Breezy Days: January 2013


January 31, 2013

Awesome & Awkward

+ Finally finding out that we are doing summer sales in So-Cal starting in April! Cue Instagram feed being full of Disneyland, Newport beach, and Pinkberry pics :)

+ Studying my bum off for the geology test definitely paid off! I still didn't bother to look at my score on the way out {there is a tv with your score and ID number at the bottom of the testing center steps}...but I still feel good about how well I did!

+ It is finally over 25 degrees here and it feels wonderful, soooo warm.

+ The Francesca's Valentines Blogger Bash is really coming together and I couldn't be more excited!

+ During music class, a girl volunteered to have a song she reviewed for homework to be played for the class. It was a song her brother wrote and recorded for his band...pretty much the most horrible music I've ever heard. Some emo/teeny-bopper stuff. I was biting my lip the whole time to make sure I wouldn't laugh. Then I couldn't hold it in anymore when the chorus came along...."Loooove issss such a DRAG!!!!" {insert tortured teenager screamo music}
Ummmm I totally squaked/snorted. Good thing I sit in the back and no one knew it was me.

+ Trying to figure out Vine...still debating on just deleting it. Do I really need another social media app to become addicted to?

+ I was walking home today from a school when I saw this guy walking with his cute lil dog, awww! The guy kept on walking and the dog stayed behind and came over to me, I bent down and pet him...then it hit me. ITS NOT THE GUYS DOG. WHOS THE OWNER?! I'M GOING TO GET RABIES. I practically ran home.

+ Arranging a meeting with my Communications group, only to get to the car and find that it won't start. Then walking 30 minutes to school. And definitely missing the meeting I set up. Whoops!

Anyone else happy that it's Friday?!

Life Ramblings at 3am

It's funny how I'm always looking towards the future.
Always prepping myself for the next big thing. Keeping myself on my toes.
Evan's mission farewell and him leaving me for 2 years.
The end of Winter semester.
Summer sales in CA.
2 year anniversary.
My last semester at BYU in the Fall.
A real job for me...but what career path will I take?
Ryan graduating BYU next year then grad school for him.
Finally moving out of Provo.
Maybe we will decide to have some little ones then?

It seems surreal when I write it all down.
Is this my life, is it going to be everything I once dreamt it to be?
I really can't be that lucky.

I read quotes everywhere and hear daily from my parents to slow down and to stop wishing the days away. I won't be in this stage of life forever.
Such an thing easy to say, but really difficult to practice.
With 15 credits of school, work, and just life in general...I make these to-do lists so I don't drown and am constantly looking forward to when it's all over so I can finally breathe again.

Is that what it's come to now.
A bunch of to-do lists, homework planning, and marking off days on the calendar until I reach the next mile point in my journey?
I sure hope not. It gets really exhausting to be on the ball all hours of the day.

Hmmm...when all else fails, it's time for a nap I suppose.
Goodnight moon. Goodnight blog world.

January 28, 2013

A Little Secret...

If you haven't read my "Story of Us" yet, you probably should.
{It's the classic "I thought you were a tool at first and now I think I'm in love with you" tale}
It starts off with Ryan & I's happenstance meeting and I've definitely left you guys with a cliff hanger.

What happened after I flew home to California for Christmas break?
I'll let you in on one secret...he tells me he loves me for the first time.
But how and when does Ryan profess his love?!

All your burning questions will be answered soon!
Ok ok, I'm full of secrets tonight! Sooo I'll let you in on another one...
Ryan has been composing his part of this next installment for the past month and has been planning on giving it to me for Valentine's day as part of my present.

I just entered my love story into the Goldsmith "Brilliant Beginnings" giveaway to win a free ring.
If you like our story, I would be so grateful if you went over to the event page and liked my post so I can win a gorgeous ring from Goldsmith Co. Jewelers.
{Why don't I have just one ring?}

Go to the "Brilliant Beginnings" Facebook page & like the status I posted under Brianna Rios.
Who knows...I might publish that long awaited Story of Us post soon ;)

January 27, 2013

Married in Provo

{Walking home from school in the warmth...aka 30 degrees}

Provo, Utah
Where LDS young adults from all of the country {and world} come to attend Brigham Young University to complete their schooling...aaaaaand to more importantly find a husband or wife.

