Breezy Days: Buffalo Wild Wings


April 2, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings

Happy Monday!
I'm at home helping out Ryan after his surgery.

He got his knee all fixed up this past Friday, and has had trouble walking on it cause it's so swollen & it hurts. So I've been the on call nurse for distributing meds and ice packs.
Poor baby :/

But there has been lots of take-out food, movies, friends over to help and lots naps involved.
So it's actually been a pretty nice break. 
These are pics from when my youngest brother Jesse was in town last week.
I have become slightly obsessed with Buffalo Wild Wings, so on his last night in town, we went out to satisfy my Honey BBQ craving. :)
On another note...
For those of you who have been around here for a while, you know I'm not a huge fan of any kind of thrifting-esque adventures.

Not because I'm a snob, I promise!
It's only because it's already difficult for me to find clothes that are modest, cute, inexpensive.
Plus finding pieces that rock my curvy body shape is sometimes a pain.
Sooo rifling through racks and racks of already worn clothes doesn't appeal to me that much.

My exception to this is Plato's Closet.
I just found a Gap skirt with the tag still on it, hardly worn Buckle wedges, and another Banana Republic dress {thanks to Alexa} there this past week.
What the heck!!!

And those shoes in the pic above?
Ya, they are Sam Edelman shoes, hardly worn, and I scored them for 8 bucks.
Blouse: Fossil//Trench, Necklace: H&M//Shoes: Sam Edelman via Platos Closet//Jeans: Loft//Earrings: Francescas//Bag: Magic Step

So what I'm saying, is that if you are the one selling all the Banana Republic dresses to Plato's closet in my size, then I want to thank you for brightening my days and my wardrobe :)
{Evan, myself, and Jesse. Jesse is 15 years old and 6'2. NUTS!!!}

Anyone score some good pieces this weekend??

<3 Bri


Courtney said...

You dress so cute!!

Jan said...

I love love love your outfit!


Katia said...

Those shoes are beyond fantastic.... can't believe you thrifted them wow!!


x said...

I absolutely adore Plato's closet. Introduced
my sis to it as well and now we're both hooked! :)

Chandra said...

I spy a pair of shoes that need to be in my closet! Hoping to thrift this weekend and maybe find some good loot! New to your blog and glad to have found your creative space on the web:D

buffalo schuhe said...

i heart you style!!!

Nike Air Max said...

Oh wow! Love this look. The shoes are awesome! :)