Breezy Days: Wow.


April 5, 2012


When opening up this post and loading the picture, I had the intent of just writing about my day.
You know, the usual.
School, doctor's appointment, and working out.
I just found an article off of Facebook that I feel I need to share.

My college, Brigham Young University is known primarily for being a "Mormon" school.
BYU held a panel in which the students of BYU could ask panelists, what it is like to be a student at our school.

The panelists were homosexual and of the Mormon faith.
That takes a LOT of guts.
To get up there, and speak to hundreds of people about your trials in life is extremely admirable.
I don't think I would be able to share the many trials I've experienced in my life to that many people.
Dress: Anthropologie//Sweater: Loft//Charm on necklace: Saressa Designs via Etsy//Sandals: Charlotte Russe

I just want to say bravo to those students who were so courageous to speak out about their trials and hardships in life.
Our Heavenly Father loves you so much :)

And good on you BYU.
For showing that we should love and care for all of our Heavenly Father's children.
Makes me proud to go to this school.


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The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Wow indeed. I really like that they did this, especially since there's the perception that our church is intolerable of certain people. Thanks for sharing!

Gentri said...

WOW! I am checking that out right now.

Amy said...

I also read that article yesterday, even though I'm not a BYU alum. Loved it. Loved every single moment of it.

Katia said...

That is very heart warming, good for them! Great article

(and cute outfit, hehe!)

JanM ♥ said...

Need to look for that article! Cute dress btw :)