When you are single and in the dating game here, you immediately "ring check" a cute potential date to make sure they aren't married.
And you always have this thought floating in the back of your mind when meeting someone new:
 "Could this person be who I marry??"

Honestly, it is such a weird culture.

Now that I've been married for almost 2 years and am almost graduated from BYU,
 it's funny to see how people who are 'single' react to me.
{It's sad that we even divide people by singles or marrieds...
it reminds me of muggles & wizards. Nerd alert.}

One thing that I literally want to run around and SCREAM in people's faces on campus is:

Seriously though.
You hold a door open for someone, say hello, talk to them in class,
 or even more dare SMILE at them?!
Provo-ites construe that as flirting, and if you have a ring on?
They are appalled that you even went out of your way and did anything nice because if you didn't already're MARRIED and cannot treat anyone 'single' as a human being.

Ohhhhh Provo.
*defeated sigh*

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered,
 I will definitely have to start hosting giveaways more often, it's such a blast!

Lindsey, be expecting an email from me soon :)

January 26, 2013

Francesca's Valentines Blogger Bash!!!

If you live in the Provo/Orem area and you are an awesome blogger who loves clothes, jewelry, Valentines, being social, laughter, and just overall happiness...
this party is for you!

We want to show off our new Spring apparel to some of our favorite girls in Utah!
If you are sooooo dang excited to come, email:

to RSVP and you will have a $3 PayPal money request sent to you!
{For Valentine treats of course}
Do it quick, there are a limited amount of spots!

After you are on the party list {you've RSVP-ed & paid PayPal} make sure to follow Breezy Days on GFC or Bloglovin' for party updates.
We also ask that you write a post about your experience with the store & event after you attend!
Easy enough right? ;)

Repost the invite on your blog and put the button on your sidebar to get the word out so all your favorite bloggers are sure to come!

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January 25, 2013

Healthy Snack Alternatives

{Cheesy eggs, avocado half, strawberries & salami meat}

It's now been a full week since I wrote my last post about getting healthy, and I'm feeling pretty good!
I've held true to most of my goals but definitely need to focus on drinking more water & now I need to start fitting in more exercise between all my school studying.
{I have an intramural basketball game tomorrow & have planned a gym date with the husby today which is some good progress!}

I had one day this week when I hopped off the bandwagon and ate some California Pizza Kitchen penne pasta, but only ate half of the massive portion I was given.
Instead of stuffing my face mindlessly {which happens a lot when I'm hungry}, I made sure to eat slow and purposefully by enjoying every delicious bite. Yummmmmmmmm.
Nooooo stomach aches in sight, woot woot!

Some of my favorite healthy snacks that have kept me sane are:
+ Water with Strawberry Crystal Light {I try to refill my big SmartWater bottle 2 times daily}
+ Bananas with peanut butter
+ String cheese
+ Wheat toast with raspberry jam
+ Honey greek yogurt with cinnamon and frozen blueberries {sometimes with granola}
+ Apple slices cooked in coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon
+ Sharp cheddar cheese & wheat thins
+ Chocolate covered raspberries
+ Strawberries or bananas on sugar free jell-o pudding
+ Celery with peanut butter and craisins
+ Strawberries dipped in Truvia {sugar alternative, it helps keep the sweet tooth at bay}

What are some of your go-to healthy snacks that I can add to my list to try? :)

January 24, 2013

How To: Coach Our Guys

The guys in our lives are awesome...but sometimes they just need a little push in the right direction.
I don't know about you, but my husband grew up with all brothers and no sisters,
so I've taught him what kinds of girly things/experiences make me happy.
{Aka, I like coming home to a clean house after work, love shopping at Anthro, reading Glamour or InStyle when I'm sick, etc}
This is a guide on how to coach our guys so they feel comfortable being spontaneous with gifts or acts of service that will sweep us off our feet and make us feel loved.
No more making our guys mind read!

