Breezy Days: I Am the Luckiest


November 15, 2011

I Am the Luckiest

{Provo, UT}

So I'm still getting used to this whole 'sharing my life online' stuff, so please bear with me. 
And just so you know, I'm not the type of person who posts trash like
 "Oh my gosh, today was the worst day EVER" 
 "My boyfriend just broke up with me, bring me Ben&Jerrys :*(" on facebook. 
That is too much information.  Don't post it online for the world to see. 
Call your MOM, that's what she's there for. 

Evan and I venture to the Cougareat Cafeteria in search of some food. Guess what. They close every Tuesday from 11-12 for a devotional. So I haven't eaten breakfast and had to race to class early this morning, and did I grab food from the kitchen? Of course not. So we hop in line at Subway because there is still a line of 8-10 people there whereas everything else is closed.

Suddenly. The subway workers keep pointing at us and whispering, uhhh what the heck. Then a lovely person finally gets the guts up to come talk to us and this is the conversation that follows:

"We won't be serving you today because you got in line after 11"
"It's only 11:03 and you already have 10 people in your line"
"Well that's too bad because it's already after 11 and we saw you jump in the line. It's byu rules, you need to leave."
"Yes, I'm sorry. Bye"

I was SO ticked, he wasn't sorry at all! Later I kicked myself in the butt, I should have just started crying in front of him to get my stupid sandwhich. I was so dang hungry. 
On the walk out of the building, I'm huffing and puffing, and then I start crying....great, huh? 
It's one of those uncontrollable tears strolling down your face situations. {The crap you try to avoid happening in public places, nevertheless school. It's that 'Im so stressed and tired and exhausted cry.}

Evan puts his arm around me, calls my husband, and asks him to bring back the car to get me some food. Ryan picks us up, asked why I was crying, and the next logical question is asking where I'm gonna eat.  I didn't want to eat out anywhere too expensive because we are trying to pinch pennies {like any other newlywed/college student}, and then I just started crying again. 
{You know how well any boy/man deals with crying. Not well at all.}

Then Evan offers to take me anywhere I want and treat me to lunch {sushi}. AND he drives. How did I get so lucky? Then, on top of it, he takes me to Barnes & Noble. He knows I feel safe there: between the smell of brand new books, the smell of coffee grinds, and the beautiful voices of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra I feel at peace and calm. 
{Sakura, all you can eat sushi}

Can I just say that I'm so grateful for the boys I have? Seeing as how it's almost Thanksgiving, I want to say what I'm grateful for. My brothers, my friends, my mom, my dad, my husband. I don't know what I would do without them. {Probably be a blithering mess in the Cougareat}
{Ryan doing all the dishes last night. The true definition of love.}
{The girl who gets to marry this guy is a freaking lucky one. Then again, she will have to go through many interviews and background checks before that happens.}

I absolutely love the quote: "Be kind to everyone, because everyone is fighting a hard battle."
There's some food for thought.

<3 Bri


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

Aw this is sweet. So wonderful to have so many people who care about you!

--Kylee Noelle

Kayleigh said...

some food for thought for the stupid subway guy. honestly, sometimes i wonder where the spirit of the law is with people at byu.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kylee! I am way too lucky for my own good :) And welcome to my blog! I hope you have a good laugh lookin' around.
Kayleigh, I put my thoughts and feelings into words right there. It's ridiculous.