Breezy Days: An Awesome Possum Week


November 24, 2011

An Awesome Possum Week

The view on the way to Joseph, Utah. Gorgeous!
Evan and Ryan playing with the twin cousins {Julia and Savannah}.
Seriously the cutest thing ever to watch. 
Icelandic Crepes made by Uncle Glenn. 
Carmelized bananas, cool whip, and delicious sauce-ness. 
I decided to give Ryan a break and asked one of my fav cousins to do a photoshoot.
Zannie! She is the craftiest, cutest, most stylish and creative person I know.
And on top of it she is hilarious and way fun to be around. 
I always look forward to seeing her at the holidays!
Sweater: Loft. Skirt: Fossil. Tights: Anthro. Shoes: LA Fashion District. 
Zannie {real name Alexandra}, just got engaged this past month.
Am I so stoked that not only was she a bridesmaid at my wedding that I'll be one at hers?
Um, yes! 
Wedding colors of light pink and gray with vintage written all over it. 
Can't wait to see this masterpiece of a wedding :)
Sooo we woke up late. The boys went shooting. We got the turkey in late. We went to the Twilight movie.
Ohh the poor boys. Actually, poor me. The movie was horrible.
 Before all your Twi-fans start tracking me down and shooting harpoons at me, I HAVE read the books. Actually, I read them when they were still in the Mormon Bookstore before they even got to Barnes and Noble! 
Dad preparing the turkey.

But as any hardcore bookworm knows, the book is always better than the movie. 
Turkey. Homemade potatoes. Homemade cherry limeade. Ham. Yam deliciousness. Fruit deliciousness with homemade cool whip. And not pictured are the pies we had. YUM.

YET, I digress. After the movie, and another hour of preparation {whilst making adorable flower pins}, the food was ready.
TOTES worth the wait!

<3 Bri

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