1. Don't say "I'm training *insert guy name*"
 It's Always Referred to as COACHING
I made this mistake once & Ryan retorted that it sounded like I was teaching a dog how to pee.
Now it's coaching, because it sounds like I'm helping him with the playbook!
{Much more manly}

2. Subtle Isn't Going to Cut It
I don't know if you've noticed...but guys like to mentally check out.
If you like a particular dress or necklace, point it out and say something to this effect:
"This is totally my style and I think it would be suuuuuper cute for Valentines!"
To us girls, that seems completely obvious and over the top.
Our guys will read this as subtlety, and mentally file it away for later.

3. Short & Sweet
After I point out something that catches my eye, I give a short & sweet explanation as to why I like it.
If it's a flower arrangement?
I point out the particular flowers and colors that I like & educate him on the topic.
That way, he feels more comfortable going solo and picking something out for me that I'd like, instead of him being scared to even go in the store for fear of not knowing what to get or even where to start.

4. It's All About Affirmation!
When Ryan goes out of his comfort zone to get me something cute from Anthro or to take me to a girly movie, I make a point to genuinely thank him for surprising me and tell him what I loved about the gift, experience, or act of service.
Yet again, he will file this away in his noggin and keep in mind to do something like that again.

5. Re-Group
If Ryan is a little "off" this time around, I don't lie to him!
I commend him for his thoughtfulness and give him more pointers to work with.
We make a date out of returning something and having him help pick out what I get next :)
When you are out on dates make sure to be short & sweet & to the point!

Getting Healthy

{Salmon, salad, a tiny bit of mac & cheese with crystal light water}

Last Thursday I was soooo excited to get my new Victoria Secret swimsuit in the mail so I hurried up and tried it on...only to find that it didn't look like I wanted it to.

Is my body really shaped like that nowadays?
I spend so much time working to find clothes that compliment my shape, that I didn't even know what my shape was anymore. I just figured that a little exercise would magically take care of things.

Not that I'm uncomfortable in my body or embarrassed by any means {I'm still too confident for my own good sometimes} but I was just surprised at what the perception of my body was and what it actually looked like.

*Flashback to the summer after my Freshmen year of college {3 years ago}* 
I had definitely gained the Freshmen 15 and my mom asked if I would do the HCG diet with her.
It was my first time ever being on a diet, and I said sure! Why not.

If any of you know what the HCG diet is, you know that it is SERIOUSLY unhealthy.
You can only eat between noon and midnight, you can only eat 600 calories a day, you can't do any exercising, and you must drink lots and lots of water.
Every nutritionists nightmare I'm sure.

Suffice it to say I wasn't a very happy person.
My brothers were even begging me to eat a cookie so I wouldn't be in such a horrible mood all the time. I lost 7 pounds during that 2 week period, which ending up staying off only because I just went back to a decent diet and started exercising again.

What I did learn during the HCG fiasco, is how much I was eating and what kind of crap I was eating to fuel my body. With how consumed I was by what I was eating every minute of the day, I had a lot of time to take notes. I was eating as much as the boys were, drinking soda left and right, and honestly never ate fruits and veggies. So horrible.

Which leads us to now.
It honestly just hit me between the eyeballs when I stood there in my new swimsuit, 
looking at myself in the mirror....I just can't eat like this anymore.
I have cut the soda down significantly {I have maybe 2 a month?}, but eating pizza and random snacks from the kitchen aren't going to cut it. I need to make my body a priority.
I snapped a picture to remind myself what I'm working for.

I'm going to be a crazy nut & continue to refuse to step on a scale.
{Maybe when I'm down to what I want to look like, I will?}
But, in another week and a half, I'll take another picture of me in my swimsuit and see the difference a healthy diet and some good ole exercise can do in 2 weeks time.

Within the next two weeks I'm going to work on transforming my body by doing the following things:

+ Make conscious decisions to choose healthy alternatives when eating & snacking
+ Drink at least 2-3 bottles of water a day {even with Crystal Light it counts!}
+ Watch my portion size, when I eat to much I instantly get a stomach ache and we want to avoid that! Cut in half what I would normally eat, and see how much that fills me up.
+ Pay attention and listen to my body, when it says its's full!
+ Take advantage of my Golds Gym & BYU Aerobic classes as well as my Zumba Kinect game that my awesome brother got me for my birthday :)

I'm a complete rookie at this people.
I've been researching the best recipes and healthy snack ideas,
 and I'm really excited to see where this will take me!

