Breezy Days: Frankenweenie


October 31, 2011


I love Halloween. 
Probably because all growing up my parents would DECK OUT our house {this goes for Christmas too}. We have an 8ft. spider hanging off the ceiling, gargoyles on the staircase, and remote control rats trolling amongst the house. While decorating, we would have either "Hocus Pocus" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas"{favorite movie} on the tv, and brainstorm on where the humungous spider should go that year. One day I will be at that level of awesomeness...till then I have my cute lil' apartment to decorate to fill with Halloween spirit. What are we doing this all Hallow's Eve night, you ask?

Eating Reeses, Kit-Kats, Advil, Dayquil, and watching a movie. With the front room lights off and my Halloween lights on :) And yes, I got Ryan sick too, and Evan. Geez...I promise it'll be more exciting next year. Peach and Bowser costume here we come!

And my brother Jesse always has the best costumes...
{Ewok, btw my mom made that. She's the bomb}
{Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters/Pillsbury Dough Boy}

Happy Halloween! 
<3 Bri

P.S. If you have the "Nightmare Before Christmas" dvd, on the Extras there should be a movie short called 'Frankenweenie'. It's narrated by Vincent Price {who also has a part in the MJ song, Thriller}, is written by Tim Burton, and it's very Halloween-ish. Here is the link to Frankenweenie-Part 1. Check it out! 

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