Breezy Days: October 2011


October 31, 2011


I love Halloween. 
Probably because all growing up my parents would DECK OUT our house {this goes for Christmas too}. We have an 8ft. spider hanging off the ceiling, gargoyles on the staircase, and remote control rats trolling amongst the house. While decorating, we would have either "Hocus Pocus" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas"{favorite movie} on the tv, and brainstorm on where the humungous spider should go that year. One day I will be at that level of awesomeness...till then I have my cute lil' apartment to decorate to fill with Halloween spirit. What are we doing this all Hallow's Eve night, you ask?

Eating Reeses, Kit-Kats, Advil, Dayquil, and watching a movie. With the front room lights off and my Halloween lights on :) And yes, I got Ryan sick too, and Evan. Geez...I promise it'll be more exciting next year. Peach and Bowser costume here we come!

And my brother Jesse always has the best costumes...
{Ewok, btw my mom made that. She's the bomb}
{Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters/Pillsbury Dough Boy}

Happy Halloween! 
<3 Bri

P.S. If you have the "Nightmare Before Christmas" dvd, on the Extras there should be a movie short called 'Frankenweenie'. It's narrated by Vincent Price {who also has a part in the MJ song, Thriller}, is written by Tim Burton, and it's very Halloween-ish. Here is the link to Frankenweenie-Part 1. Check it out! 

October 29, 2011

Sunny Day for a Birthday

Dress: Plato's Closet. Sweater: F21. Boots: Breckelles. Purse: thrifted. Belt: Target. Necklace: gift. Pumpkin: made by me :)

It was supposed to be freezing outside but instead it was nice & sunny for another Ryan birthday-day! I've been trying to figure out how to wear this dang mustard uber v-neck sweater and thought it looked bright and happy with my pink dress! Just had to belt it so it looked a bit more pulled together. 

Ok...I have to admit that we were having sooo much fun last night that I forgot to take pictures....GASP. We had tons of our closest friends there and we had a total blast! Catch Phrase, mini funfetti cupcakes, and lots of laughing was involved. 

And by my rules...we don't have a birthday DAY. It's a birthday WEEK. Aka, it was still Ryan's birthday and we hit up Tucanos with the fam. 
{Evan with his chicken hearts}
{Ryan being a part of the band}
{Yay for Tucanos!}
{Ok, it was so creeper, but I asked the parents if I could take a picture of their kids. It's Beauty and the Beast! The mom even sewed the costumes
 herself. What a stud.}
{Holmes showing off his Utah costume: sweats & running shoes}

Yay for birthday week! It's an excuse to do fun stuff and yell "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" all week long.

<3 Bri

October 28, 2011

Punkin Palooza

Update: Still sick. Still drugged.

On a happier note....I love Halloween AND it's Ryan's birthday today! Two of my fav things :D

We cleaned up the apartment, put up some cute decorations, and carved some uber cute punkins last night with Hayley & Handsome Rob.
{Hayley & I cleaning out the pumpkins}
{Focusing hardcore}
{Their pumpkin had a gimp eye}
{It was freezing outside and they weren't too excited to pose with the pumpkins}
I love the Halloween spirit! Tonight is Ryan's rockin' 25th b-day party and it'll be way fun and there will be tons of pictures :) 
Happy early Halloween! 

<3 Bri

October 25, 2011

Sickly Crafting

So I may be getting sick again...really now?! I'm so tired of being sick, it takes wayyy too much energy and it's a waste of my time. Plus I would really like it if the snot stopped rolling down my face at such inopportune times such as: talking to friends at school or in a silent testing center. Gross, but the truth.

I've been in a crafting mood lately, ok, maybe it's just that my crap is sprawled all over the kitchen table and I'd like to get some stuff done before I have to clean it all up. But, the other day I sat down to make some jewelry and ending up making something heinous. It was really depressing. Apparently I need diet coke and cold medicine in my system to make some cute stuff.
{I have eyebrows! They are just really blonde. And the infamous smirk Ryan fell in love with.}
{I was just trying this out together, the zipper and the key that is. I keep getting mixed reviews on it from Ryan, Evan, and the parentals. What do you think? And be honest! I promise I won't go cry in a corner.}
{A turquoise bead with a rolled flower attached. It's really cute in person I might add. If you want the set let me know before it goes on etsy! They are mega cute, probably gonna make some for myself.}
{The current state of my kitchen table...sewing machine, glue gun, jewelry kit, array of beads and fabrics, and to top it off my Diet Coke :)}

Anyone who is sick out there, I'm so sorry :/ Come on over and we will be sickly together. And make stuff. 

