Breezy Days: Sunny Day for a Birthday


October 29, 2011

Sunny Day for a Birthday

Dress: Plato's Closet. Sweater: F21. Boots: Breckelles. Purse: thrifted. Belt: Target. Necklace: gift. Pumpkin: made by me :)

It was supposed to be freezing outside but instead it was nice & sunny for another Ryan birthday-day! I've been trying to figure out how to wear this dang mustard uber v-neck sweater and thought it looked bright and happy with my pink dress! Just had to belt it so it looked a bit more pulled together. 

Ok...I have to admit that we were having sooo much fun last night that I forgot to take pictures....GASP. We had tons of our closest friends there and we had a total blast! Catch Phrase, mini funfetti cupcakes, and lots of laughing was involved. 

And by my rules...we don't have a birthday DAY. It's a birthday WEEK. Aka, it was still Ryan's birthday and we hit up Tucanos with the fam. 
{Evan with his chicken hearts}
{Ryan being a part of the band}
{Yay for Tucanos!}
{Ok, it was so creeper, but I asked the parents if I could take a picture of their kids. It's Beauty and the Beast! The mom even sewed the costumes
 herself. What a stud.}
{Holmes showing off his Utah costume: sweats & running shoes}

Yay for birthday week! It's an excuse to do fun stuff and yell "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" all week long.

<3 Bri

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Kayleigh said...

if anybody can pull of the mustard v-neck, you can. :) love this and you and ryan. i'm glad you're diggin' the married life.