Breezy Days: Snippet Stories


April 4, 2012

Snippet Stories

I'm not a photographer by any means, but I love love loooove me some Instagram.
 Fun 'lil snippet ways to remember the small moments during your busy day & week .
 I always find it fun to look back and remember those small, simple, happy moments in life.
Don't you?

{If you live in Provo or Rexburg, seriously drop by Sammy's. Such deliciousness! Sweet potato fries, burgers, shakes, yummmmm. And yes, that is a double Oreo shake}
{After Ryan's knee surgery he woke up from the anesthesia and was like "I want sushi." Dude, you just had surgery, are you serious? "Ummm ya, lets go! I can still walk" Sure baby...sure}
{So we sat at the restaurant, and he devoured at least 3-4 plates of sushi. What the heck!?}
{These Lofthouse cookies would be the death of me if I could eat more than one at a time without feeling all the cavities form in my mouth...SOOO GOOD}
{My cooking corner in my kitchen, love it! Love my yellow wall, my mixer, my cookbook, my ladybug timer, my R wreath, my Anthro candle, and so on and so on}
{Ryan was really keen on having a Zen waterfall in our room. So while he was resting his knee, I set up his 'lil waterfall near our bed, he was content :)}
{The teal Asos pants and studded wedges I wore to my craft club's Parent Showcase. I'm gonna miss those kids! And yes, my slideshow was the BOMB.COM}
{A dress that was made for me by Terri Moore, I got the sleeves shortened, and love it! I'm glad that the Mad Men style I've always loved, is in style. Anyone addicted to that show yet?}
{OMG. Stupidest busy work OF MY LIFE. Watch 8-10 you tube videos about architecture and write 10 lines of what you learned about each one. Due tomorrow. Ugh. Why do teachers like to pull those kind of stunts right at the end of the semester? WHYYYYYYYY}
{My outfit today. It is so sunny and happy outside, which totally makes me miss living in Sunny So-Cal everyday of every year of my life. *sigh* One day, one day I will convince my Montana man...}

<3 Bri

--It is Ryan & I's 10 month anniversary today. Woot woot! 


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

cuuuuute life (: I esp. love your kitchen! Happy 10 months woo!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

cuuuuute life (: I esp. love your kitchen! Happy 10 months woo!

Jan said...

Just followed you on IG! Lofthouse cookies are amazing!!!


Jess said...

How cute is your kitchen?!

And I like those wedges, too :)

BOO for busy work...I am drowning in it right about now! Almost done though!

Happy Wednesday, Bri!

Unknown said...

I am digging that teal-ish nail polish! Where did you get it from? My blog is Stalk me :)

Katia said...

Sushi would sooo be my post-surgery meal of choice if I were ever to go into surgery! SO Yum!


quarter-life lady. said...

LOVE instagram. Love it. Borderline obsessed. Cute pics!

Courtney said...

I looooove Lofthouse cookies, so scrumptious!

Hima said...

Wow, I don't think even Instagram did that cute little kitchen justice! Just found your blog through Emily's, and I love it! Congrats on your anniversary btw :)

Check out my blog and follow back if you like it?


sweetwahine said...

I was at Sammys this past weekend and got their sweet potato fries and oreo pie milkshake!! That's so crazy!!!

Cute post and I just got instagram so I will try and find you or maybe you can find me? @sweetwahine85

How do you do those cute double picture's?