<3 Bri

October 23, 2011

Dating Extravaganza

Since the day Ryan and I have met...I think we have only gone on 4-5 "official" dates. I made a comment this weekend of how he never takes me on dates anymore now that we are married. And being a man....he took it as a challenge. Don't you love when a challenge works in everyone's favor? {Forgive me an evil chuckle}

Date #1: Outback Steakhouse
Did we dress up cute? Yes. Did we smell absolutely delicious? Yes. {The waitress even commented on how good we smelled....could be taken as a creepy compliment. But a compliments a compliment right??}
 I tried to get him to take decent pictures of my outfit {fail}. 
And pictures where his face doesn't look like a rotten squash {fail}. 
What wasn't a fail? Our fun conversation, delicious food {grilled shrimp, ranch salad, bloomin' onion, and sirloin steak, yummmm}, and a night ending with redbox movies and chocolate chip cookies :)
{The squash picture and my crazy eyes}
{The good one}
{My "I don't know what the heck you are doing...take the picture face"}
{Really loosey goosey outfit, looked better in persona}

 In-Between Sister/Brother Date #1.5: 100 Dresses Play @ BYU
Evan and I went to my bff Hayley Hucks' {refer to Sparknotes for character summary} play in which she was a lead character. It was a play about bullying and how that can affect little kids, it was a children's play and was wayyyy fun. If you live in Utah county, they will still be performing it for elementaries in this area until December! 
{Evan and I in the audience, patiently awaiting for the play to start}
{The set of the play}
{Hayley & Handsome Rob}
{Myself, Hayley, and Evan after the show. Great job Hayley!!!}

Date #2: Trafalga Fun Center
After the play, Evan, Ryan, and I hit up Red Robin together. Stuffed our faces after taking almost an hour to decide on where to eat, and reveled in the deliciousness of the new SWEET POTATO FRIES. Try them. SOOO good. We dropped off Evan so he could go par-tay with his amigos and we drove around thinking on who we should call and what to do.
 I called up Dan & Lacey Gregory, friends from back home {Corona, CA} that I grew up with, and on a whim we decided to head to Trafalga. Ok, for anyone who doesn't know what Trafalga's a really ghetto arcade/go-kart/batting cages place in Orem. It's actually where my parents went on their first date :) {cue the ahhhhhhhhs!}

Can you say 'ummmm total blast?'
{Lacey&Dan startin' off the golf course}
{Glow in the dark mini-golf}
{I promise he doesn't make this face all the time}
{We did double-seater go-karts. SO MUCH FUN! Great idea Lacey!}
{Take a ride with us!}
{The final skid-out}
{He won the 500 ticket bonus!! NUTS!}

Suffice it to say it was a good weekend. What fun/cheap thing do YOU do this weekend?? 

<3 Bri

October 20, 2011

Lemon & Blueberry Deliciousness

I haven't posted in ages because my life has been way too hectic this week. 
Tests, work, interviews, and more school! 
But I did take pictures of one of my biggest accomplishments...

Actually USING a recipe from Pinterest! :)

I decided to try out the...{read this next line slowly} 
"Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies" recipe

Drooling yet? 
 {The recipe is HERE!}

Some pictures, pointers, and testimonials here for ya:
{My cooking corner}
{Learn how to zest a lemon HERE, like I did :)}
{Make sure to roll the blueberries in there so they stay intact}
{Be warned, the dough is way sticky. 
This is after I rolled a tiny square of cream cheese into these little cookies}


The verdict? A 3/4 thumbs up.

The verdict? 8.98 repeating.

Sooo overall pretty good right?
<3 Bri

October 11, 2011

Totes Awk Situ

Want to hear a true "blonde moment" story? I'll set the scene.

Ryan and I registered at Target for our wedding registry because they have the awesome-est stuff there.
Their return policy is probably the most horrific I've ever heard of:
  • If you don't have a receipt (which let's be honest, how many people give gift receipts with their wedding presents, and you aren't gonna ASK for one), your drivers license acts as the receipt and you are only allowed to return up to 70 dollars worth of stuff FOR A WHOLE YEAR. 
  • If you have a wedding registry, you may return 150 dollars worth of stuff. Not 150 for each person in the couple. 150 for both.
So. Two receptions and lots of people not looking at the registry resulted in TONS of returns. How many licenses did we end up using? 7 drivers licenses. 

Yet I digress...

My mother was absolutely furious upon the discovery of this information and proceeded to chew out the Lake Elsinore, CA Target employees. Which was then followed by my father doing the same.

My mother THEN traveled to the Orem, UT Target and ranted to this woman at Target. She was shorter, blonde hair, older woman. Keep her in mind please. 

My mother gets us free coupons and continues to rant about she will never shop in Target again.

