Breezy Days: Weird Things Wednesday: Married Life


November 30, 2011

Weird Things Wednesday: Married Life

1. After we got married, we were kinda like...wait, are we supposed to feel different?? 
Is some magical married fairy supposed to come down and make our relationship somehow different?
Nope. It's pretty much the same.
 Now we just have a piece of paper saying we're stuck with each for all time and eternity and we pay the same bills.

2. Not having to deal with roommates complaining about you not doing the dishes. Weird. 

3. Signing my name 'Rios' after 19+ years of 'Grossman'. I STILL haven't gotten ahold of my new signature. And having to switch your whole life to a different last name.
Wells Fargo still thinks I'm Brianna Grossman...oops. 

4. All the single friends acting weird cause they think you are a different species. 
We still are the same people and sometimes we like to hang out with friends other than each other. 

5. "How we spend the day. When you date there is that pressure of always trying to be a better boyfriend than student. Now that we know that we'll be together forever, we are continually trying to improve ourselves individually and as a unit so we can be a better couple. School is so much easier when you're married." -Ryan

<3 Bri


Kayleigh said...

um, can i just say i really appreciate this post. thank you for not being all "married life is a fairy tale blah blah blah." this is such a positive way to look at it, but still realistic.

you are fantastic. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you! Glad that I could shed some light on it, cause don't get me wrong, marriage is ahhh mazing. But when people talk about it like it's this never-ending princess fantasy it kinda bothers me. That's NOT realistic!! haha

And you are too sweet :)

Andrea Stevenson said...

Love this!!!! You totally pinpointed newlywed-ness (at least for me) Isn't it soooo wonderful?! (most of the time) We're about to hit our one year anniversary and I'm just blown away -it went so fast and it was just so great! Glad you're enjoying it as well:)

p.s. the new signature thing will come to you (faster than you think)

Unknown said...

Glad to know someone else out there is going through the same stuff I am! We are almost 6 months and I feel like it went by so fast yet, I feel like we've known each other for years. Weird, huh?
And I'm still working on that signature :)