If you all don't mind, I would love to share my progress here and would love any food/exercise pointers you have tried out and have seen success with :)

January 22, 2013

Christmas 2012 Family Pictures

Pretty much I have the bestest family EVER and here are our family pictures that we had taken in Provo, UT during Christmas break, when my family drove up from So-Cal to spend the holidays with Ryan & I :)
Photos were taken by: Clark Goldsberry

Be prepared for a complete photo dump seeing as how I'm about a month late on posting these!

January 21, 2013

Valentine's Shabby Apple Giveaway {CLOSED}

I think that these dresses would be BANGIN' for a fancy Valentine's date!
I feel like if you are going to go might as well go all out sexy & saucy :)

I'm feeling either a dress with a deep red color with some ruffles at the hip,
 or a bright red lace/scallop trim dress.
Suuuuper cute!

You girls can enter to win a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple,
and hopefully buy an awesome number for your Valentine's date!

*You must first be a follower of Breezy Days on GFC to enter*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway goes until January 27th, good luck!
Also, here's a discount code for 10% off!


January 20, 2013

An Ice Skating B-Day Bash

{Blaine, Alayna, myself & Ryan being the bomb dot com on the ice}

This past Friday we went out ice skating for our friend Alayna's birthday!
This was Ryan's FIRST TIME EVER ice skating...ohhhh boy.

We went to the 7 Peaks Ice Arena in Provo, when Ryan and I finally showed up {fashionably late}, the Zamboni was out on the ice doing his work for almost a half hour.
{What the deuce!!}
When it was finally done, we see this couple skate onto the fresh ice...
then he proceeds to get down on one knee.

Do you know what our 'lil group paid attention to when this guy was proposing?
The back of his shirt, which said "Sex Wax" on it.
Referring to a surfboard wax...but still.
That's what you chose to wear when proposing to the love of your life?!

Ummmmm, ya.
 I'd tell that guy to try re-proposing.
The newly engaged couple finally got their bums off the ice so the rest of us could skate!
Ryan refused to hold my hand for fear that if he biffed it that I would be pulled down to my almost certain death, so romantic :)

We skated the night away until we went back to Blaine & Alayna's for some delicious Mississippi Mud Pie Brownies & Funfetti with Strawberry frosting cupcakes {made by Erin}.

Then the group spent the rest of the night watching Pitch Perfect....HILARIOUS.
Anyone who doesn't think Pitch Perfect is funny, definitely has a problem.
We didn't get home from partying up a storm
and actually go to sleep till 1 am {which is late for us old married folk}.
Oh I know, we are living the life ;)

You guys do anything fun this weekend??

January 17, 2013

Hey, It's Ok...

{Rios wedding reception in my parent's backyard & the San Diego Temple. June 4, 2011}

Hey, it's ok...
To reminisce of the warm summer day of when you got married *sigh*

Hey, it's ok...
To sleep through your morning class, again. 
Justifying it with the fact that it's before the Add/Drop deadline.

Hey, it's ok...
To sweep your hair up in an obnoxiously big blogger bun for a less-than-stellar day.

Hey, it's ok...
To purchase sandals and a swimsuit in the dead of winter for your 2 year anniversary in June.

Hey, it's ok...
To work your buns off in Hip Hop Hustle then eat Del Taco afterwards.
{Let's be real, it will only be ok that one time, until you try on said swimsuit}

Hey, it's ok...
To have AWESOME style and get stared at on your very conservative campus.
They don't appreciate big buns, bright lipstick, chunky necklaces, hipster glasses, ponte pants,
and motorcycle boots....YET.

Hey, it's ok...
To drink water only if it has crystal light in it.

Hey, it's ok....
To eat Zupas two days in a row. Soup is the only thing that sounds good!

Hey, it's ok...
To want to rip off not only Carly Rae Jepsen's head when you hear her dumb song 3 different times on campus, but the table in the Cougareat that is singing to it.