Then we go buy curtains from Target. But that is the LAST thing my mom will ever buy from Target.

Fast-forward 4 weeks to my birthday
We are, yet again, in the Orem Target with my friend Hayley Hucks, where we are going to use her license to return the last of the gifts. We run into THE SAME WOMAN my mom ranted out. about a totes awk situ (totally awkward situation). We pray that she doesn't recognize us then we carry on with our little selves to peruse Target.

Fast-forward to 1.5 weeks ago
I just had my first day of Junior Jazz referee-ing (reffing 1st&2nd graders, so fun!), Ryan suggests we use our free dinner and go to Cafe Rio. I LOVE Cafe Rio! I'm looking all gangster in my Staff shirt and basketball shorts and hop into line. I'm telling Ryan all about my adventurous night, I realize that this woman behind us who looks awfully familiar keeps looking at us. It dawns on me, OH YES, she is in our ward, one of the woman in the relief society! I must say hi! 

So being my dorky self I turn around and say "Heyyyy how you doin!" She then awkwardly answers back "Umm....good". I of course don't want the convo to be awkward so I start blabbing about my work and what we are getting to eat, introduce Ryan, then the woman introduces us to her gal-pal roommate...that's when things got a TAD fishy. I then say "Well hey, it was nice seeing ya! Hope you have a good dinner!"

We turn around and instantly....
(Whispers) "Bri...who was that."
"Isn't she in our ward??"
"Um. No...but she looks SO familiar though!"
*Insert brainstorming* 

After all that jazz, Ryan and I hop in the car and are driving home, talking, when he shouts out...


"Umm..yes Ryan we did just pass by Target."
"Ah crap."

I was totally chatting up the Target lady in the Cafe Rio, acting like we are friends and what not, when in reality she totally jipped us on our registry. Am I pretty sure that she recognized us? Yes. Am I sure that next time I spot her in Target I will hide? Yes. Am I now mocked for this? Yes. 
Itso facto, no registrys at Target anymore....

<3 Bri

October 9, 2011

Forcing Life to Slow Down

I can't even remember a page's worth of stuff for a test but a 5-year can rap a whole Nicki Minaj song. It's ridiculous.

I have 3 more tests this next week. Doesn't it feel like life never slows down?

5 tips to FORCE life to slow down:

     1. Purposely put your phone in a room that you hardly ever go in and/or avoid. Example: the laundry room.

     2. Pretend you don't have 3 tests this week and proceed to read Glamour and play with your craft table. 

     3. Use Pinterest motivation to clean/organize EVERYTHING to avoid doing things you actually have to do.

     4.  Take bubble baths :)


     5. Lounge around bra-less and use that as an excuse to not run errands. 

<3 Bri

October 5, 2011

Weird Things Wednesday

1. How people in Utah freak out when they have to drive in rain, even though they are used to driving in snow half the year.

2. No matter what Wal-Mart you walk into, in the whole U.S. you can still feel a sense of home. The same old characters are an anchor in every Wally World near you: a white trash mom yelling at her kids, grumpy old people wearing crocs riding recklessly around the store in their carts, an overweight guy with his bum-crack showing, and the old person that is standing at the front door to greet you :)

3. How my Warm Apple Crisp candle can instantly make me feel at home & cozy

4. After living in California, if you are talking on the phone and see a cop, you instantly drop your phone in your lap and pretend nothing happened.


5. It's weird how 19 sounds really young but then you turn 20 and automatically you're an adult? It's only a year apart people! 

Something else that is weird? A PUG FACED CAT.

October 3, 2011

A Cure To My Diet Coke Craving...

One of my favorite recipes ever...Coca-Cola pot roast. Could be cause it's DELICIOUS, ooooor cause it's pretty cheap and super easy to make, who knows. Here it is:

Coca-Cola Pot Roast
1   4-5lb. Chuck roast
1   Lipton Onion soup mix
2   cans of Coca-Cola

Directions: Throw it all in the crockpot on low for 7-8 hours or high for 4-5 hours. Take out and serve!!
And with the leftovers make a....

Coca-Cola Sandwhich!
2 green bell peppers
1 onion
1 pack of sourdough hoagies
Any cheese you'd like!

Directions: Cut up and sautee the green bell peppers and onion. Meanwhile, also slap some cheese on those hoagies and stick them in the broiler till they are niiiice and melted. Put some mayo on the sandwhich, load the sauteed veggies on there, along with the heated up Coca-Cola pot roast. Two dinner nights right there and sooo delish! Let me make your mouth drool a little bit.....
Ta da!!! I need to not write recipe posts at night, I'm starving now.

<3 Bri