Breezy Days: Dedicated to: All You Brides Out There


April 8, 2012

Dedicated to: All You Brides Out There

Jack Frost is leaving for the year, the daffodils are starting to grow back, the sundresses are starting to come out, also known as wedding season.

I know you brides are stressed, overwhelmed, and wanting to please I figured I would give you a few pointers to keep in mind whilst planning.
I really wish I had someone tell me these things when I was planning!
I'm going on about a year of marriage, so I know what you girls are going through, and I want to help.
Think of me as the bridesmaid who loves you, but is giving you the reality check you really need :)
What do I say if a bridesmaid is throwing a fit about what bridesmaid dress I choose?
First, you tell them that you are sorry they are upset, but remind them that it is your wedding.
You would love for them to be a part, which means purchasing the dress/shoes/jewelry.
The exception to this, is if the dress is hideously out of anyone's price range.
It's not fair to ask them to pay for not only a dress they will only wear once, but to pay for travel fare also.

Everybody is trying to force their wedding opinions on me, what dress/shoes/flowers/music/food/etc. I should pick,
what do I say to them?
If it's your close family and friends, tell them that you appreciate their input, but that it is your wedding. You will take their opinions into account, but ultimately you are going to pick what is best for you.
The exception to this, is if your parents are paying for the bulk of the wedding, then their input matters cause they are funding the event.
My fiance is helping out with wedding decisions, I want him to be a part but his ideas have the possibility of turning out uber tacky.
How do I deal with this?
Ok, I know that you are deeply and eternally in love with your fiance, and you looove his opinion on absolutely everything....
BUT, if he is picking out heinous colors/tuxs/cakes or really anything wedding related, then you need to find a way to incorporate his idea and preference, but not so much that it becomes tacky.
{Example: Ryan wanted absolutely everything possible to be paisley.
If I did everything in paisley, the wedding decor could become a disaster.
So, the groomsmen wore paisley ties, and there was paisley print on the cake. Still classy & cute!}
Jacket, Jeans, Earrings, Scarf: Forever 21//Boots: Magic Step//Long Sleeve Top: Loft

I'm so scared of becoming a bridezilla, but I don't want to be a doormat either. Help!
Know what you want and stand up for it.
It's not being a bridezilla, it's having a backbone and not being a doormat.
You start crossing into bridezilla territory once you start snipping and yelling at everyone.
There is always a nice way to let your family & friends down softly when they offer up ideas that aren't particularly your style.
Just say "I really appreciate your input, and I'll give it some thought. Thanks!"
See how easy that was?!

If you have any wedding related questions, email me at
Good luck! :)

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Nikole said...

Thanks so much Bri! I definitely appreciate all the help you have been giving me! Annnnd this post :) <3 So does Taylor :)