Hey, it's ok...
To watch 'Hart of Dixie' and 'Nashville' and wish that you lived in the south, with a stellar wardrobe, and just happened to also be a big country star.

Its Ok Thursdays

January 13, 2013

Heaven Sent Messages

{Jesse, myself, and Evan}

Seeing as how this is a "lifestyle" blog, I have been focusing on sharing more about my life and the lessons that come along with it :)

A couple months ago, my younger brother Evan was called to serve as an missionary in the Villahermosa, Mexico mission for the LDS church.
He will be in the missionary training center starting March 6th, 2013.
To be honest, I cried...actually sobbed when I heard of his call.
I was ecstatic for Evan...but then felt this overwhelming fear for his safety.

I've watched enough documentaries, have been to Mexico myself and know that it's not a safe place.
A tall, white, blonde kid is definitely going to stick out in Mexico!

Ryan assured me that the Lord takes care of his missionaries, and that he will protect my brother.
I prayed and prayed to feel peace and when I didn't feel it instantly, I started to panic.

Over this past month I've met 3 different guys,
{one at a friend's mission homecoming, another was waiting for his sister at the salon, and the third is in my music class} who had recently returned from their missions.
They served in the southern part of Mexico, near Evan's mission. 

I quickly asked, how safe is it?
What are the people like there?
Will my brother be safe?
They all smiled & assured me that he would definitely be safe.
In fact, he is going to one of the safer parts of Mexico.

It didn't hit me until I was sitting in my last class of the day on Thursday,
what are the odds that I pray for peace about my brother's call...
then I meet 3 different guys just returning from where my brother will soon serve?

It's not just coincidence, it was heaven sent.
My heart swelled with joy knowing that my prayers had been heard and answered.

I now feel comforted that he will not only be safe,
but that this will be such a life changing experience for him.
He is one of my bestest friends.
 Even though I will miss him terribly,
I know that he will be doing good work in Mexico along with becoming the best man he can be.

I'm so grateful for answered prayers :)

January 9, 2013

Chivalry IS Dead, I See

Yesterday afternoon, I rush to get ready 
seeing as how I have a class at 2pm and I'm definitely going to be late to it.

Ryan drops me off at school and I rush up to the Communication building on campus.
I'm 10 minutes late. Crap.
I find the classroom, open the door and bump into some people on the floor,
there were so many people crammed into the classroom trying to add the course,
that there were extra students sitting on the floor.

The guy next to me takes the liberty to fill me in on what I had missed,
when I see out of the corner of my eye, some guy smirking at me from the front row.

Turns out that it's my best friend Grant!
I smile and discreetly wave to him, then proceed to pull out my laptop and take notes.
20 minutes into class I notice that Grant is putting on his jacket.
Why is he doing that? It's not even cold in here!
Then he puts his belongings away in his backpack.
Graaaaaant. Did you know there is still an hour left in class?

He gets up out of his seat and walks over to me saying, quietly:
"Go over there and you take my seat"

The whole class is watching, the teacher stops lecturing for a bit while I gather my things to go sit smack in front of the classroom in a chair.

The old teacher then says:
"Well I guess chivalry isn't dead!"

I take my seat at the front, beaming with my uncanny ability to find just the bestest friends in the world...
when I notice all the guys around me are looking at one another.
They are all sneakily surveying the class, waiting to see who the next guy will be to give up their seat for the other 2 girls sitting on the ground. 

I was appalled to say the least.
{Grant & I circa 2010, before he left for his LDS mission}

No one in the class knew that Grant was my best friend.
So, for all they know it was a complete stranger giving up their seat for a girl on the ground.

This is BYU for pete's sake and NOT ONE GUY got up off of their fancy behinds to give up their seat for one of the young ladies sitting on the ground.
Even after one guy had already paved the way and given up his seat for me.

That's pretty much all I can spit out.

Is chivalry and common courtesy totally dead?
Is it considered "weak" if a guy gives up his seat, holds a door open for a girl,
 or speaks to her with kindness and respect?

What do you all think about this?
Comment discussion!