Breezy Days: Punkin Palooza


October 28, 2011

Punkin Palooza

Update: Still sick. Still drugged.

On a happier note....I love Halloween AND it's Ryan's birthday today! Two of my fav things :D

We cleaned up the apartment, put up some cute decorations, and carved some uber cute punkins last night with Hayley & Handsome Rob.
{Hayley & I cleaning out the pumpkins}
{Focusing hardcore}
{Their pumpkin had a gimp eye}
{It was freezing outside and they weren't too excited to pose with the pumpkins}
I love the Halloween spirit! Tonight is Ryan's rockin' 25th b-day party and it'll be way fun and there will be tons of pictures :) 
Happy early Halloween! 

<3 Bri

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Cob said...

Hey Bri,

Hayley told me she had fun carving pumpkins with you. So fun to see some pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

Love, Mama Hucks