretty much all I have in my wardrobe!
So I got some minty polka dots and hot pink going on. 
Loves it.
 Hot Pink Sweater: Loft//Scarf, Cableknit sweater: Forever 21//Jeans: Fossil//Boots: Magic Step//Sunnies: Charlotte Russe//Necklace: gift//Purse: LA Fashion District//Earrings: made by me. 

Welp, I've gotta get cracking on some studying & cleaning.
If I have a guest post I need to write for you, I'll write them on my study breaks :)

Love you all lots, and see you on the other side!!

<3 Bri 

April 12, 2012

Snippet Stories

Here are some 'lil bite size stories from my life in the past two weeks-ish.
Enjoy the appetizers!

{I used my Niketrainer app, the LMFAO Pandora station, and a USC pillow pet as a medicine ball to work out. Once school is out I will be better than 1-2 times a week working out!}
{I switched out my boots for my wedges and flats. Can't wait for all the spring/summer weather!!! And no, my shoe section of the closet never looks this organized. Hence why it needed to be documented.}
{OMG. How the crap did I never know about this before? I always use Aveeno moisturizer for my face because of the SPF, but this tinted moisturizer makes my face look so smooth! My life has just gotten at least 5 times better because of it.}
{The walk on campus towards my car. And yes, I will brag that my campus is a freaking gorgeous one. Even though these flowery trees kinda smell like rotten fish :/}
{A homemade pesto, mayo, turkey, havarti on potato bread panini. SO GOOD! And my fave brand of Greek yogurt, but I always get the Greek yogurt with honey. Try it!}
{These uber cute wedges from Shoedazzle. Kinda looks a little Spanish huh? Makes me wanna go merengue or salsa dancing :D}
{Ryan, Evan, and I's Easter baskets! Tried to make it less girly and more manly by using football eggs. Ya, that didnt' really work.}
{My Easter Sunday outfit, pretty much got stared at while walking into church. I guess that's what happens when I wear a uber tight pencil skirt. I'm sexy and I know it? ;)}
{Our Easter bunny cake made out of funfetti cake. My favoritest cake OF ALL TIME. I could eat funfetti every day of my life. Ok, that's an exaggeration, I think I might die if I did that. But still, it's hte}
{My appetizer specialty of stuffed mushrooms. Super cheap & easy to make, and they are always a crowd pleaser. How the heck could you go wrong with bacon and cream cheese?}
{Usually I'm an OPI girl, but I strayed for this "E-nuf is E-nuf" polish by Essie. I am very pleased :)}
{My fashion "trademark" I guess you could say, is anything with bees or bugs on it. So I just HAD to have these shoes. They went on sale from $98 to $25. I snagged them! But now I'm realizing that they are gonna hurt like a freaking motha to wear them in. Ohhh the pain you go through for cute shoes, right?}
{After my choir performance last night. This is my choir bff Erin Griffey, we first bonded over wedding colors cause she is getting married in Colorado, June 28! This choir night is when I discovered that I only have 5 pieces of black clothing in my whole humungous closet. What the heck!? It kinda makes sense though, my mom never bought me black clothes cause it's "too Vegas".}
{Finally, the poopy weather for the rest of this week. At least it will help me to stay inside and study right? By next wednesday I'll be done with all my finals and home free to travel to So-Cal! WOOT WOOT!}

<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-bri="">
--Find me on intstagram! I love finding peeps in the blog world on there :)

April 11, 2012

Campus Book Rentals

All you college kids are signing up for Fall classes right about now huh?
Not fun, right?!
Especially when you are ready for this semester to already be over.

{This is my "I'm SO done with school face" from Freshmen year, still the same face I'm making today!}

Signing up for classes is not too fun to begin with, but what is even MORE exciting is buying textbooks.
Getting a book for 100 bucks that you are only gonna use for 3 months is absolutely aggravating. 
You know what though?

You get: 
-Free shipping both ways, 
-40-90% off of bookstore prices
 -To highlight in the books
-Flexible renting prices
-On top of it all...with every textbook bought, Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile.
How cool is that?!

You don't get:
-Creepy emails & texts from the person you are meeting in the cafeteria so you can buy their Bio book off of them. Awk.
-Ripped off on books that you are only using for 3-4 months, and let's be honest. How much are you reading it anyways?
-To wait in line, holding your books, for what seems like hours before you get to buy the dang things
-You don't even have to leave THE HOUSE to get all your books. Um, score?

I've already typed in some books in the search engine that I need for this next Fall semester, and I found them for mega cheap.
If you don't believe me, check it for yourself!
Click here!

Enjoy this semester almost being over, but start getting prepared for this next school year and save some money while you're at it!

<3 Bri

April 10, 2012

The Staredown

Do you remember when I came upon the most holy of H&M's I've ever seen in my life?
This outfit consists of some of the items I was gifted on that blessed day.

I walked into church this Easter Sunday, totes excited about my new get-up that my mom helped me pick out, when I started to notice it....
Ryan, Evan, & I walked in about 5 minutes late and we were most definitely being stared at.
I don't know what it is with some Utah people...but they stare. 
A lot.
Maybe because there is not much diversity here?
Maybe they are bewildered and stunned by what they are seeing?
Who knows!
Maybe it still puzzles me because California people are too busy with their own lives to stare.

Suffice it to say, I'm used to the staring after 3 years here.
It happens mostly cause I don't fit any of the "Utah girl" stereotypes.
Plus when you are a short, curvy, blonde girl dressed all girly standing next to a big Mexican guy who is dressed like a very well-to-do LA gangsta/tool, it usually comes with a side of stares...
And confusion. I love it :)
Maybe it was the hip hugging pencil skirt, or the ruched top, or the bright colors, or the big blonde hair, the 4-5 inch black stilettos, or even that humungous necklace....
ok ok, maybe it was all of that combined which elicited the stare downs.
Top, Skirt, Necklace: H&M//Sweater: Loft//Shoes: Magic Step//Purse: LA Fashion District 

I didn't care much though.
 Because I sat down, listened to the talks about our Savior, and soaked in all the beautiful music.
We even sang "I Know My Redeemer Lives" at the end of Sacrament meeting, my favorite song.

At the end of Sacrament meeting, we got up to walk out when the people who were sitting in front of us stood up, took a long hard stare, then continued on with their Sunday. 
Gotta love Utah! :)

How did all of your Easter Sundays go?

<3 Bri

April 9, 2012

Football Eggs

First off, I want to say thank you for everyone who commented on the last post!
You are all just so freakin' sweet. I almost got a cavity! 
And, it's always nice to know that you aren't the only one out there thinkin' the same thing.
So, thank you :)
Ryan grew up in a family of four boys, meaning that decorating for holidays was not that big of a deal.
I decorated in the small ways I could with being married/college student poor, by changing out my wreath and Rios tree ornaments.

I was half tempted to steal more paint chips from Wal-Mart to do an Easter egg twine garland.
{Like I did for my heart garland at Valentines}
I felt kinda bad for takin' paint chips I figured there is always next year :)
Along with not really decorating, he didn't do Easter baskets growing up, so I was STOKED to start a new tradition in our 'lil family.
I stayed up the night before, watching Say Yes to the Dress {which is on Netflix now!! SCORE}, decorating and putting together baskets. 
Seeing the looks on Evan & Ryan's faces when they saw their fave candies, football eggs, cool t-shirts, and cologne made me extremely happy. That's always the best part!
{My younger brother, Evan}
{Ryan, I tried to make it less girly by using football eggs...and a football holding bunny}

How was your Easter?

<3 Bri