Breezy Days: Butterfly Poop


November 1, 2011

Butterfly Poop

Taken by Marissa Pinnegar

I was just fiddling around on my computer and ran across this random picture from almost exactly a year ago. With three of my roommates {one is taking the pictures}, we ventured out to have a photo shoot on a crisp fall Utah day. I remember asking my roommates...

"Should I date this Ryan guy? What do you all know about him?

Ohhh that question. I was told many a things about this "Ryan" guy. I gathered that he was cocky and loved to be the center of attention. For some unbeknownst reason I started to come up with these random illusions of what he was really like, itso facto having a conversation with myself.

He must be so full of himself!
Hmmmm, he probably likes to woo girls with his charm too!
{Side note, he is still these things... now they are called confidence and being adorable. Two of the reasons I fell in love with him}

I finally decide that I was gonna hang out with him, cause what could it hurt? He is cute, and hopefully he isn't what I was expecting. {Especially after all the horrible dates I had recently been on, an awkward date with a cute guy would have been the least of my worries}.
He texted if I had eaten lunch yet. Nope! Not yet! 
We end up at Tucano's after my suggestion.

Hold on...before you start thinking
Bri is a gold digger! She was totally using Ryan to pay for an expensive and especially delicious lunch. 

I can prove you wrong becauseeee....I didn't even know it was a date. PSYCH! I'm sure you didn't see that coming! Yup, I was naive in thinking he wanted to be just my friend. {And if I had one bit of a clue, I would have noticed the staring, and realized he would want to be more than just friends. I did look pretty cute that day} I totally thought it was a "friend date" sort of thing. You pay for your own part of the check sort of deal.

We end up at Tucanos, have awesome conversation {the kind that doesn't have ANY awk pauses, nice huh?}, and eat delicious food and it isn't one bit awk until... 


He pays for my part of the bill. Uhhhh....I thought this was a friend thing? I'm confused? Was I asked on a date and I didn't even know about it? I thought dates were dinner and a movie, not lunch? 

I totally got suckered into a date. 

So, I'm assuming that you're thinking....
I pretty much read this novel of a story and have no clue why Bri even brought this up. Is there a point to this? I'm starving and my Bagel Bites are done in the microwave.

Aka you're wondering what the moral of the story is? The typical 'don't judge a book by it's cover crap' of course...AND
Not all relationships start off with butterflies. There is this "Twilight" fad going around that guys are this mystical species that are supposed to sweep you off your feet. NOT TRUE. Not at first at least. It's extremely rare that you hear those types of stories. But how often do you hear the..."I didn't like him at first, but then I got to know him and realized that we were so meant for each other!" stories?
Think about ittttttt.
I feel as if girls expect the whole 'love at first sight' thing, or the 'butterflies in my stomach' trash, and that's alot for a guy to live up to! 
So you're the butterflies EVER come!?

Yup. They do. And in ten-fold too! Ryan and I became the bestest of friends, starting November 4, 2010. I can depend on him for anything, and vice versa. The sweet notes he leaves in my scriptures or the cute kisses on my forehead he gives before going to work and he thinks I'm still sleeping {shhhh!} are what kick-starts the butterflies more than anything. So girls. Give the geeky/cocky/nerdy/quiet/loud/weird guy a chance. 

Cause, what could it hurt?

<3 Bri


Eric and Chelsea said...

DUDE! I totally was the same way with Eric. I thought he was sssoo cocky and didn't like him at all the first time we met. Then we hung out and I thought he was the funniest guy. I totally agree with the Twilight crap.. love the blog! Miss you around Monticello!

Kayleigh said...

i wish i could tell you how much i love your blog. it's fantastic. it's not like regular boring married blogs at all. but i knew you wouldn't go for that. :)

Cody said...

Totes Magotes!

Cob said...


I can't believe you are married already and that it was just one short year ago that very cute picture was taken.

Mama Hucks